Reuben, Reuben

Reuben, Reuben

Based on a novel by Peter De Vries. Story of an alcoholic, lecherous Scottish poet on a tour of New England Universities, where he goes from one bed and bottle to another.

A drunken Scottish poet who hasn't written a word in years feels compelled to regain control of his life and work after meeting a beautiful young woman. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jessi O (it) wrote: I liked it. It's another feel good, character building sports movie, but I like those. ;)

Mikey S (ca) wrote: As a big futurama fan is was awesome to see them not completely kill of futurama This one is funny but I found I little dry. Nice to see bender as a bad ass

David P (ag) wrote: The Samurai Trilogy and The Law Of Diminishing Returns.This film doesn't sit at all well with its classmates.The casting was wrong and the story is a lazy combination of others.Hiroyuki Sanada, Masatoshi Nagase and Kimura Takuya.....Spot the odd one out!

Parker S (au) wrote: While the performances outside of Gabe Nevins feels contrived and forced, which is a bummer because it seems that the very little talking that is done is unbelievable. But Alex's subtle acting is pretty accurate, good and believable although since the movie concentrates on the intense psychological stress of guilt, perhaps someone with more acting experience could have done better. I do give him props though since I've never seen him in anything before. On the story end, its almost non-existent. It weaves back and forth, slowly filling in holes the audience probably knew and revealing more of the consequences of his actions. Its a quiet, but good movie that could have been a lot better had it been for some better actors and actresses.

Nandi C (ag) wrote: I like this movie; You have these two men(Outkast) who work at a club called Church(quite ironic if you ask me). It's the 30s, and not too many white folks in sight and things get a bit hairy for the pair. For one thing, the local gangster gets killed by one of his own(Terrance Howard)and he's after Big Boi, while Andre falls in love with the featured singer.

Jessie V (jp) wrote: giant snake's pretty much what you'd expect...

Travis H (de) wrote: Hilarious and charming. Everyone who has ever loved movies owes it to themselves to watch this. It's a rollicking, side splitting and passionate gem.