Respirar (Debaixo D'água)

Respirar (Debaixo D'água)

What stops two people from being together? A third one. What stops one person from fighting for another? Nothing. Pedro lives in the suburbs, where he works with his father in a garage. ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:45 minutes
  • Release:2000
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  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:teenager,  

What stops two people from being together? A third one. What stops one person from fighting for another? Nothing. Pedro lives in the suburbs, where he works with his father in a garage. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Respirar (Debaixo D'água) torrent reviews

Jenn R (de) wrote: If you have had a loss, this movie will help you feel not alone. It will provide you a glimpse into those days and months after your loss and just validate everything, regardless of the gestational loss you may have had. If you have never had a loss, it will open your eyes and heart as too what a loss actually does to a person, how they are transformed and need to learn how to navigate the world again. This movie is for all, not just a select few, or just for 1 in 4.

Derek S (gb) wrote: I understood the premise of this movie to be that an hardened cynic confronts the practice of all types of yoga and we get to watch whether he's transformed or not by the end. Instead our "reluctant" seeker is the child of a shamanic healer and a jovial lawyer (who once tilled the soil in a back-to-land farm). The only characteristic that lent him credibility as a "reluctant" seeker is that he's a New Yorker.However, I was sympathetic towards him throughout the film because he was constantly hectored by the off-camera documentarian who cheerlessly insisted he become enlightened on her production schedule. Yikes!The redeeming feature of the film was the backroads tour of the birthplace of yoga and scenes with people pursuing the divine with absolute devotion.

Sundar M (jp) wrote: vinay pathak is cool as usual... he is so natural.. overall a very good movie

Glorimar S (ca) wrote: It was a normal movie... I thought it was better.

Kjetil H (es) wrote: OK svensk krim,denne gangen fra vinterkledd Kiruna,karisimatisk preste mann blir drept,og vakker kvinne kommer tilbake til byen og gamle demoner for lse saken,mye djevelskap i skapenen der oppe i Nord Sverige gitt heheheehe

Marco S (de) wrote: "Vuoti a rendere" Piacevole commedia insospettabilmente leggera nonostante certi temi...ebbravo Sverak

ANDERSON G (br) wrote: "A fonte da vida" um filme com uma tima premissa, trata de um amor que que se transcende ao tempo, e a busca do homem pela fonte da vida, que traria a possibilidade desse amor durar a eternidade, como eu disse, na teoria timo, na pratica tem muitos problemas, os roteiros no lineares tem uma caracterstica de ser confuso, mas "A fonte da vida" mistura linearidade com no linearidade, o que deixa tudo muito mais confuso, e fotografia fraca, os efeitos especiais depois de um tempo enjoam, a trilha sonora no capta a alma do filme, e o roteiro confuso, mas a atuao de Hugh Jackman tima, e o filme tem 2 ou 3 cenas que nos lembram que Darren Aronofsky dirigiu o filme, no geral a pelcula no ruim mas no boa, extremamente regular, talvez voc at possa entrar na viagem transcendental do nosso protagonista, mas essa viagem no atrai e o filme mais fraco do espetacular diretor Darren Aronofsky.

Britton P (us) wrote: As a fan of the show, I'm anxious to see this (supposedly awful) movie that proceeded it. I've read bits of Joss Whedon's screenplay, which seems great in and of itself... Shame the movie apparently didn't live up.

Jonathan S (au) wrote: Is this the one where he helps out the cougar cubs?

Carina R (jp) wrote: Ever wanted to know what goes on inside the mind of a novelist? This film will let you know! John Gielgud playes a writer fighting agains cancer. In his last novel, he tries to come to terms with his life and what made him into who he is...

Charlie M (ca) wrote: CIA agent goes to lunch only to return and find his coworkers murdered. He then flees police and uses his skills to solve the conspiracy. Excellent thriller that is Pollacks best mainstream movie until 1993s The Firm.

Christopher S (us) wrote: Now this is a strange film. Directed by William Castle (his last), it's really just a vehicle for legendary mime Marcel Marceau's odd talents. It's really the excellent and atmospheric score by Alex North that carries this nearly silent gothic fairy tale. The production values are uneven, and it's slow-paced and overlong, but an interesting and original oddity for cult movie fans.

Anthony I (us) wrote: This is a messy, flawed and over-the-top comedy, but it benefits from Robin William's undeniable charm as the Absent-Minded professor.

Harley M (ru) wrote: Really did not like it apart from the roommate. Roberts' character was rude and for the most part unlikable, making Grant's fascination with her completely baffling

Dave J (fr) wrote: Written and directed by Jennifer Kent centers on a single mother, Amelia (Essie Davis) who has just lost her husband and the relationship with her only son, 6 year old Samuel (Noah Wiseman) asking her to read the scary pull up children's story called The Babadook who may or may not exist in the family home.