Revolution My A..

Revolution My A..

A comedy about a Danish private detective, normally just occupied with cases about unfaithful spouses, is suddenly involved in murder, arms deal, revolution in Guateragua, briefcase full of money and the Danish intelligence agency.

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Revolution My A.. torrent reviews

Susan C (ag) wrote: I thought it was a great movie. It was a very good story plus good football stuff. This is not just a football movie. Much more than that. A must see

Gregory M (us) wrote: A martial art movie added to the collection! Check out Man From Nowhere too!

Dragonfly W (br) wrote: Very interesting take on this famous story, esp loved the personal reflections each apostle had in his head when Jesus called out his betrayer.

Sarah S (de) wrote: I came across this disturbing film on Netflix one day. It's been almost 2 years since I watched it and it's still stuck in my mind. Jason decides to contact John Wayne Gacy in jail for a school assignment in a bid to get into the psyche of a serial killer, but surprisingly at the expense of his own psyche. Disturbing story, to say the least. Based on actual events, I was sad to hear this guy in real life offed himself. This story is not for the faint of heart. Wm. Forsythe plays the best creeps in films.

Francisco M (ag) wrote: A not-so-subtle form of updating the point of view of the Catholic Church regarding the Cristero War. Most names and references are about that episode in the history of Mexico. A lot of plot holes, bland acting, they spent most of the budget on special effects, and almost nothing in a good plot or acting. Catholic propaganda disguised as sci-fi film.

Wes S (de) wrote: Stupid and gross. The characters are terrible and the story is pitiful, even for an Asylum film. Nothing made much sense and the ending was god-awful. The acting was terrible and the CGI was horrible. This film was just beyond bad.

PieterJan V (kr) wrote: I feel conned after watching this film.

mike h (it) wrote: Another classic dystopic film, its awesome, create cast, love liotta, he rocks everytime.

Diisorder R (br) wrote: 80's sci-fi horror.. moar!!

Bradley F (ca) wrote: "Mommie Dearest" really does nothing but make you feel depressed and empty by the time the credits roll. Supposedly, this film is based on a memoir written by the daughter of Joan Crawford, Christiana. Some people actually think she exaggerated or straight out lied in her book. To be honest, I really don't care if the book holds true or not. Either way, I can say without hesitation "Mommie Dearest" is one of the worst films I ever seen. This movie explores the dramatic life of Joan Crawford (Faye Dunaway) and how the world around her is nothing but a big movie set. She's the star and everyone else around her is just extras or supporting roles. When she's not posing for cameras or crying over not getting roles, she is either drinking like a sailor or abusing her adoptive daughter. And really... that's all this film has to offer. Really, every scene has no purpose besides making Joan Crawford look like the mother from hell. I mean yeah there are times when she does smile and act like a human being. Still, those times are very rare in the movie. A lot of the scenes are just Joan yelling at the top of her lungs over practically nothing. Whether it be over a turned down movie role, a break up or who can forget wire hangers? Which by the way, it comes out of nowhere. The whole wire hanger scene is rather pointless, then again a lot of this movie is pointless. There's a reason a lot of people look at this movie as a camp classic and that reason of course is Faye Dunaway's overacting. As much as I liked her in Supergirl, her dramatic antics are not charming here. She is so annoying and anytime she opened her mouth I wanted to clasp my hands over my ears to block out the sound. Also, the rest of the cast suffers at the basic fact that the script is cold and heartless. Really, all the characters in this movie are nothing but plot devices ready to go off when necessary. I must point out the bland performance by Diana Scarwid. She's mainly just going through scene by scene offering little to no emotion. Surprisingly, there are a lot of people who really like this movie. I don't know why anyone would enjoy a movie where nothing but abuse is going on in every scene. If Joan is not abusing her daughter, she's drinking or has found someone else to take out her anger on. The acting is completely off, the story is either really boring or really cold and really the direction is off. Who thought this would make a good movie? It will take me awhile until I am able to get over the feeling of depression that "Mommie Dearest" has given me.

Jussi M (kr) wrote: Ei voi kuin ihmetell miten tm on saanut 8/10 IMDB:ssa ja tll rottenissakin yllttvn hyvt thditykset. Ei tm nyt niin hyv ollut. Ehk n "taidepaukut" eivt vaan tysin avaudu mulle. No olihan tsskin hetkens ja loppua kohden toki parani...

Robin W (br) wrote: If you thought it was daring for Quentin Tarantino to completely disregard historical accuracy in "Inglourious Basterds" and change the ending of World War II, imagine making a film in 1942 that ended with Hitler getting assassinated - despite the fact that he was still alive in real life! Oh, and the only way for the movie to explain why the War II was still going on when audiences left the theater is to claim that a double took Hitler's place! This hilarious piece of propaganda is one the strangest historical curiosities a film buff could ever see as I guess it wanted to build up public morale by showing that a group of patriotic American gangsters could successfully sneak behind enemy lines and kill Hitler; Operation Valkyrie it ain't! The film is very low-budget and the first half is fairly dull, but it eventually becomes a laugh riot since Hitler (played by an actor named Bob Watson, whose unfortunate resemblance to Der Fuhrer caused him to be typecast in the role in no less than NINE films!) and his fellow Nazis are portrayed as a bunch of incompetent buffoons who look like they've wandered in from an episode of "Hogan's Heroes". And how does Hitler eventually get killed, you ask? Because the good guys shave off his mustache, so that his own troops don't recognize him, mistakenly think he's an enemy, and decide to shoot him! I couldn't make this shit up!!

Russell H (br) wrote: Too long. Other than that, not bad. Great cast.

Christina A (ru) wrote: That was pretty freakin good! :D