Return To Oz

Return To Oz

Dorothy, saved from a psychiatric experiment by a mysterious girl, finds herself back in the land of her dreams, and makes delightful new friends, and dangerous new enemies.

It has been six months since Dorothy has returned home from Oz and she still cannot sleep, as she is obsessed with her memories of Oz. Aunt Em, worried for Dorothy';s health, takes her to a famous doctor. While he tries to treat her, she is rescued by a mysterious girl who leads her back to Oz when a vain witch and the Nome King destroy everything that makes the magical land beautiful. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John D (ca) wrote: Surprised, surprised, surprised, I f**king loved it. Punch me on this one, but this is one of a heck bad ass action flick. First things first the dialogue in this film is freaking hilarious. Second, who would have thought that these 3 dumb idiot mercenaries could have even care for a kid who has a down syndrome. I think the concept of it could have been better if this one is produced on a high budget. Special mention to the guys who played the part of Brick and McQueen. These guys are so funny and they are so perfect in the roles that they're in. It tries to be a Terentino flick yet I enjoy the film and I'm laughing my ass off every single time. This is what I've wanted for a Rated R action and it satisfies me. Hell yeah, I could care less about what other critic says about this one. But a hell of a job for the movie makers who made this little straight-DVD-film and made it to the awesomeness. I enjoyed it and I could even watch it again. Solid 3.5 stars out of 5. Hell yeah!

Matt C (de) wrote: It feels slightly messy, but I think thats the charm of it. Radnor and company give solid performances, in this likable, relatable indie

Carlos A (ca) wrote: As a mexican, I tend to be very critic with the cinema of my country, that given said "Morenita: El escandalo" managed to surprise me in a vey good way. Mateo is a young painter and an expert carrier pigeon trainer, when his grandfather (Lopez Tarso) is in need for a surgery, he accepts a request for a northern cartel of drug dealers asking him to use the carrier pigeons to get the drugs to the USA in a risky endeavour.. so later, as the situation turns bad and the Cartel demands his money back, Mateo and his grandfather plan to make the robbery of the century in order to pay the debt and avoid being killed. Mexican cinema have portrayed the "lower class" Mexico from quite some time (specially since "Amores Perros") to a degree that drugs, violence, unncessesary strong language and shitty slums have come to be almost a mandatory setting for Mexican directors (in a very sad way) but this film somehow manages to take things to a next level... the idea of a big robbery of an icon of Mexican culture -if not the most important icon- is a bold idea, and the portrayal of the mexican population is so eerie that Im inclined to think it could be the actual reaction facing this kind of robbery. And while this film is set on the crappy, corrupt and violent Mexico, it manages to make things right as the characters face turbulent endings and the resolution is so simple that is ironic how the events got out of control so bad to end drastically for most tof the characters. The acting is very good... overacting is a common problem in Mexican cinema nowadays but the Director and screenwriters made a hell of a good job with the dialogues and the actors put out a pretty good performance so in the end all the characters feel natural, wich is a big plus overall. The best thing I noticed about the film is how it was filmed, the photography and camera work are top notch, the angles and pace feel truly a part of the new age of mexican cinema but done right. Overall this is a very good film with an intepid premise, of course some things could have been better but overall its a breath of fresh air and originality amongst the films portraying the red and ugly side of Mexico.

Mo M (ag) wrote: This movie is surprisingly decent

Kieran T (es) wrote: i cant believe Jack Black, Luke Wilson and Brittany Murphy were able to get on screen in another film after being in this

Jeffrey S (kr) wrote: Easily one of the greatest comedies of the early 90's. Whoever gave this movie a bad rating is an absolute moron. Probably a bunch of drama theater geeks. Seriously, I'm a movie guy and this movie is hilarious!!!! Underrated.

Tina P (au) wrote: The Bills? Together? Hmmm...

Jade S (fr) wrote: I loved this movie!!!!!!!!! Mr. Vora Made my day by making us watch this!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :D

Michael H (mx) wrote: An all star female cast blends together to create a very risky bank heist story, and cultivate quite the experience of their lives in this entertaining drama.Four women who get their buttons pushed to the limits decide to change and dedicate their lives to bank robbing, all is great at first, but eventually, things start to turn for the worst, slowly, but surely!All these lovely ladies create a really great drama, and from start to finish, the film delivers a friends to the end feeling! Four stars!