Responsibility Comes Back

Responsibility Comes Back


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Blair K (ru) wrote: was expecting so much more from this one... it ultimately falls flat. the special effects are cheesy. the acting is so so except for emile hirsch.... he is the only one putting any effort in. it plays out like a syfy channel b-movie but considering it was a Hollywood done movie it never should of been greenlit!

Malin N (de) wrote: annorlunda och lustig film.. smngivande och djup..

Sarah P (kr) wrote: It was kind of boring. This is the type of movie that I don't understand why it was even made - there is no redeeming value.

Bill R (es) wrote: This was ok, on the verge of two and a half though. The story seemed to go no where and the characters weren't really developed all to well.

Nik B (ag) wrote: it sux but u should still watch it

Kinohi N (mx) wrote: The touchstone of 5th Generation Chinese cinema, this is a taut, atmospheric love story set against the backdrop of the Japanese occupation of China. Wonderful use of colors, a nice mixture of romance and historical drama, and a great lead in Gong Li. Worth watching again.

Andrew B (fr) wrote: A violent shadow of Scorcese's brighter future.

Randy T (it) wrote: The discovery of a "prehistoric fish" in the waters off the coast of Madagascar proved to be enough fodder to inspire this obscure b-movie. Apparently, any contact with the fish's blood will force a creature to genetically alter itself back to it's evolutionary roots. A dog, for example, will revert back to a primitive wolf after ingesting the blood of the fish. A man, should he come in contact with prehistoric fish fluids, will transform into a murderous caveman who will kill attractive female lab assistants and hang them by their hair in trees because, as we all know, that's what cavemen do.

Greg W (it) wrote: MGM takes the elizabeth taylor star route with o'brien

Hannah D (kr) wrote: This is a really gripping film about the real-life murderer John Christie. Richard Attenborough gave a very creepy portrayal of the killer and was perfect for the role. John Hurt was also excellent as the innocent family man condemned for crimes he did not commit.