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Bruce B (br) wrote: A Great Christmas Film for 2007, Can'y beleive no one else has reviewthis one. It's a Sequal to Christmas Shoes. A very touching Christmas Film for those of all ages.

Paul D (mx) wrote: An intimate and sincere look at life in rural Kazakhstan, but also one than doesn't offer a lot of stimulus.

Roman E (jp) wrote: A decent documentary on a legendary musical train ride through Canada.

meril l (es) wrote: Worst Austen adaptation I've seen. Not only is Piper her usual unlikeable self, Fanny had next to no lines, and the plot moved along extremely awkwardly. How did Edmund fall in love with Mary? How did his feelings revert to Fanny so quickly? Why are all the other characters just as two-dimensional? I guess we'll never know.

Kenneth L (ru) wrote: This is a pretty entertaining movie, and serves as a great document of its time, the early 90s, which now seem so distant to us. It's funny to realize Ben Stiller has been directing movies for 20 years. The performances are excellent, and the movie effectively reminded me of what a crush I have on young Winona Ryder. The big question with this movie hinges on the ending, in which (spoiler alert for a 20-year-old movie) Ryder's character ends up falling in love with Ethan Hawke's angsty rocker rather than Ben Stiller's responsible yuppie. Roger Ebert saw Stiller's character as the movie's villain, but I'm actually not sure about that. The movie never makes him do anything particularly wicked, and he actually seems like a much better guy overall than Hawke's character. I honestly feel like Ryder's character makes the wrong choice - the question is whether or not the movie realizes this. It does seem to treat their relationship as an occasion for a happy ending, but then it never makes Stiller's character a jerk, as a more conventional romantic comedy would. I think the movie would be better if it at least realized that Ryder's character's choice wasn't really the "right one," but then I can't tell for sure that the movie does know that. In any event, it's a well-made film overall with some good funny parts and a great 90s soundtrack.

Tyler R (it) wrote: Well I finally got around to watching this mess of a movie. I feel really bad for the people involved in the making of this. The plot was bizarre and the dialogue was poor. The duck was more annoying then funny. The special effects were decent but overall it was not great. I'm glad some people like this movie but I'm not one of them.

Mia C (us) wrote: in love with the movie!!

Tom M (jp) wrote: This film switches back and forth between fun and depressing

Ashley H (us) wrote: Garson Kanin and Ruth Gordon wrote this screenplay because of Katharine Hepburn's real sports ability. This is a terrific comedy and a great vehicle for Hepburn and Spencer Tracy. This gives Tracy a chance to play a Brooklyn sports thug. Also, this is a rare chance to see some famous Women golfers of the early 1950's on film and not to mention a great performance by Jim Backus. George Cukor's direction is relaxed and natural. This movie is a great film.

Emmanuel S (br) wrote: Keira Knightley's transformation in 'A Dangerous Method' is an amazing work, but unless you are privy to all the heavy psychological terminology that Freud and Jung throw at one another, it may impede your ability in having an ass-slapping good time watching this tale.

ClaRita C (au) wrote: It's an adventurous comedy as usual, Bond tries to do some dumbass shit, gets distracted by a girl, nobody kills him, they just wanna feed him to some animal, goes for three days or more without contacting his superiors and everyone assumes everything is fine and dandy, and of course everything is, because no matter how impossible the situation is, there's always a way out for bond, which always escapes everyone else, haha!. Some of the fight scenes were boring and repetitive, but overall entertaining and amusing.

John P (gb) wrote: Original storyline, engaging characters, and hard to predict. Everything you could hope for in movie.