Álvaro, before escaping from himself during ten years, return to his town, a small village in Galicia, to attend to his father's funeral. There he will try to make it up with his brother and to recoup his daugther Mar. Everything gets complicated when he finds a dead woman in the road, the woman is Lidia, a Mar's friend who works as a prostitute.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:88 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:Spanish,French,Gallegan
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Retornos 2010 full movies, Retornos torrents movie

On the way to attend his father's funeral; Álvaro finds the body of a prostitute who was a good friend of his estranged daughter. He embarks on an investigation that reveals a trail of alarming secrets. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Private U (mx) wrote: i love this movieand it has a great storyline!!!!!GO VIVICA A. FOX!!

Ellie D (ag) wrote: This week?s horror movie was Otis. If you like dark humor this is right up your alley. It wasn?t very gory, and it had some parts that were over the top. A fight scene that seemed to be overly choreographed. But it was fun. A serial killer, named Otis, wants to take his girl Kim to the Prom. But he is now on his 6th Kim, who is played by Ashley Johnson, who if anyone remembers played Chrissy Seaver from Growing Pains. Riley, or the next Kim, learns that to keep Otis happy she must play along. All the while her parents are being helped by a crazy FBI agent who isn?t very helpful at all. So when Riley breaks free her family decides to help her. In the hospital you see Mandingo, who happened to be the sort of killer in Sublime. Since it was made by the same director, he also made Rest Stop, which I haven?t seen, and Rest Stop 2 which is coming out soon. He made the Believers, which I really want to watch as well.

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Sheldon H (gb) wrote: Vampires + talking dogs = awesome, its what 30 days of night should have been

Levi N (us) wrote: A rom-com without the com: an interesting love story involving Indian culture, but falls well short of anything close to funny.

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Private U (jp) wrote: Moland is good, and the casting perfect!

Maria V (nl) wrote: Really funny and good movie! Aitana Sanchez-Gijon is perfect and very beautiful woman!

Hans M (jp) wrote: My favorite of all Cannibal Movies . This was the first known successful Cannibal Movie , and a few imitations followed . Me Me Lai is superb , and so is Ivan Rassimov the two protagonists . This was shot in the real jungles of Thailand with real tribes .

Nico S (au) wrote: There's only one word to describe this movie: fun. It's really fun, the dialogue is real fun to listen to and the action is really, really well done. The car chase scene at the end with Zoe on the hood and how it all wrapped up is amazing. Too bad there wasn't enough of Kurt Russel, I really wanted to see a little more of him. Also there just wasn't enough action, sometimes a little bit too much dialogue and all you wanna see is the action, but Tarantino is good a building up suspense through dialogue. Still an all round enjoyable movie.

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Oliver A (kr) wrote: A cheap immitation of the genre it's trying to be. Terrible.