Rider on the Rain

Rider on the Rain

A US Army colonel in France tries to track down an escaped sex maniac.

A US Army colonel in France tries to track down an escaped sex maniac. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Li B (br) wrote: Should be kind of funny...maybe...

Ramses C (ru) wrote: Hace un tiempo atras k tuve la suerte de ver "Shallow Grave" y recuerdo muy bien como supe de inmediato (gracias a la increible calidad de la misma) que ese talento no podia desperdiciarse claro, demas estaria decirse que de ahi salieron Christopher Eccleston, Ewan Mcgregor y su director un Danny Boyle novato pero espectacular. Ese es el caso de esta pelicula de la que ya he anotado los nombres del director y actores para "perseguir" sus filmes, en donde el minimalismo es protagonista y en la que se debate de una forma realista si es verdad aquello de que el dinero no compra la felicidad, en una historia de revolucion, amor y secuestros pero eso sin sin efectos especiales, ni carreras de autos, ni MODA, pero con una historia que me dejo muerto de envidia pensando "porque no lo escribi yo", si asi de buena, comun y original!. Obra maestra!

Brian S (nl) wrote: This is what the Twilight/Disney channel stars were doing before they hit it big. That's all you need to know about what kind of movie this is. It entertained me when I was in 3rd grade, but I've repented, don't worry.

Ryan L (es) wrote: The soundtrack made this movie memorable.

Elena G (ag) wrote: great twist in the end

Andrew G (fr) wrote: Herzog recounts his dangerous bond to one of the worlds most infamous actors.

Rainbow I (us) wrote: A wonderfully made film about a guy who gives up on sex during the AIDS epidemic crisis, just to bump into a guy who is a potential boyfriend material. However, the latter has AIDS.

Skyler B (kr) wrote: Its as boring on film as it was on stage.

Eliabeth S (kr) wrote: Totally related to this character at the beginning, but the love story wasn't believable and the dialogue was most unfortunate toward the end. Kate Hepburn just shouldn't play girly, skirt-wearing, falling-for-smooth-Europeans roles.

August C (fr) wrote: I always thought this was a pretty dull attempt of a western, everyone is so cliche even for the standards of the time when the movie was made.

Buggy B (kr) wrote: Well that's a shame because the book was pretty good. Just a terrible movie on all counts, bad acting from the two leads (well everyone involved actually) clich story -even for a teen drama and ended up feeling more like a TV show. I also didn't care for Kyle's beast makeup, (it was OTT) and honestly never did figure out how he explained his changes to his father? The story also jumps around with serious continuality issues, I mean you know what's happening and why but it just felt rushed and didn't flow properly. On the plus-side I did enjoy (surprise) one of the Olsen twins as the witch and Neil Patrick Harris's blind character gave a me a couple of smirks -not even laughs though. 6/4/14 In this retelling of beauty and the beast a teenager must find the a girl who loves him for who he is after his once handsome appearance is disfigured by a curse upon retaliation for a cruel prank.

Maximiliano G (fr) wrote: Halloween II It's full of nice details that make it a nice movie. But nice doesn't mean great. This sequel to Halloween starts right where the first one ended. It's kinda cool to see Michael and Lumis back, but the movie has one big problem. "Halloween II" it's not like "Halloween", it's more like the copycats that came after it (Friday The 13th, etc). It is really gory and lacks chills and suspense. If you like that kind of movie then you are goint to like this one, but if you don't, then you should watch another franchise, cos' this one it's over since the first movie.