Ricky Rapper and the Bicycle Thief

Ricky Rapper and the Bicycle Thief


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Ricky Rapper and the Bicycle Thief torrent reviews

Joan O (ag) wrote: light weight comedy think it would had did better has a parody. Also wished they used Gary Cole more

Maribel C (us) wrote: ITS OK! I EXPECTED BETTER

William M (kr) wrote: On the movie's premise alone, it can score a 4 out of 5. Matthew's character is somewhat of a funny one since although he's married, he's the breadwinner of the family in that he is a television producer, but he lies to his wife of his addictions, being currently gambling. And he never carries around a credit card or cash I think it was, as his wife handles the finances. :) He's just such a character in that he doesn't do anything wrong, except gamble too much, but then he makes a lot so he can afford it.He later finds out that his 20 year old niece is a prostitute, and that she's living in Las Vegas, the home of gambling in the U.S. What a double whammy for him, eh? Although he's fighting with his wife over his gambling, he drives himself to Vegas to "help his niece" get into rehab for her addictions, which his wife and her sister also think include drugs. And when he first meets her in Las Vegas, she has her back to him and turns around and says "Hey stud", and then realizes it is her uncle. Now if that isn't funny, what is? :)Throughout the rest of the movie, you notice how each of them has their own problems and her uncle does help her a little bit, but in the end, Amanda still is the rebel and goes her own way. And Matthew's character, does the right thing in the end. Let's just say that you gotta watch the movie and it will be one you'll get a few laughs at.

Russell S (nl) wrote: Though not one of Jodie Fosters best, she at least turns in a solid, believable performance in this slightly predictable, less than believable movie. To be fair, the plot does hold your attention as you try to second guess which way it is going to go. In the end though it takes a typically Hollywood route that is rather less interesting and satisfying than your imagination may have led you to believe it might be. Taken for what it is, it's a watchable and entertaining movie if not particularly great.

Kristen K (de) wrote: The first one was good, I wouldn't waste any money on the others

Private U (kr) wrote: absolutely fabulous and enchanting!!!

Spencer G (ca) wrote: One of the all time greats.

Kathie B (ag) wrote: >AMust see,loved it,.

Hli L (nl) wrote: Deserving of its reputation as one of the best porn films ever made. No CGIng of actors genitals either, Mr Lars Von Trier!

Candice F (it) wrote: This Movie has everything like great acting, good storytelling and amazingly scary. There will never be a better shark movie than Jaws.

Andrew B (de) wrote: Being a professional wrestling fan since I was a kid obviously made me really excited when I first heard about this movie being made. The fact that Aronofsky was directing it made me even more interested in seeing it, not knowing what his take on the entire subject was going to be. I thoroughly enjoyed the outcome to say the least as you can tell by me giving it 4 stars. Maybe I am a little bias because of the fact that I am a wrestling fan, and as I have gotten older I have become really interested in reading books by older wrestlers about the life and behind the scenes outlook on the business. So I went into this film knowing a lot about the subject and felt I would be a good judge if it matched up to something authentic or something that was rather silly, and the former was the case with The Wrestler. Other than a pretty cool role in Sin City, Mickey Rourke's career was all but over. But wow did they hit the nail on the head casting him in this role, its perfect. I cannot see any other actor being able to pull this role off now that its all said and done. Not only was he great at the acting part of it, but physically he looked the part. From his body to his old battered face. Through reading the books and watching documentaries on the real life of wrestlers this movie really cannot get more authentic. And the fact that real pro wrestlers endorsed this movie gives it an even higher mark in my book. Because most pro wrestlers are very reluctant to endorse anything from outside the business. Rourke gives the performance of his career here. And I will continue to say it, in my opinion him not getting the Oscar for Best Actor is the one of the biggest all time snubs in Oscar history. He lost to Sean Penn for Milk, really ? Even Penn mentioned Rourke in his acceptance speech, probably knowing that he didn't deserve it. It was a good performance, sure, but not even close to Rourke's performance in The Wrestler. But that year the Oscars were all over the place. Slum dog Millionaire won for Best Picture, a movie that was pretty much forgotten after that night. The Dark Knight was the best movie of that year, but god forbid the academy votes for a superhero movie. But this isn't the place to debate Oscar wins and losses. The Wrestler is a fantastic movie with fantastic performances and a great story.

Samantha S (de) wrote: An interesting entry in the Doris Day-Rock Hudson comedy genre. Full of dark comedic gems and well played. Very unusual for its time, likely thanks to the director, the great Norman Jewison.

Whit w (ca) wrote: This is an occasionally satisfying attempt at Quatermass-style science fiction from Hammer Films. The goopy mass that terrorizes throughout the film seems like an inspiration for "The Blob" which will follow a couple of years later. The creeping gob from the center of the Earth doesn't show up until later in the movie but near the end it slithers around quite a bit which makes the whole endeavor more fun overall. This has to score some points for originality and for the subdued performance of Dean Jagger as Dr. Royston. There's an overabundance of silly science and clicking Gieger counters and the disposal of the monster is a yawner but there's some slightly suspenseful moments that make the whole thing worth a watch.

Dawn (gb) wrote: I Love this movie-romance, and fighting for love!!!

Dave I (gb) wrote: If only to see that asswipe Dane Cook die

Ben B (au) wrote: Trainspotting is cult-classic directed by Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire) and stars Ewan McGregor (Star Wars prequels) as Mark Renton, a heroin addict struggling to rid himself of addiction. Renton's story is accompanied by fellow addicts Spud and SIck Boy, clean-cut Tommy, raging psychopath Begbie, and schoolgirl Diane.Danny Boyle's direction is superb. He never pulls punches when depicting the thrill of taking drugs and the devastation they cause. Moments in the movie are simultaneously hilarious and horrific. McGregor's Renton is both lovable and despicable. The movie itself is relatively simple; plot information is secondary to the characters it's made up of. There are some significant moments played out brilliantly by Boyle's direction. Some of it might feel random, but I think that's the point of the movie.If you haven't heard of Trainspotting and want to see why it's regarded as a cult-classic, go find a way to watch it and enjoy. It's only 90 minutes long and moves along quickly while raising enough questions to dwell on after the end credits roll!Final grade: A-Ben