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Nadun (de) wrote: about Kareena's character in movie WHY she had the most Charismatic Presence & best Dialogues?? it all come to sense at the final part of the movie. a very good story line, but Aamir seems a bit small to his role

Scott N (es) wrote: I've just watched it..... Well I tried to.... it's very dated..... The "Dinosaurs" are hillariously just modern day reptils filmed close up..... but why was there a luminous green tarantula???? lol

Armando N (fr) wrote: Naranjo se supera a s mismo despus de DramaMex....Honesta y entraable, una pequea obra de arte....

Steve S (au) wrote: a pretty powerful film of one man's ambition to be a top player in the drug game, all coming at a cost that he will ultimately regret. good performances from the actors and the film goes at a respectable pace and doesn't lag or overstay it's welcome. for fans of gangster movies this film won't disappoint.

Evan R (us) wrote: An honest story of my hero.

Jason J (us) wrote: A rather good martial arts comedy movie of a father (an ex-special agent) captured by a mysterious wheelchair bound man and his goons in order to draw out another ex-agent that paralysed him years ago. It's up to the man's kids to find and set their father free. It's got some good fighting scenes but there's too much wire-fu and I've never been a fan of that stuff. The Twins (Gillian Chung and Charlene Choi) are as gorgeous as ever with a more prominent role for Gillian in this movie rather than Charlene. She's a very good fighter and really hot! Apart from the great fight sequences, there's nothing new or original to find here. Still it's a good popcorn movie to pass the time.

Allan J (nl) wrote: Some solid van dienings in this one. Really bad movie all around, but anytime the angel of death comes back to unleash his giant mummy son and rap an engineer, you gotta watch

Sheila H (it) wrote: An interesting account of a man's search for the author of a favorite book. His journey leads to many fascinating discussions about the many pleasures of reading, the struggles of the writers, etc.

Jym P (ag) wrote: I remember it being really funny when I was 16, but I'm pretty sure I'd hate it now. Even with an early Zach Galifianakis in it.

philip l (fr) wrote: video nasty. jess franco's giallo

Tracey M (mx) wrote: I was 10yrs old when me an my sister first seen this movie an fell in love with it an we both still love this movie.

Pete G (nl) wrote: Really good follow up, great storyline keeps us gripped

Joey F (es) wrote: Did not expect this to be half as good as it was. Seriously, it's incredible. Not all of the jokes completely work, but you'll more than forgive it by the time the INCREDIBLE climax happens. Between this and Coraline, Laika has surpassed Aardman as my favorite stop-motion studio, and indeed has become one of my favorite film studios period.