Rhapsody of Marriage

Rhapsody of Marriage


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Matt D (fr) wrote: Great film. He is missed.

Jasmine B (ru) wrote: I have read the story...A

Ng C (nl) wrote: The story started from an oldest factory, it's called "420" and located at chengdu,china, it's a narrate personal experinece for 5 retaired workers and shared their experice in this film. Chengu is one of industial cities in mainland, especially at 60's, "420" run by goverment, at that moment, if you became a worker in this factory, u had achivement by whole family. worker had no conditional to spend their life in "420", from semi-skill worker to supervisor level. Everyone gain the same and share the same(????), that's a good policy at 60's china. Unfortunately, the factory takeover by an property developer a fews year ago."420" was to bankrupt. Most worker not only losttheir jobs , but also effect their lifestyle. they only possess some skill in factory and hard to find other jobs in their societies. Bascially, it's one of problem that we have to concern in our socities, and it 's bring out some social problems cause most people is unemployment. this is no doubt that capitalism surrounding in our societies, lower the cost and miximum profit is the trend of gobalization, Factories has no longer to employ many worker and serve for their whole life. especially, china economic grwoing as quick as possiable. Actually,?? is playing good in this film and aware people to concern part of social problem in china, and made good reflection with his oldest one "??".

Wade W (kr) wrote: Hugo is very nice to look at and it's full of quirky characters. It does a good job attempting to show appreciation for cinema but its disjointed story doesn't help.

Yesim G (au) wrote: Avustralyal filozof ve yazar Raimond Gaite in kklkte nasl bir aile ortam iinde yeti?ti?ini gsteren, Avustralya'nn portre niteli?inde ssz krlarna, do?asna yer veren, ba?arl bir dram. ?yk gerekten i burkucu, senaryo srkleyici ama zc. Ve tabii gerek bir ykye dayanmas, filmin derinli?ini en ok artran etken bence. Filmin ba? ve sonunda bulunan arl sahneler, sembolik, ya?ama ba?llk, baba-o?ul ili?kisinin seyrini yanstmas olarak alglanabilir. zlenmeli derim. Raimond u oynayan 1996 do?umlu Kodi-Smit McPhee grd?m en ba?arl ocuk oyunculardand, filmin de esas karakteri olarak oyunculu?u ok iyiydi. Gelecekte sk izleyece?imizi d?nyorum...

Private U (ca) wrote: A heart breaking docu-drama based on the lives of the chinese imigrants killed picking cockles on Morecombe Bay. Nick Broomfield has translated his filming style beautifully from his documentaries. The non-professional cast provide realism and bring home the sense despair and injustice.

Eric N (br) wrote: Stunningly involved. Serious, funny, accessible.... Moving without ever being contrived. Never syrupy with sap. Never a trace of disingenuous tear-jerk-baiting.Simply, this is a recipe for the best character drama that can be found.

Randi S (nl) wrote: this movie was not what I expected. it would be soo freaky to watch it in a theatre!

Eric T (ag) wrote: a movie that was much more than I expected....an awesome 80s comedy Keaton & Winkler with great performances

Zach H (nl) wrote: One of my favorite zombie / undead films for sure.

Marvin B (jp) wrote: A classic and sentimental family drama.

Tommy H (ca) wrote: Way too pretentious and lazy for my blood. I see what Herzog was going for, and I think he succeeded, but it's not the kind of thing that impresses me. Also, I liked the over-the-top performance from Isabelle Adjani in the movie Possession, but here I found it a little irritating. Kinski did a good job as the vampyre. Max Schreck was creepier, but Kinski is his usual unusual self. I swear that guy could host Sesame Street dressed as a yellow happy face and holding a box of muffins and he'd still make me feel uncomfortable in my own skin. The thing I like most about his performance is the way he moves. Where every other vampire is a man with supernatural powers, this Count Dracula does seem like he's more vampire bat than vampire-human. If people didn't keep saying that his skin feels cold I wouldn't have even thought he was undead, even though that's kind of necessary for the vampyre mythos.

Tony L (kr) wrote: Julia Roberts is magnificent and the story is, well, somewhat entertaining... but the movie flirts with a creepiness that it never quite achieves