An entrepreneurial criminal, Slim (Dorff) is as smart as they come. Cocky and confident, he assembles a team of risk-taking rush-seekers to pull off a series of five bank heists, each time using a different extreme sport to make the getaway. Following an unexpected windfall on only their second job, the gang nets $20 million in untraceable bonds. Having scored enough money to retire on, Slim and his crew decide to call the robbery game quits. But both the mob and the police have other plans in mind for Slim: they want him to keep working, for them.

Slim, Otis, Frank and Alex (three boys and a girl) form a group of snowboard and skate young bank robbers. They are known as masters of the runaway art. Slim, the thinking head hatched a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stuart P (it) wrote: Just what this was, I'm not sure.

Angelica L (au) wrote: So glad I watched this. It makes me even more sure I'm doing the right thing. I want to find it with swedish subtitles so I can show it to my grandparents and parents.

Grant H (es) wrote: Great movie. While some of its plot certainly feels reminiscent of The Little Mermaid and it's formulaic in moments, it still features so many unique elements, breathtaking animation and heartwarming storytelling.

Trenton B (us) wrote: Interesting and well worth the watch. This low-budget adaptation of "The Shadow Over Innsmouth" offers a unique twist to the Lovecraft tale by offering a parallel sense of uneasiness and dread through the eyes of it's gay protagonist. Over-the-top acting runs a bit rampant, but I found the story a satisfying adaptation and meritable for keeping the Lovecraftian creatures at bay (as the original stories only offered witness accounts of the creatures, and rarely dealt with them firsthand).

Brice B (it) wrote: Des danseurs qui ont la " rage", une belle photographie, bref un magnifique documentaire.

Luke R (ca) wrote: Really excellent documentary on Allen in his free time. Hilarious, informative, and entertaining.

Abdul A (kr) wrote: It is going to be good

David H (br) wrote: A culty and realistic Jail Movie with a great Robert Redford

Adam R (kr) wrote: (First viewing - Late 2005 in theaters)

Daniel P (ag) wrote: It contains some humor, but mostly, Tropic Thunder thinks being offensive is the same as being funny, particularly when it comes to mocking the disabled.

David S (ca) wrote: Many claim Wolf Creek to be one of Australia's better films, being a horror breakthrough in the industry as well as sadistic creativity. John Jarrat does do a wonderful job being the villain, however, that is where the genius stops. Predictability is strife in this film, courtesy to the stupidity of the victims' characters. And, it is difficult to sympathize or empathize for characters, when they deliberately put themselves into suicidal situations. The only sympathy felt for here is for the industry, which claims Wolf Creek to be one of Australia's best; a very sad statement.