Mad scientist Dr. Stern is turning students into super-smart cannibalistic zombies, and the local cops are too busy chasing a sex fiend to stop the flesh-eating ghouls. Fortunately, Stern's nemesis, FBI agent Susan Hannigan, is on the case. As the ravenous monsters overrun the town, Hannigan tries to convince Stern's faithful assistant to reveal how to foil the crazed doctor's evil scheme.

The evil Dr. Stern returns, armed with a lethal intelligence serum that yields horrific results at the Butte County Institute for Special Education. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Retardead torrent reviews

Ellen G (ag) wrote: En snn romantisk og sentimental film for oss jenter.

Debbie Mitchell R (au) wrote: Don't waste your money on this movie!!!

Ben D (us) wrote: Harmless children entertainment. It's nothing special, but no the worst thing ever either.

Bill B (mx) wrote: Gave this a re-watch off the To-Watch Pile and I have to say that it still holds up amazingly well in the way that it skewers the art world and how we perceive talent and self expression.I truly hope to see more screen-writing from Dan Clowes, since his voice translates so well to comedy gold onscreen.Recommended.

Sunny L (it) wrote: my lifetime movie suits me....

Robyn M (ru) wrote: This is an argumentive, light hearted, and insensitive film about cheating. Hit and miss film, that plays with emotions. Robert Downey Jr. is scum after he comes home,with both girlfriends furious demanding explaination. With crying, and screaming Downey struggles to juggle both girls fiercly attacking his dignity. Every intense moment with either girl gave him hard on's. His resolution? To forgive, and start over with a romp in the sheet altogether, who's down for a threesome?

Daniele C (fr) wrote: Loneliness and irony, melancholy and hope, the beauty of the Aegean landscape and the harsh of solitude. A turmoil of emotions, in a tiny, simple film.

Greg S (br) wrote: A defecting Russian scientist is kidnapped in Africa because he can make nuclear weapons out of lasers and diamonds; his busty daughter accompanies a secret agent on a rescue mission. Featuring ludicrous action scenes, hackneyed dialogue, and an embarrassed Ernest Borgnine, this ROMANCING THE STONE clone is for connoisseurs of 80s vintage cheese only.

Kevin N (es) wrote: "Ah, but between a jest and a joke, many a truth can be told". These are the words spoken by a man who butts heads, literally, with storied author G. Chaucer (played by Pasolini himself) in the opening scene of this raunchy but boldly observant middle piece to the director's so-called "Trilogy of Life". The words speak loudly for the vignettes that follow, all of which are a little less funny than those found in the preceding film, THE DECAMERON, but a little more telling. Like THE DECAMERON, this film's stories are linked both by strands of animalistic sex and humiliation, themes Pasolini would explore more seriously and to a more depraved extent in his final film, the infamous SALO. But here they work nearly as effectively, if more delicately. Chaucer's tales flow together with themes of trickery, unfaithfulness and violence, and while Pasolini keeps the time and setting the same in his film, he brings a relevance to his view of the way sexuality drives impulse. The segments vary in both humor and strength; one vignette serves as an almost throwaway homage to Chaplin's Tramp and his misadventures, referencing and even stealing directly from his various early works, while the film's last tale is a shocking portrait of Hell, where Pasolini stages his most obscene rendering of debauchery in his career thus far. These wild shifts in tone make this a choppier experience than THE DECAMERON, which is a perverted masterpiece, but THE CANTERBURY TALES has enough brazen audacity and freewheeling human satire to place it among Pasolini's most interesting works.

Anna L (gb) wrote: It's not good, I can tell you that.

Sakis A (ag) wrote: Best crappy, gory, stupid and awesome Japanese B-movie. Seems like a manga story.

Carlos M (jp) wrote: An amusing but irregular stop-motion animation (with a useless 3D) that has many intelligent and really well-inspired scenes but also moments of pedestrian humor that make the movie look as silly as, say, an episode of The Big Bang Theory.