Riders of the Whistling Pines

Riders of the Whistling Pines

While trailing Forest Ranger Charles Carter, who is suspected of permitting lumber man Henry Mitchell to cut restricted timber, Gene fires at a dangerous mountain lion and apparently kills Carter. Actually, Bill Wright, Mitchell's associate, killed Carter because the ranger had discovered tussock moth infestation in the forest, and if the infestation was not reported, the trees would die and have to be cut, thereby profiting Mitchell and Wright. In order to compensate the best he can, Gene sells his sportsman's camp and gives the money to Carter's daughter Helen . En route to Texas, Gene discovers the infestation and is assigned by the Forest Department to supervise the program of spraying the area with DDT from the air. After the first day of spraying, the DDT is blamed by furious stock men for the many animals found dead of poisoning.

Badguys Henry, Bill and Pete head a gang of outlaws who are destroying the timberland. When Gene butts in they frame him on a cattle-poisoning charge and set him up for murder. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jim S (au) wrote: I wanted to like this film as I'm interested in the genre. However I thought it was extremely amateurish. Compare this with the great British classics of the past and one is left wondering why a film with such a poor script ever got to be screened.

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Matthew W (gb) wrote: Literally just a collection of interviews with some photos and film clips dispersed throughout, this doc is still an extremely interesting, poignant (and at times funny) look at the truthful dark side of Hollywood. There is quite of a bit of cynicism going around, especially from writer William Goldman, but overall the doc provides an honest and ultimately hopeful message for anyone aspiring to succeed as an artist. Spins its wheels at times but still great.

Kenneth M (us) wrote: Strste mkkafilmen jeg noensinne har sett. Den inneholder ogs den mest forutsigbare, mest uforstelig/umotiverte, og rett ut ekle sexscenen jeg noensinne har sett. Og det med Ane Dahl Torp! Who'da thunk it?En ekstra halvstjerne for Floberg. Spiller han, eller ER han s ubehagelig i virkeligheten?

Cat B (ca) wrote: Some dumb moments, yet still quite an enjoyable mindless movie

Zachary M (mx) wrote: A serial killer murders their victims while basing them off the popular urban legends we've all heard before. That's all you really need to know about this film. The characters feel under developed and bland so when bad things happen to them you really don't care. And in the end, that's all you need to have to elevate an okay or average horror film to a good or great one. Let's face it, getting as creative in your deaths or methods is fine, but someone is always going to try and out play your attempt. If you can't make me care on a base level I don't plan on carrying about your film, plain and simple.

Hunter B (ru) wrote: Completely disregard episodes 25 and 26 of the television series. They are not the true ending and not a satisfying ending. End of Evangelion is the true ending as the creators intended. It is crazy and sometimes nonsensical, but that is okay. The imagery is beautiful, the characters are deep, and the action is top notch. I highly recommend the TV series up to episode 24, then watch this movie for the conclusion.

Michael W (nl) wrote: Primitive Italian prehistoric comedy that will deepen the mystery as to what passes for entertainment in other generations. A sequel even, which indicates the original was successful on some level. Only positive is Senta Berger as an appealing cave girl, although she is largely rendered secondary to the proceedings.

Mark K (jp) wrote: A truly miserable film.

Facebook U (ca) wrote: Decent storyline, complex enough to keep us guessing. The first half is a bit too easy though and it becomes more interesting when the film tries to lose us. Many things in this film, I liked a lot. Bullet wounds looking real and bloody. The little girl not being so easy to keep, and being inventive. Cute girls being cold blooded. Real life, what. Haha! Funny but so true.

Steve D (gb) wrote: missed by most, this is a heartfelt surprisingly strong film that shows Pacino is still one of the best in the game.

Guimo P (kr) wrote: Aside from the obvious commitment the actors had given to the film, Strangerland also excels in capturing the beauty of Australia - its desert, mountains and woods. Shot in long frames, the wilderness stretches through a vast space, giving a sense of freedom from its muddled and suffocating narrative. Except with the CGI dust storm, the summer light, desert heat and various colors add extra vibrancy and mystery to the film. Yet, the dust mostly did not settle as the film ended.

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