A group of young people leave Harlem for a bus trip down to Miami. The voyage starts off with problems, but it ends up becoming a learning experience, as they end up learning things about each other they had not previously known.

A group of young people leave Harlem for a bus trip down to Miami. The voyage starts off with problems, but it ends up becoming a learning experience, as they end up learning things about ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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javier l (mx) wrote: reminds me of my friends country

M C (jp) wrote: Some of the awfulness is intentional this time, put that doesn't stop the movie from being an awkward mess, in fact it makes it worse. Another flaw- it's literally just a crappier rehash of the first film! One nod to the attack in birdemic one, and then the exact same plot again! It's almost as if James N. thinks his constant plot rehashes of the first film make the movie seem clever. Birdemic 2 is without a doubt the worst film ever made. 1/100

Naveen K (es) wrote: everybody should see dis movie, because of vijay's funny fights nd his serious dialouges were very funny

Juan B (jp) wrote: Realista y una visin bien precisa sobre la infidelidad.

Bruno S (jp) wrote: A lot of time is spent in the camp scenes, but there is also a lot to like about it, especially how the characters actually have time to breathe before the action packed final battle of Part 2.

Mark D (ag) wrote: Raw and authentic, this is a good film of the life and lot of a US Marine. It's 7 years too late though!

Steve M (mx) wrote: 3.5 out of 5 It lost marks due to it's length but overall it was a nice picture that made me smile.

Brian K (au) wrote: The second installment was too much CGI, not enough drawing the audience in. This one does a better job on both counts. I would say more... but after that run time, I'm spent.

Robert S (nl) wrote: Growing up as a kid of the 90's this movie was a hit in our house. We had it on vhs and watched it numerous times. A great movie a instant classic with a phenomenal score. A pure treat.

Durbarry V (us) wrote: One of my most beloved movie. Still like it

Laimis Z (ru) wrote: its quite alright. it delivers some pretty decent thrills. imperfect for sure, but zombies and gore aplenty. some fun b-entertanment for sure.

Tommy H (us) wrote: It has a nice mix of serious action and comedy. Walter Matthau was a good choice to deliver most of the comedy because his kind of humor just puts a warm smile on your face instead of making you laugh out loud, and that's what this movie needed. Robert Shaw is funny, too, but his humor isn't so obvious because it's so dark. He doesn't make you laugh, but instead you just think "Robert Shaw is awesome." There's cynical and sarcastic humor in just about every scene. And surprisingly a lot of swearing which is pretty funny. Someone will say something very serious and the response is "shit!" Makes me laugh every time. The movie is a lot of fun and the time limit aspect keeps the story from ever running dry.

Nicole J (gb) wrote: Smart, Subtle and Ruthless A historically accurate and entertaining film, Robert Redford's Quiz Show is about the lies and deceit of reality television back in the 1950's when it first started. The movie follows NBC's quiz show "Twenty-One" and how the public discovered that the show was in fact rigged. The two main characters are Herbie Stempel, an awkward, Jewish contestant who is unbeatable but is pressured by NBC executives, Dan Enright and Albert Freedman, to lose to attractive and charismatic, Columbia professor, Charles Van Doren who come from a notable family. The plot progress with Richard N. "Dick" Goodwin trying to uncover the truth behind the quiz shows. At it's core the Quiz Show is an unflinching, remorseless examination of the American people. Charles Van Doren is willing to cheat in hopes of receiving attention from his father and when he fails to do so he settles for the attention of the American people. Herbie Stempel is socially inept, making him shunned from other that he was willing to cheat for fame and recognition. Recognition of the fact that he was very intelligent, intelligence which he prided himself on. Richard Goodwin is a naive, newly graduated law student who thinks that the law would bring justice to the unjust and corrupt system of reality television. Dan Enright and Albert Freedman are businessmen down to their core, selling a product. That product being reality television. For the reality television wasn't about providing recognition to those who deserved it but selling the idea of money to the american people. They knew people watched the shows for the money and not for the questions, so instead of making the show about knowledge they made it about gaining the most viewers b providing viewers with the most interesting contestants. The motives behind each of these characters makes them very real and relatable to the audience, making viewers care about them and the plot. The whole movie in general was very real, the setting of 1950s America was very accurate and besides a few minor details the events were accurate. In general, the actors did phenomenal jobs portraying their characters, most notably Ralph Fiennes rendition of Charles Van Doren and David Paymer portrayal of Dan Enright, but at times John Turturro's depiction of his character Herbie Stempel felt like a caricature. Paul Attanasio's screenplay is witty, smart, subtle yet ruthless, utilizes the power of foreshadowing and full of memorable dialogue. Despite it's failure in the box office, it's a critically acclaimed movie that is a must see for all.

Dave J (nl) wrote: Monday, January 28, 2013 (2012) The Philadelphia Experiment SCIENCE FICTION Painfully bad straight-to-rental and made for tv film which is a remake of an old idea that is far worst than the 1984 original of the same name. Starring Gina Holden as Katheryn a hacker crossing paths with her missing grandfather, Bill who was pronunced missing while on board of a WWII battleship called the Eldridge. At the same time her fiance who happends to be a policeofficer gets himself trapped in the Elderidged where Bill escaped and then a government cover up of the experiment itself which can be rectified if no one have to be eliminated since whatever came from the past cannot be killed anyway- killing all the converts involved. The most stupidest thing was when an airplane crashes into the Eldridged war ship which appeared on the middle of the road and hardly anyone shows up except one police officer without any barricading or anything is the most absurd thing I had ever seen. Very hard to accept since the cast is restricted to only a few characters when the film itself demands hundreds and thousands just because the Elderidge battleship appear on to several loactions including one of the buildings of Chicago. This film is painfully bad throughout. .05 out of 4

Asa B (jp) wrote: Loads of fun, great acting and a reasonably fresh take on the football genre. Can't wait to show it to my girls one day.

Duncan K (de) wrote: Without the action of the predecessor, this film has nothing.

Max M (fr) wrote: funny but kind of odd to explain in in a way