Revolution OS

Revolution OS

REVOLUTION OS tells the inside story of the hackers who rebelled against the proprietary software model and Microsoft to create GNU/Linux and the Open Source movement.

While Microsoft may be the biggest software company in the world, not every computer user is a fan of their products, or their way of doing business. While Microsoft's Windows became the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sheridan P (ru) wrote: This truth is the same the world over. What to do. I don't know :(

Jon P (ru) wrote: Shrouded in controversy and brimming with taboo, Srdjan Spasojevic's high-concept horror is a cruel picture with questionable allegorical intentions.If you're looking for shock-horror, A Serbian Film won't be what you're expecting. There ARE graphic depictions of rape, paedophilia and necrophilia, but underneath the hype and desperation, Spasojevic's film is ultimately quite silly. Right down to its lead character and his plastic penis.It's even sillier once you take into account that the director sees it as "a diary of our [Serbia's] own molestation by the Serbian government ... about the monolithic power of leaders who hypnotize you to do things you don't want to do." - an idea certainly visible in the film but again, sincerely rather stupid in the way it's expressed; and, faint heart or no faint heart, that's exactly how the movie is best approached.A Serbian Film is more Hostel-bandwagon exploitation than protest against "the cinematic fascism of political correctness". It doesn't really work as either, but hey, Spasojevic's shock tactics have indeed put Serbian cinema on the map. As the nation that made a slightly comic movie with a dude who, at one point, rapes a newborn baby. A national accomplishment? An art film? You decide.

Kyle f (us) wrote: Unique little film that has some scary moments!

Khaled M (fr) wrote: During watching this crap .. All I was thinking about who the S.O.B. that recommended it for me.

Mark H (es) wrote: The story is a little jagged in spots, and there was nothing special about the film from any technical standpoint, but its heart in the right place. It helps that I am a sucker for the unconventional, especially when the main characters are likeable.

Pranav K (ca) wrote: Good movie with good songs in general--a bit similar to Rock On, though. Salman has given a fantastic performanace. While he has been in the news for more wrong reasons than right, Salman has proven himself as an extremely talented actor.

Elin H (jp) wrote: Beste svenske filmen som er laget!!

Holly W (it) wrote: she needs to get a clue!

Risa C (ag) wrote: this story has been done alot of times. but it was still a good movie. i loved susan lucci in it.

Edith N (it) wrote: Apparently More Personable Than the Real Thing Getting married at thirteen strikes me as every bit as bad an idea as getting married to someone you barely know. Realistically, the person you're marrying is doing just that. The person you are at thirteen is not the same as the person you will be at eighteen. Your personality probably changes more in those five years than any other similar period in your life. I still have my diaries from those years, but I don't generally read them. I don't think I'd like the person who wrote them very much. However, she was a person who was figuring herself out, just like every other thirteen-year-old out there. I think some of the problems I have with my daughter's father stem from the fact that when we reconnected when I was nineteen, he still saw me as the person I had been at fourteen. You can't look at a person that way. We all grow up, and we really ought to do it before sealing ourselves in place. Jerry Lee Lewis (Dennis Quaid, the sane one) was a struggling musician when he moved in with his cousin, J. W. Brown (John Doe). J. W. and his wife, Lois (Lisa Blount), aren't exactly thrilled about it, but J. W. agrees to be a backup musician for Jerry Lee when they go to record at Sun Records, already famous for being the place where Elvis (Michael St. Gerard, who's pretty much only ever played Elvis) got his start. Part of the problem is that Jerry Lee's music is a little wild for America's tastes, so they aren't sure if he'll make a success of it. But part of the problem is Myra (Winona Ryder), J. W.'s thirteen-year-old daughter. She and Jerry Lee hit it off a little too well. They essentially run off to get married, and everyone seems to know what impact that's going to have on his career but him. Myra's hesitance is also awfully easy to overcome. But, you know, thirteen. If you can't tell your parents that you got married, probably you shouldn't get married. That was one of the things which kept running through my head as I was watching this. Honestly, I was pretty uncomfortable about the whole thing. I know it's historically accurate, of course. Jerry Lee and Myra were actually married for thirteen years--which made her twenty-six when they split up; he was thirty-five. I believe the movie includes her insistence that she's his second cousin twice removed, but that isn't true. It would be distant enough so that the genetic worries would be substantially lessened, but J. W. was Jerry Lee's first cousin. That makes her his [i]first[/i] cousin [i]once[/i] removed, which is close enough to worry a bit. Especially if the Lee family has any history of marrying cousins to begin with. It's also quite clear that Myra was not ready to be married at all. No one whose luggage is a dollhouse is. The Jerry Lee this movie shows us is thoroughly unlikeable. He is self-centered and childish, more childish than Myra. Myra at least has an inkling that marrying at thirteen is not the smartest idea out there. He fools around, but he is angered by the very idea that Myra might not be a virgin. He doesn't listen to the advice of people who have been around the block a few times. He thinks he's better than everyone else, and he thinks they're all idiots for not knowing that. He thinks Elvis ought to just give up and admit that Jerry Lee is better. He doesn't care what anyone else thinks about him, and he doesn't realize that you kind of have to if you're in a business which relies on the public for its very existence. If he wants something, he's going to have it. And you look at all of that and then have to realize that the real Jerry Lee Lewis, by many accounts, is actually a worse person. The movie attempts to be a happy, uplifting biopic, but it's a biography of someone I wouldn't even want to share a room with. The movie doesn't seem to know itself very well. Alec Baldwin does a wonderful turn as Jerry Lee's televangelist (though obviously not at that point) cousin, Jimmy Swaggart. The conflict between the two might have made a worthwhile movie. Similarly, an interesting film might have been made about Ryder's Myra; she plays Myra as a girl torn between what looks like the fun life of the wife of a rock star and a suppressed awareness of what that life would actually be like. The movie also wants to be a standard biopic, even throwing in a ridiculous musical sequence which looks just as staged as any in an Elvis movie. In fact, the Elvis portrayed here is worth an examination. He's just been inducted into the Army, and he doesn't know if his career will survive it. The movie is scattered. A movie focuses on the unpleasant Jerry Lee Lewis still could have been a good movie. A movie focused on nothing in particular seldom is, especially when it thinks it's telling a coherent story. Alas for this movie, it is not.

Wes S (jp) wrote: Slightly funny, but not laugh-out-loud hysterical like other British comedies I know. There's not a lot of references to other sci-fi movies, but the film isn't completely bare of them. The characters are alright, and some of the effects are decent. Somewhat fun, but forgettable too.

Chris H (de) wrote: A fantastic example of how animation is more than just a children's medium.Both main characters have unique traits and histories that influence their decisions, and the story goes a handful of directions I completely wasn't expecting.Sad, bleak, and powerful.

Judge L (mx) wrote: One of the few Richard Pryor flicks I missed out on back in the 80's. I remember the original movie poster with him and the KKK in the background. Some funny moments here and there, but not enough.

Keith F (it) wrote: glorious low budget hokum

Claire T (ru) wrote: it was an ok movie and it was actually directed by Richard Attenborough, It starred Anthony Hopkins, Burgess Meredith, Robert Hackman and David Ogden Stiers starred in it, it's an ok film but I don't want it on DVD

Nick G (it) wrote: Lewis at his slapstick best sprinkle on a bit of satire and social commentary and it's a winning formula.

Brett R (us) wrote: Hints of evil without being a gore film. Otherwise, I've seen it before. The hero wasn't likable. His wife, deplorable. Throw in a couple of bad actors (without speaking roles, thank god) and the whole thing misses. And why were the extra scenes tacked on the end? I feel sorry for the good actors here (commendable).