Return of the Moonwalker

Return of the Moonwalker

Count Cagliostro, a time-traveling sorcerer masquerading as the emcee of a "punk circus" in Berlin, raises Michael Jackson from the dead to start a global revolution.

Count Cagliostro, a time-traveling sorcerer masquerading as the emcee of a "punk circus" in Berlin, raises Michael Jackson from the dead to start a global revolution. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Seraphic W (ru) wrote: Gleeson, Hollander, and Nighy could sell me anything, no matter what. Throw in my woman-crush McAdams and I'm even willing to overlook all this time travel nonsense and bump up this otherwise poor rom-com a whole undeserved star.I am but a mere mortal, I have weaknesses, sue me.

Farah R (gb) wrote: Terrible acting ultimately leads to a terrible movie.

Cristian B (au) wrote: After a lame string of sequels, the series is back in form. This is the best entry since the original, maybe even better. By shifting the setting to Brazil and creating an OCEAN'S ELEVEN-style heist storyline, with players from all of the previous movies reuniting, the series feels revitalized. Like the previous installments, logic is of little use, but that is also part of the fun. Director Lin does an impressive job of creating thrilling and outlandish action sequences. Add Dwayne Johnson as a cop trailing the group and you have a recipe for action movie thrills. The movie is a little long at over two hours, but thanks to the easy chemistry of the cast and exciting action, the movie winds up being a good time, just leave your brain at the door.

Gii B (es) wrote: Ok so for the first 40 minutes or so of this movie I was very happy - well happy that I was totally freaked out and tense as hell with my heart in my mouth trying to remember to breathe! Its been a while since a so called thriller was actually that - thrilling! I was totally absorbed by the storyline and didn??t want anything distracting me because I didn??t want to miss a frame, I was that tense. The next 40 minutes that followed I spent trying to work the film out. All of a sudden it changed and left me so confused - sure that the main character was going to wake up from some horrid dream she was having but erm no - cue end credits! So its all a bit of a mixed bag - starts off tense and gripping and ends up erm well a little confusing as if someone had changed the channel.

Li T (au) wrote: This was cute, too bacd they look like 12 when they're suppose to be 18.

Scott J (ru) wrote: I don't think this movie will ever be released.

Johnathon W (ru) wrote: Stupid entry in the franchise with a idiotic plot & forgettable performances, with only some horror veterans delivering any fun. The cast is one-note, at best (thankfully Winnick & Cavill would go on to do better work) with the only high-notes being Doug Bradley's return to Pinhead & Lance Henrickson, who is always good for some scenery chewing. The plot makes no sense, from the fact this is a world where "Hellraiser" is fake but Merchante, the makers of the puzzle box is real, along with the plan by the main villain, which is so elaborate it can't be explained. Thankfully, some of the kills are kind of fun, but this is just a bad, dumb movie.

Ryan M (it) wrote: Decent film, with average animation. The series definitely gets better with time.

karen r (br) wrote: Another great Aussie movie!1

Carlos M (jp) wrote: The last chapter of TOS films is an excellent farewell for Captain Kirk and his crew, concluding their long journey with a smart political mystery that cleverly parallels the end of the Cold War and embraces a future that bears new adventures for the Next Generation Enterprise.

Steve S (ru) wrote: ***Due to the recent RT changes that have basically ruined my past reviews, I am mostly only giving a rating rather than a full review.***

Zack B (us) wrote: I didn't watch this today, but just a quick note. Whenever I think of the worst movie ever this pile of excrement is always the thing that first comes into my head. As someone who suffers from unwanted thoughts because of depresssion this film and Selena Gomez's annoying dialogue just hit me like a brick wall. Avoid this movie at every cost unless you have no hope for humanity and want it to end.Perhaps my least favorite movie ever. The debate has been in my head for a long time, and this movie is the winner.