Riders to the Stars

Riders to the Stars

Three men gamble their lives in space to change the history of the world

In an attempt to discover the composition of meteors, three astronauts are sent out into space in three specially designed rockets. Their mission is to capture a meteor and bring it to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Riders to the Stars torrent reviews

Rahul J (it) wrote: Saw this movie yesterday. The movie shows commitment-phobia of three characters in the film forming a love triangle. It tackles the issue of live-in relationships in a very light manner. But overall, I found this movie to be little confusing.

Ian C (ag) wrote: I really liked his 2005 film 'Paradise Now'. 'Omar' sees Hany Abu-Assad return to Palestine. A really good, fast paced political thriller but more importantly a right touching love story.

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