Revolution Summer

Revolution Summer

A portrait of three restless young urbanites searching for meaning in love, sex, drugs, and political revolution.

A portrait of three restless young urbanites searching for meaning in love, sex, drugs, and political rebellion. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Barry T (ca) wrote: And another found footage hotrror. This was a low budget UK film with some good jumps.

Jeremy S (au) wrote: Very very very funny movie again who comes up with the script on these things? Something to watch to kill some time

Chip H (mx) wrote: We can thank the Hampshire library for having a nice selection of movies. This is a documentary about how our votes are counted by computer during elections. The hypothesis is that the computers can be rigged and the votes can be changed very easily. I think they made their point.

Greg G (mx) wrote: Som seriously annoying females in this movie

Marc L (it) wrote: Pour ceux qui n'auraient jamais entendu parler de lui, Gamera, c'est Godzilla en version tortue et gentil. C'est a dire qu'il bousille autant de grattes-ciel que son confrere saurien mais enfin, c'est pour la bonne cause. Il est meme tellement gentil "Gamera l'heroique" que pour cette nouvelle version, on lui a colle de grands yeux humides de Pokemon, histoire de seduire les bambins nippons a qui cette histoire toute naive s'adresse prioritairement. Pour les humains de plus de dix ans, l'interet qu'on portera au film depend bien evidemment d'un somme de facteurs complexes. Les films de monstres made in Japan, c'est tout un style...tout un art meme, quand on y reflechit. Les artifices technologiques y sont proscrits, et les monstres se doivent obligatoirement d'etre de grosses marionettes en latex qui couinent et se flanquent des beignes dans une maquette de Tokyo en carton-pate. Meme s'il n'y a objectivement rien a tirer du scenario, je dois admettre que cette methode "artisanale" (aujourd'hui tres bien maitrisee) possede un certain charme...nettement plus en tout cas que le Godzilla U.S., tellement concentre sur son ambiance de fin du monde qu'il en avait oublie d'etre simplement agreable.

Rob S (de) wrote: A little more polish to the look of the film would have made it better. But not a bad thriller for straight to video.

Janeth N (es) wrote: Ya la habia visto, pero me la tropece otra vez y no dude en comprarla. Hermosa, magnifica. Una de mis favoritas!!! La recomiendo para todos los que quieran entender la epoca de Luis XIV, el rey Sol!

Ali Cat S (us) wrote: I liked this movie in a much realer way than I expected to. I find Melanie Griffith flawless and the acting, in general, very good. The plot doesn't hold together very well, but there are some really nice, memorable shots.

Al P (kr) wrote: U havent seen Little Man Tate?

Justin A (au) wrote: This is another VHS movie I watched this year because, simply, it was never released on DVD. Which is actually kind of shocking. It's absolute trash, there's no denying that, but it is fun trash. There's a lot of gooey fun and horrible plastic monster makeup. The plot centers around a woman funding a scientist to come up with a fountain of youth formula. He thinks he has it and they test it on her, but there are side effects that cause her to turn into a monster with an urge to kill people when the serum wears off. It happens so drastically that she changes almost every ten minutes of the movie. That's good though, because this movie doesn't waste time with dialogue, and instead goes right for the monster fun which is what the viewer wants. Her urge to kill comes almost out of nowhere, and towards the end she seems to have learned that she can eat brains or something that will have a similar effect that the serum has. I don't know, it got weirdly edited towards the end and I was having trouble keeping up. Anyway, I bring this up because the very next day she is asking for the serum because she needs it. What the hell changed in the night? She said she didn't need the serum anymore, but there's no explanation why she suddenly needs it again. Weird. The ending was also confusing, as one of the random side characters is injected with a new serum by accident and supposedly it works properly. I don't know if the movie was planning a sequel, but they were over estimating the potential of this movie if they thought it would spawn a sequel. The monster looks so funny it's great, and it's like the perfect midnight movie for a double feature. You need to watch this late at night for a good laugh. High recommendation to fans of bad movies, body horror, and melt movies (yeah, this movie kind of fits into that strange subgenre).

Private U (au) wrote: Dying to get the chance to see this celebrated sequel at some revival somewhere. Atlantic Film Festival, are you trolling for sure-fire successes?

Private U (nl) wrote: Exceptional documentary film from the misery in Spain.

Daniel O (ag) wrote: Though the movie's low budget is quite evident, and the acting is only mediocre, the storytelling, along with the story itself is blissfully ominous. The film is quite original and extremely ambitious, for which I applaud it.

Pedro G (br) wrote: funny, awesome. brutal and fucking hot

Henrysmovieguide C (mx) wrote: While this movie is a little overrated, people like it for a reason. I certainly did. The acting, special effects, and story are all magnificent.

Carol B (kr) wrote: seen it an loved it. it shows what happens when your best friend dumps you for the popular crowd an the affects of bullying an the results.