Rest on Your Shoulder

Rest on Your Shoulder

In an unspecified time when epidemics run rampant, botanist Yan Guo and his fiance-assistant Baobao move to Moon Island, a nature reserve, to research the curing properties of rare plants. As is customary, they pray to the magical Eros Tree to cement their love, unaware that they have to undergo a severe trial, in which Baobao must remain unseen to Yan for three years in exchange for his life.

Bao sacrifices herself, becoming a butterfly, to save her sick fiance and discovers in the process how true their love is. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Russ B (de) wrote: 1/15/2014: An amazing cast, but just an ok movie. Not many if any funny moments, but an interesting story about how lives change, for better or worse, after high school.

Anesia R (ca) wrote: Based on the true story of Gretel Bergmann around the 1936 Berlin Olympics, this film shows you what a mess it could be when sports are embroiled in politics.

Farida H (fr) wrote: OK this is not quite Hum Tum but I would still recommend it as it is more than just a timepass and has some wonderful lines

Roy C (es) wrote: Do Biker Buddies for real and I'll be happy.

Nathan G (ca) wrote: Thoughtful, great characters, drags along at a snail's pace.

Anna B (kr) wrote: Fantastic build-up to a hugely disappointing ending. Could have been a masterpiece.

Ryan H (es) wrote: bahaha best movie ever!

Stefanie K (ca) wrote: Favorite movie as a child!

Martin T (ru) wrote: A return to the formula of 42nd Street, with smashing success. Sharp screwball comedy mixed with dazzling musical numbers. Again, Busby Berkeley exploits the medium to the fullest, transforming the stage productions to cinematic wonders. The songs and choreography are terrific. All the players are marvelous as well, and I was particularly fond of funny gal Aline MacMahon. This movie is sassy, sexy, witty, and full of smiles. The only thing I would change would be to swap the last two numbers. "Forgotten Man" may have resonated more with a Depression era audience, but it's quite a downer after so much fun. "Shadow Waltz" would have been a much better closer, especially with that perfect final image. Other than that, I loved it.

Mark A (gb) wrote: Easy going and pleasant Simon Pegg movie

Timothy A (it) wrote: A difficult but cathartic trash-classic that deserves its place in the canon.

Lee M (kr) wrote: Between a 6/10 and 7/10, for those who know such places, Mr. Parker, who is English, evokes the texture, the gritty, fly-specked Southernness, the brooding sense of small-town menace, the racial hatred, with considerable accuracy.

Greg W (au) wrote: a bit slow for me but still good

Raymond H (es) wrote: Terrific entertainment featuring the Big Yin

Andy B (mx) wrote: (** ) It's a pleasant enough movie with a cast that really suit their parts. I was a little perturbed by the constant onslaught of gags based around Mr. Woodcock being a jerk. With the first scene I was already tired of just watching him be mean to kids. I guess those scenes are necessary but that's where it should have stopped, as opposed to their continuation throughout the film. Billy Bob did a good job, but I'd like to see him not being typecast for once. I bet even Billy wishes Bad Santa would just die already. It was a good movie, but it's kinda trapped him since. Aside, the plot presents itself in some interesting ways, but the overall flow is very foreseeable. I enjoyed the humor, aside from some of the more unbearable gags that don't make you laugh (i.e. Farley caught under the bed while his mom makes love). Worth a watch, but not if there's anything else you've been wanting to see.