Rich and Famous

Rich and Famous

Two literary women compete for 20 years: one writes for the critics; the other one, to get rich.

Liz and Merry Noel become friends as college roommates and their friendship endures over the years. Liz becomes a respected "serious" novelist. Merry Noel marries, has a daughter and writes... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James O (fr) wrote: Fairly short but interesting from the start. We know where the plot is going from fairly early on but there's enough twists along the way to make it interesting. Lead performances are excellent as is the dynamic between them. Well produced as well with a neat soundtrack. Whilst not outstanding, it deserves a wider audience than it has had to date.

Lucas M (br) wrote: Predictable, unoriginal, and quite frankly an oversimplified feel good family movie concept makes anyone who likes movies feel as if time drags out.

Jennifer T (ru) wrote: Such a good movie! Definitely worth watching! People are crazy- this political thriller was NO snoozefest. I loved every single minute!

Randy P (de) wrote: Wooden performances, boring, no thrills or suspense.Safe to say to stay away from this film.

Walter M (br) wrote: [font=Century Gothic]In "Two Drifters", Odete(Ana Cristina De Oliveira) is a supermarket worker on rollerskates who desperately wants to have a baby with her security guard boyfriend, Alberto(Carloto Cotta). After he finds out she has gone off the pill without his knowledge, he angrily walks out of her life. So, Odete turns her attentions to another man, Pedro(Joao Carreira), who died recently in a car accident, just after he and his boyfriend, Rui(Nuno Gil), celebrated their first anniversary. And now Odete is claiming to be pregnant with Pedro's child...[/font][font=Century Gothic][/font] [font=Century Gothic]"Two Drifters" is an unbelievable, unintentionally funny(I'll never listen to "Moon River" quite the same way again) movie about a thoroughly unlikable woman. The movie crosses the thin line from being provocative to ridiculous with gleeful abandon. There is a possibility that it could be considered to be about societal homophobia, but even that explanation does not allow for the late detour to beautiful downtown Polanskiville.[/font]

Victor T (mx) wrote: Awesome movie but only for 3D glasses

christina k (ag) wrote: funny shit, damn those burgies!

Lauren B (au) wrote: I LOVE this film and wish that everyone I know would watch it.

Adam K (kr) wrote: don't let its 38% rating put you off, this movie is a great time.

shirley l (nl) wrote: ice cube and da da are a perfect match when it comes to movies!

Jack G (ca) wrote: Coppola doing a shameless Capra homage with Vittorio Storaro doing awesome 1940's eye candy and starring Jeff Bridges. In other words, hard to fuck up. They don't, and good for them.

Marc L (mx) wrote: Peut-tre que je m'injecte trop de films pourris ces temps-ci : je n'arrive mme plus apprcier les plus abominables nanards de srie Z leur juste valeur et a, a m'attriste. Un phnomne d'accoutumance, sans doute. Prenez ce "Hard rock zombies" par exemple : lorsque j'avais encore besoin d'tre dniais en matire de cinma dviant, j'aurais sans doute hurl de rire du dbut la fin avec ce portnawak grotesque et dcousu. Mais l, aprs des "Poultrygheist", "Tromeo & Juliet", "Mega shark vs giant octopus" et tant d'autres ftes de l'esprit, on se sent juste un peu las de toute cette nullit rige au rang d'art mineur. Et puis, en dpit du titre, il ne faut pas s'attendre une B.O. du tonnerre qui reprendrait tous les grands noms des annes 80 : il n'y a que des compos originales dans un registre glam-pop gerbatoire plus proche de Laura Brannigan que de Mtley Cre, et un hurleur moustaches qui semble tre le fruit du viol d'un caniche nain par Freddie Mercury. Ca, aussi, a me rend un peu triste, aussi triste que de manger un mexicanos un vendredi soir chez Yumbo (les adeptes comprendront). Pourtant, je voulais y croire, moi, cette arme de metalheads morts-vivants combattant un Hitler grabataire, une Eva Braun-garou et une paire de nains obsds sexuels en uniforme SS...

Elia D (it) wrote: It didn't work. Slow, silly story, and most of the jokes are recycled from the show. I was very disappointed with it. The show is absolutely brilliant, but it just doesn't really work in movie form.

Nikkoda T (us) wrote: A very typical alien invasion movie. A classic and a lovable piece of cinematic art.

roger t (kr) wrote: Above average Western with a youthful Marvin and a formidable 58 year old Randolph Scott.

Brian V (au) wrote: It was pretty cool seeing some uniforms of the teams I played against in high school...but other than that, really lackluster sports/football movie. Feels like it just went through the motions.