Return of the Living Dead III

Return of the Living Dead III

Colonel Reynolds and his group of government scientists continue their work on re-animating the dead for military use. His son Curt and his girlfriend Julie use Dad's security pass to sneak in and watch the proceedings. Later when father and son have a disagreement, Curt and Julie take off on a motorcycle and Julie is killed in an accident. Grief-stricken, Curt takes her body to the lab and brings her back to life. Curt must help Julie deal with her new existence as military agents and local gang members try to find them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Return of the Living Dead III torrent reviews

Mirror (jp) wrote: H O R R O R M O V I E It has nothing special, but it do created horror for the first time for soo long.

Vincent K (us) wrote: XLNT treat for our brains

Chess C (au) wrote: My 2 year old liked it. 3 weeks later he's still talking about it. This may not be the best animated film you'll ever see but it appeals to its target audience.

Rui B (fr) wrote: "You have more chins than a Chinese phone book!" :)

Shannon S (fr) wrote: a neat, touching love story that puts a personal face on the holocaust. i loved jack polak, what a neat person. there was quite a bit of footage i've never seen before...and i've seen a lot. the part that really bothered me was when they were talking about ina soep's brother's cause of death (death by stoning). and also jack's sister talking about the pain of not even having a grave for her mother and father, because they were burned alive, and she doesn't even have their ashes or know where they are. for someone who is very interested in jewish history and the holocaust this is a good film that goes a little more in depth than other films, but for someone who doesn't know much about it, it might be lost on them. i was thinking the whole time i watched it how good it would be to show it in like a high school history class when learning about the holocaust, because movies like "schindler's list" are beyond them at that age. i also keep thinking about the part where jack was telling the story of his sister and best friend, and how he was saving this scrap piece of bread for an emergency for himself and when his sister was dying she asked for it, and he wouldn't give it to her. and his best friend's little boy was sick so he asked for it, and he said no and his friend wouldn't talk to him for a full year after the war because of it. how telling the story still made him cry like that, so many years later. i liked this film.

Sandy M (au) wrote: The alien dog was so so so cute.. make me wish I own something like it too! Hahaha... Anyway, it's an okay movie. Good for a family time.

Ryan G (nl) wrote: I don't know if this movie is just underated, or unseen, but I really really enjoyed it. Anyone who likes psychological thrillers, definately needs to watch it. The movie kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. I generally don't like these movies, but for some reason I absolutely loved this one.

Indra W (nl) wrote: Funny, sweet, too sweet to the point that I want to stop in the middle because I know that something bad is about to happen. But couldn't.

Hannu E (jp) wrote: Fatihin kevyempi elokuvia joka saa hyvlle tuulelle.

Lyam W (gb) wrote: A surreal gem. Not quite up there with Delicatessan or City of Lost Children, but give (director) Veit Helmer time.

Samantha P (de) wrote: A broadway musical within a film.

David H (us) wrote: One of the more entertaining of the series, it makes for a fun, corny flick that you can make fun of by yourself or with a group of school buddies.

Darcie N (kr) wrote: I want to see this again!

FAME S (us) wrote: Possibly the best movie I have ever seen. It wasn't really scary but definitely creepy as the room knows everything about him. It was an outstanding performance by John Cusack as he really made the room come to life when he was playing the role of Mike Einslin

Jose Luis M (fr) wrote: Creo que es la quinta vez que la veo, muchos la consideran una obra menor a esta la ltima pelicula de Hitch, pero es mucho mas que eso una mezcla de comedia, suspenso y humor negro que no decae en ningun momento y un estilo que sirve de referencia actualmente. John Williams estupendo en la banda sonora.