Riddles of the Sphinx

Riddles of the Sphinx

An astronomer and a cryptographer uncover a series of ancient tunnels, unwittingly unleashing a deadly Sphinx. In order to trap the Sphinx back in its tomb and stop impending destruction, our explorers must solve a series of complicated and possibly deadly riddles.

An astronomer and a cryptographer uncover a series of ancient tunnels, unwittingly unleashing a deadly Sphinx. In order to trap the Sphinx back in its tomb and stop impending destruction, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steven L (fr) wrote: Several of us made a connection between this film and those from America's Coen brothers. It is a black comedy with serious side notes about relationships, trust and capitalism. Check it out!

Robert S (ca) wrote: This movie was comically funny and was better than the last one to come out.

Sukamto L (ag) wrote: i just dont know what to say....

Ben P (us) wrote: Documentary about an obese, alcoholic, over-the-hill Slovakian who is the world's champion long-distance swimmer. He's basically a human manatee cruising through the Amazon. Filmed with humor, sympathy, and lots of sexy speedo shots.

Jon C (de) wrote: I thought his work was inspired and artful but after watching this lackluster documentary Jacque Fresco is someone that I admire. A brilliant mind!

Jeroen V (jp) wrote: An average action movie starring Steven Seagal. The action is not bad, but the story is not what it should be.

Lars F (au) wrote: Cool Thriller with good cast and some nice twists, all in all a little slow, but a good flick!

Bart (ag) wrote: wow this is awesome! :D

Timothy S (ru) wrote: In the world of made-for-video erotic thrillers, credible plots, competent acting and authentic dialogue are in short supply. "Sexual Predator" is exceptionally lacking in all of those areas, and many others. This is a completely ridiculous picture with unbelievable plot twists that don't even work within the context of the genre. It stars Angie Everhard, who still has an amazing body after all these years even though she cannot convincingly portray any real emotions. Judging from her embarrassing behavior here, it's doubtful that she would last one hour as a real parole officer. And then there's co-star Richard Grieco. He's been the butt of a lot of jokes for a long time now, but he's at his most ridiculous here, His hair alone should be enough to get his SAG card repossessed, but there's also his "sexy" delivery. Every word is hushed and barely audible, which would be great if her were recording Harlequin romance audio books. On film, especially this film, you'll be howling with laughter. Every twist and plot development is telegraphed far in advance, and there's only one legitimate surprise in the film. The final twist that makes Everhard the villainess is a surprise but only because is so completely far-fetched. And the sex scenes themselves are routine and fairly familiar to the regular viewers of Cinemax late at night. In fact, the only thing separating this from a Skinemax feature is this movie's plot-heavy story. It's a bold statement, but "Sexual Predator" is one of the worst of its type that I've seen in quite some time. This is ridiculous.

KAMBIZ S (ag) wrote: It's different. Is good scripted, directed and well structured. Story is predictable but surprises you a lot. You can predict character but at the same time when she does what you were expecting to do, you will be shocked by that. Just I can say is different and confusing but this doesn't mean the movie is not a good one.

Bassel H (us) wrote: I think ppl should give this movie a try.. even with Tim Allen in it

Brett H (gb) wrote: Far more mainstream and straight-forward than usual for the Coen Brothers, Intolerable Cruelty is a sharp, satire on the institution of marriage and it has more than enough wit to make it worth watching. Clooney and Zeta-Jones rock the screen like pros with effortless chemistry and their verbal chess matches are easily the highlight of the film; dialogue is the Coens' fort and it shows here! The story follows a divorce attorney who always wins and is rarely challenged by the system, until he meets his match in a recent divorce who has made it an art to marry men, then take them for everything they've got. From there it's screwball antics with each person trying to outsmart the other while simultaneously becoming attracted to one another and you get the idea. Unlike most of the Coens' work there is no darkness here and amazingly only one person dies, but I think they wanted to try something a bit lighter, but still infuse it with snappy dialogue and one great twist I didn't see coming. There are some dumb moments like the opening bit with Geoffrey Rush and I thought you could've taken, Cedric the Entertainer's character completely out of it but the main focus is on Clooney and Zeta-Jones, and it works. Not a Coen Brothers film I would watch again as it just doesn't compare to their other work, but for a deviation from their usual stuff; it's solid!

Jacques P (mx) wrote: Surreal and masterful, I loved it.

Alden S (kr) wrote: 7.5 out of 10:Kind of an underrated Bond flick. Sure the story feels like it's been repeated several times but it has some good action, intriguing plot points, and a great start from Sean Connery's replacement, Roger Moore.

Duncan K (br) wrote: Better than most slasher films but that does not bring it to any stretch of what might be called good.

Matt G (jp) wrote: Look, this movie has some fun stuff in it (bouncy score, unique cinematography, great battle scenes), but mostly it's just aggressively dumb (bad accents, awkward humor). However, the main thing I walked away from Prince of Thieves with is a continuation of a question I've had for years: WHY WAS COSTNER SO POPULAR?! Not sure there has been an actor in Hollywood history with less charisma to pair with his mediocre acting chops.

Monty H (br) wrote: Rousing western with Tom Selleck as american sharpshooter Matthew Quigley, who comes to Australia under the false pretense of hunting wild dogs for bad guy Alan Rickman. But once Quigley realizes he was brought in to kill aborigines, he decides to fight back against Rickman and his desperadoes. A different type of western but still a very good one. Selleck is awesome as Quigley and he carries one of the longest rifles I have ever seen. And trust me, he is bad ass with it. Alan Rickman once again is dead on as the bad guy, who is a pretty good shot himself. And Laura San Giacomo is a hoot as Crazy Cora, a woman Quigley saves by accident. A good fun movie. Oh, and a great music score to boot. Crazy Cora: Don't worry, on a new job it's quite common for things not to go well at first

Christopher S (nl) wrote: One of the funniest films I have ever seen. Who knew that Westerns could be funny without being slapstick parodies (see Mel Brooks)? Lee Marvin was definitely deserving of the Academy Award for Best Actor for his dual role as Kid Shelleen/Tim Strawn. I had no idea Marvin had such comedic chops in him. The silver nose still makes me laugh. I also loved Jane Fonda as the eponymous character. I nearly forgot how beautiful she was during her younger years (before she peddled fitness tapes) and she was downright gorgeous in this film. She was a tough cookie but a tough cookie worth the trouble. Nat "King" Cole also stole his scenes as Shouter as well. A film definitely worth seeing over and over again. Cat Ballou set the standard on Western spoofs.