Rice Girl

Rice Girl

Pietro, the owner of a large paddy, recognizes among his young workers Elena, his natural daughter. He then begins to follow her and to protect her, causing misunderstandings in his family.

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Oscar T (ca) wrote: El ascetismo llevado a los lmites en la vida de una nia de 14 aos.

Michael L (ru) wrote: Hilarious short featuring the beloved characters from Toy Story!

Dmitri M (fr) wrote: >dialouge is outright terrible, many of the voices feel mismatched>characters are forgettable>the plot is standard fare and forgettable>animation and art direction are very good, especially for a low budget animation movie>the nods to Lucasfilm were gratifying>ending was a bit out of place>The action is fast, and so many different things are packed into one movieIf there's one thing I can say its that this movie tried really hard.

Begoa N (br) wrote: resumiendo, amor al primer cigarrillo.

Ed Fucking H (fr) wrote: A not really very good, made for the Sci-Fi channel adventure/horror film in the vein of The Mummy. Perfectly entertaining though, and for what it is watchable. A little surprised that nobody can seem to say anything at all positive about this one. Yes the effects are laughable, yes it isn't very original, yes most of the acting is pretty average, but this wasn't made for the big screen. It was always intended to be a TV movie and I think people have been a little too hard on this. This was created to be something you'd watch when nothing else is on, and at that it succeeds I think. At least incidentally. Yeah, all criticisms are valid, I'd still say I enjoyed this quite a bit more than the Transformers movie, or any of the at least equally shitty if not worse big budget Hollywood extravaganzas to be spewed forth in recent years. Not great, but at least average. Watch it if theres nothing else on.

Guri d (ca) wrote: Sin duda, es una buena pelicula y con final feliz.

Alex K (fr) wrote: An interesting story and well acted, but ultimately rather bland and boring.

Theo P (ag) wrote: not seen in a long time

Ryan G (ru) wrote: certainly not as clever, but i'll be damned if roberto benigni isn't a charmer in this movie.

Philip P (gb) wrote: This lesser-remembered John Wayne film leaves much to be desired. The humor in North To Alaska is un-satirically patriarchal and offensive to those with modern sensitivities, the acting is cringe-worthy, and the plot is not deep enough to warrant a puddle in the rain, much less a 120-minute run time. However, if viewed with the right frame of mind, as a bystander with a telescope into a bygone era, there is some fun to be had here.Sam and his mining business partner George strike it rich in Alaska when their gold mine finally yields the rocks for which they've been digging. George is elated he can finally afford to marry his estranged love, Jenny, whom he left behind in Seattle. Unfortunately, as Sam quickly discovers, Jenny has chosen a different man in the time that has passed since George left on his treasure hunt to the "last frontier". Sam quickly meets a beautiful French woman from New Orleans named Michelle who he hopes will soften the blow for George, but in a world light on eligible bachelorettes, Michelle begins to attract the attention of all the men in town, including Sam himself. The music is hokey, the comedy is slapstick, the men mistreat the women, and the lead solves every problem, real or imagined, with his fists. But this film was made in 1960. It is difficult for younger viewers to know what feels ridiculous because of the passing of time, and what was unforgivable even in the film's own era. The movie didn't win any awards, except for one: Fabian's "Uncrossed Heart" award for least Promising Actor of 1960 in Harvard Lampoon's Annual Movie awards. Even still, the movie was reportedly somewhat successful at the box office, and members of that generation seem to have a soft place in their hearts for this one even today.Seasoned viewers will enjoy regaling the young whippersnappers in the room with their cinematic memories, pointing out famous John Wayne mannerisms as they flash across the screen, Stewart Granger's background as he slips between fake American and authentic English accents, and a cast featuring not one, but two celebrities sans last name: Fabian, a 1950's Justin Bieber, as "Billy", and Capucine, famous for the Pink Panther film series, as "Michelle". There is no reason members of both generations can't enjoy each other's company as they take in this western comedy, but it is hard to imagine that this movie was ever largely considered "good" by any standard. The film is long, and driven only by humorous lines that are few and far between, bookending muddy fistfights (so much mud) that seem to drag on longer than the Aleutian mountain range. Still, some of the most entertaining movies are B movies, and North To Alaska boasts a similar spirit.Don't say no to watching North To Alaska with your grandparents if they suggest it, but if you're just looking for a way to fix a craving for an evening with the Duke himself, there are plenty of better places to start the search.2.5/5North To Alaska is available someplace, somewhere... probably.P.D. Penley

Frances H (nl) wrote: Good mystery flick with twisty plot and good cast. Enjoyable.

Greg W (es) wrote: a quirky buddy comedy hoffman is amazing

Don S (au) wrote: A mockumentary in the vein of Blair Witch Project. This is purportedly based on true events. The exorcism scenes are well done and somewhat creepy. The rest of it is choppy and somewhat boring. The nun one the cover art has nothing to do with the story and is an extra in a street scene. Disappointed by that. So cool looking.

Aron R (au) wrote: WHY is Tarantino at the party? Best part of the film, but has absolutely nothing to do with anything. Other than that, none of the characters are really anyone I'd wanna root for. A couple funny moments. I'm not high.