Ride with the Devil

Ride with the Devil

Ride with the Devil follows four people who are fighting for truth and justice amidst the turmoil of the American Civil War. Director Ang Lee takes us to a no man's land on the Missouri/Kansas border where a staunch loyalist, an immigrant's son, a freed slave, and a young widow form an unlikely friendship as they learn how to survive in an uncertain time. In a place without rules and redefine the meaning of bravery and honor.

The story takes place on a film set in the American Civil War.. It is about the life of four people who must fight for survival and for the truth in a place without rules. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Pia K (br) wrote: Elokuva ylltti synkkyydelln... Nyttelijsuoritukset olivat elokuvan parasta antia. (Suom. Vuosaari)

James C (ru) wrote: nothing legendary here at all, watchable story of bullyed kid who tales up wrestling to fight back and get respected

Adrian S (de) wrote: definitely one of the weakest of the DCUniverse movies.

Dannielle A (es) wrote: Don't fooled by the amazing, artistic cover... this is a B movie with low quality special effects. The alien baby is an animatron and the alien toddler is a midget in a costume with heavy make-up that is border-line cheesey. (If it were made in the 1970s I would say the costume was pretty good, but this is 2010 and this low-budget film hardly competes with such movies as District 9.) I felt like I was watching a bad episode of Law and Order. There are a few middle-of-the-road actors, some are better than others, but most are just mediocre. The story centers around a doctor who has been impregnated by an alien lifeform that grows inside him like a tumor. After he gives birth to the monster, the government takes it away and does various tests on it. The doctor goes to court with a Habeas Corpus and tries to win custody of his "son." If you don't mind cheesy dialouge, mediocre costume/make-up, less than perfect acting, and a couple sex scenes, then give it a try. However, I would not watch this movie again nor would I reccommend it to anyone.

Miguel R (ru) wrote: While The Iron Lady disappoints with its choppy storytelling, it's the outstanding performance from Meryl Streep that keeps the picture alive

FilmGrinder S (de) wrote: 68% What a irresponsible piece of thrash! So these southern ghosts run out of victims and decide to git on the bus (horrible racist joke) and head north to Alaska...no just north (who knows why a ghost would need a mode of transportation), where they run into those dumb bitches Richie, Hilton and some homos. Racism and gayness ensue. Lots and lots of gayness...I think ol' Sullie my be gay...and racist.

Kevin R (jp) wrote: Sadly uncreative, messed up story, terrible acting, poor special effects, lack of quality all around. I am quite a fan of the first film and the two zany sequels and this one is better left unwatched. Can't even suggest it to fans of the franchise.

Adam R (fr) wrote: (First viewing - Fall 1999 in theaters)

Shaun B (jp) wrote: Well made & acted film that ends up being kind of forgettable.

David L (kr) wrote: Really funny. Fallon and Queen Latifah at their bestm

Bill M (ca) wrote: I did it! It took me a long time to get through it, and every time i took a break from it, i felt a bit of shame -- that my life allows me respite from even the tiniest of distresses, that i have the freedom to eat any food i want whenever and however much i want, that i have warm shelter from the cold and cool comfort under the summer heat, i have every expectation of a long life ... yet i can't sit through 566 straight minutes that chronicle one of the single greatest evils the world has ever known.Oddly, "Shoah" isn't a masterfully structured narrative -- not even its episodes are necessarily chronological. Although some subjects appear through various parts of the film, there is no through-line, no single subject to relate to through the film's length.That said, this is a phenomenal record of history -- both of the holocaust and incidentally, life under Communism in late 70s / early 80s Eastern Europe where many of the film's interviews and extensive footage is shot. The quiet establishing shots of this dark history's locations -- 30 to 40 years later -- are at once haunting and beautiful. The subjects' stories are profoundly moving, but somehow not overwhelming -- they often speak coldly, decades of practice suppressing their emotions, many of them having suffered unimaginable guilt for their relatively good fortune."Shoah" is a film to be seen. Do it.

Ryan V (fr) wrote: Possibly the most ambitious film by director Ralph Bakshi, American Pop follows four generations of a family through 3/4 of the 20th century. Their struggles are chronicled with a soundtrack that draws upon everything from Scott Joplin to Pat Benatar. Strong, evocative animation is used to depict the wide variety of events that occur in this tumultuous time period. While it sometimes comes off like a social history lesson, American Pop also a deeply personal story. I think it might be Bakshi's masterwork.

Indi V (ru) wrote: Absolutely perverse in the best way possible. A wonderfully twisted, Kafkaesque film.The film's story is about a police chief who murders his mistress, then drops hints, both subtle and not so subtle, that he's the one who did it. A brilliant setup, and one that succeeds quite well.Our killer chief is played by Gian Maria Volonte, and he rises to the task brilliantly. He has to walk a fine line, both in making his role as murderer credible, but also his role as someone who would be overlooked as the murderer as well. Volonte manages both tasks with relative ease. Heck, the first show of the film is him looking straight at the camera, almost taunting the audience to prove what the Italian police cannot.The film asks a lot of interesting questions like whether or not he's doing it prove how easy it is or whether he wants to be caught. The chief (he's never given a name) becomes so blatant later on, that's your jaw is dropping at the sheer lunacy that nobody has figured it out, even though several characters are implied to have done so. Mind-boggling and maddening in the best way.It's great. It's really great. That's all there is to it.

Patrick W (fr) wrote: nobody truly understood Bronson :(

Thomas S (nl) wrote: I don't like zombie movies but this movie I can live with

Mauricio J (ca) wrote: es buena y entretenida pero hay cosas muy inesesarias de uno a diez le doy 3 estrellas y media que seria un 6.9

Jonathan T (de) wrote: A very young, clean-cut Dennis Hopper gets involved with a mysterious brunette who may or may not be a mermaid and/or murderess!