• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:20 minutes
  • Release:1973
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Revolt 1973 full movies, Revolt torrents movie

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Revolt torrent reviews

Erik B (fr) wrote: Who thought this was a good idea?

Keith P (de) wrote: "Firetrap" teaches lessons on how not to survive a fire, although they got the stairs part right. I never saw "The Towering Inferno." But w/ all the references 2 it, I assume it's better than "Firetrap." Also watch for conspicuous jelly & wraps on the burn victims, which was s'pozedta be BEHIND THE DAMN SCENES!

Paul D (mx) wrote: Enjoyable second live outing, the ad-libbing is probably the best part of it though.

Pang Y (es) wrote: lol Viggo... i was really surprised at the end when he finally spoke Japanese :-) overall it wasn't too bad of a movie, but the stereotypes did not add much character to the characters themselves... but for a 1995 movie about the international mafias it was pretty good for not doing much gore

Kathryn N (au) wrote: This was an amusing documentary. Lots of funny parts, even though it sometimes seems like they were speaking another language. Lots of cute, old, quirky men, and some piggish ones too.

Kyle E (jp) wrote: I'll sum this up with two simple words: "Ya Digg".

Geraint O (jp) wrote: A Western that at last looked at the injustices faced by Native American peoples. However Jimmy Stewart's comic appearance as Wyatt Earp was at irrelevant to the basic thread of the film and was in poor taste. Perhaps it was necessary at the time to get people into the cinemas to watch this film? Nevertheless it told a story that needed to be told. Just why did they have to spoil it with the "Wyat Earp sequence"?

Erick B (ag) wrote: I should be refunded for the time I lost watching it. It really cannot get any worse mostly because of the horrible acting.

Parker R (nl) wrote: A dreary and highly predictable action film that has a weak script, poor editing, and unenthusiastic performances from its cast, not to mention an unconvincing performance from the movies lead heroine.

Daniel M (de) wrote: Excellent movie that has a great story which inspired many things to come in the future. The choreography was top notch and there are so many things to this movie that make it a classic. 5/5

Christina F (au) wrote: Excellent and haunting movie.