The epic tale of an American reconnaissance pilot downed in occupied Belgium at the height of World War II. Hidden by resistance fighters, the pilot falls in love with the wife of the man who will save him. When their affair is exposed, an act of betrayal threatens their lives and the entire resistance movement, forcing the pilot to make a powerful choice that could change the course of the war.

On 16 January 1944, a reconnaissance pilot survives a plane crash in Delahaut in the Nazi occupied Belgium. The boy Jean Benoit finds the wounded pilot and brings him to the house of Claire... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Resistance torrent reviews

Jose Miguel G (ag) wrote: I couldn't belive how sweet and funny this film was.

Minna S (jp) wrote: I only watched the first 30 minutes and not much anything interesting happened during that time. I heard that this is "an awful film", though.

Katie G (au) wrote: I enjoyed it. It wasn'tawesome, but Sophia Bush was hilarious!

Greg W (br) wrote: as far as movies based upon video games this one is one of the better ones

Todd S (ru) wrote: Being Jewish, I have a bias towards liking a film like this. The usage of Yiddish, along with the many exaggerations of the Jewish family are something most people won't understand, unless they grew up around it. Parts of this film I found to be hysterical, while my non-Jewish friend, sitting next to me, didn't get it at all. As for the film, it's a lie before the credits even stop rolling. Keeping Up With The Steins, really has very little to due with the Stein family, as they are part of the background story at best. The film is actually about a broken family, forced together on the eve of a child's Bar Mitzvah. Benjamin Fiedler (Daryl Sabara) is turning 13, which in the Jewish religion means that he is about to become a man. His parents are well off and are making huge plans for the event, but Ben wants no part of it. In an attempt to take the attention off himself, he sends an invitation to his estranged Grandfather that he's never met, a Grandfather, who shows up to the families wealthy neighborhood in an old RV, with a woman half his age. This is where the heart of the story comes from, as father and son are forced together after fifteen years. Jeremy Piven stars as the son and believe it or not he's a big time Hollywood agent, living in a life of luxury. This toned down version of Ari is forced to see his father, played by the legendary Garry Marshall. For the past 15 years, he's been living as a hippie, teaching on an Indian reservation. As soon as they see each other the two are at odds and it really is very funny. The star of the film is Spy Kids, Daryl Sabara, who I have never liked. He's just always so shy and painfully awkward, I really just don't understand his appeal. While he is a major part of the story, the parts of the film that feature him without Marshall or Piven are just painful. Keeping Up With The Steins isn't raunchy and much of the humor is intertwined in the Jewish religion. If you're not Jewish, you'll probably have the same reaction my friend did. Personally I loved it, but I can understand how this film won't appeal to everybody.

Alex W (nl) wrote: Obviously ahead of its time on prophetic, very clever and brooks give a great performance. It would have been the perfect satire if brooks went for the big jokes less and kept with the great premise. Its the comedy version of "network".

Rick R (de) wrote: "Chuen Jik Sat Sau" (2001)This is a great Hong Kong actioner in Chinese, Japanese, and English, is about two competing hit men, a quiet and shy professional named Ono (Takashi Sorimachi) and Lok Tok-Wah (Andy Lau), a reckless, flamboyant hit man. O has been considered the #1 assassin in the area, but Tok is more showy and even savors the attention and fear that he brings. "In our business, you're bound to rub out someone you know."Tok is getting tired of the crappy jobs and lower pay, that he gets while his rival, O gets more pay and easier hits, but his handlers don?t like the publicity that Tok brings with him. Interpol agent Albert Lee (Simon Yam) and his partner C7 (Teddy Lin) are after both of them. O just wants to stay under the radar. He hires a shop girl named Chen (Kelly Lin) to clean out his apartment that he never lives at, just so he can watch her from the run-down apartment across the street where he really lives at.Soon Tok discovers this girl and toys with her. It's hard to tell if Tok really loves this girl, or if he's just playing her to get at O.

Stan B (ru) wrote: Big Eden is charming and good-hearted, but it is also incredibly unrealistic and cliched.

Vivian L (it) wrote: I have to admit, I only watched this movie because I wanted to see fierce Eliza Dushku as a young adorable child. But after watching, I was entranced. I wish she made more films, and I really like Juliette Lewis. The film isn't cliche and cheesy like it seems to be. There's the romance between the older Sheryl and Rick, but it's not one of fairytales or teenage reality shows. It seems real and genuine, especially one that is of the times. As for Dushku, her character is perfect and flawless. Her worries and faults are sensibly fitting and her parents are the same as well. They aren't too cookie cutter, and having that show in a film is slightly comforting. The latter part of the film and the ending were surprising and heartfelt, and although I thought was a little cheesy in the beginning, I think it fit in excellently with the rest of the film.

Wendy N (es) wrote: Awesome! Not a bad job at making comparisons of the Japanese vs. Chinese martial arts styles, though a little one-sided of course. I liked the story, and the kick-ass woman too :)

Jon A (de) wrote: Deeply weird, but strangely fun, the kind of movie that could only have been made in the late 60s. All those classic Hollywood stars in a psychedelic setting... Nilsson singing the credits... yeah, it's terrible, but I can't help liking it.

Stuart P (jp) wrote: So bad its hilarious! The crabs look so ridculously fake. For most of the movie you don't even see them, just a giant claw that whacks people from out of no where. They are also telepathic....pure genius! Classic crap sci-fi movie

Simon C (ca) wrote: An ether-fuelled trip-fest beyond the waking world.

Joo B (jp) wrote: Mistery & supernatural amazing movie. This one will be forever one of the best.