Fisherman Dutch marries cannery worker Hattie. After he is kicked out of his union and fired from his job he leaves Hattie who steals money for him and goes to jail. He gets a new job, foils a plot to dynamite the ship, and promises to wait for Hattie.

Fisherman Dutch marries cannery worker Hattie. He quits his poorly paid job to concentrate on getting better working conditions as union leader. Unfortunately, the union members disagree ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Allan C (mx) wrote: Amusing, I get and appreciate what they were going for, but I didn't love as much as other people seemed to.

leane e (ca) wrote: i did watch the first never back down and of course that was a bigger budget movie but this was good and im a fan of michael jai white so i wanted to see this movie he directed even though he wasnt taking the main stage as a fighter but the over all story worked and the cast was good it was totally weird though seeing evan peters in this type of role after seeing him as tate in american horror story

Martin B (au) wrote: An excellent documentary about a wonderful man and great talent.

Mikael S (us) wrote: quite interesting story

Walter M (mx) wrote: "Sagan" is an anecdotal and breezy biopic about Francoise Sagan(Sylvie Testud), nee Quoirez, the famed French writer, whose best scene involves a very mischievous dog. Almost as a lark, she writes "Bonjour Tristesse" which turns her into an overnight success and is soon to be a major motion picture starring David Niven, Deborah Kerr and Jean Seberg. I would have liked to have seen a little about this adaptation, as it would have enhanced the surrealism of Sagan's whirlwind life. All is not smooth sailing, however, as she is attacked by critics, who doubt that she in fact wrote her first novel and then her later work as 'minor music.' Otherwise, there is not that much on her writing, giving the emphasis of the movie over to her tumultuous personal life. If she had not spent so much time enjoying herself with her extended family of friends and lovers of both genders, then this could have easily just been another cautionary tale about becoming a success too soon.(She took up an assumed name to write, so her respectable family would not be afraid people thought she was writing about them.) With her first earnings, she buys a sports car, which she eventually crashes. After a win at the roulette wheel, she buys a country estate where Sarah Bernhardt once spent the night. So, it must come as something of a shock when she makes it to old age, despite the copious use of drugs and alcohol(the welcome playing of "One Night in Bangkok" is entirely appropriate), which she never prepared for, encapsulating the very ephemeral nature of life, just as her writing still lives on. (Originally reviewed in the blog section on 6/22/2010.)

Mukrada M (mx) wrote: omfg! the acting was soooooooo bad in this movie, the plot was weak, but it made you jump. like 3 times in the entire thing. ugh, the end was soo freakin cheesy. ugh, good looking cast, bad acting.

Kelsey B (ru) wrote: Intense movie, but even more intense if you don't do any research before you watch it.

Dylan G (de) wrote: Once again, who expected this movie to be even remotely funny? Larry the Cable Guy just isn't good at comedy! F

Marko P (de) wrote: Unnecessary stomach-churning and thoughts of "I hope nobody walks in right now" constitute the experience of watching this poorly executed alien-zombie flick. The film could have scored a few chills, but poor camera work and some terrible acting score a few unintentional laughs instead, though not enough of them to put Days of Darkness into the so-bad-it's-funny genre.

Aaron R (it) wrote: Terrible movie but funny to watch

Todd N (mx) wrote: I agree with the guy who said it has a strange deepness to it. Well put. ..The women all had beauty and sensuality with uncertainty bubbling underneath.

Mark S (ca) wrote: A very bizarre film which was both critically successful and controversial for its time. The performance of 12-year-old David Bennent is uncompromising and disturbing, which makes the film all the more jarring given that it's supposed to be a black comedy. A memorable and engaging viewing experience but an unsettling one all the same.

Love M (mx) wrote: A film with potential that saved itself slightly with the ending!28/05/012

Mister O (fr) wrote: Tense and harrowing (if not a little dated) survival film. Burt Reynolds is great as the douchey friend full of bravado who ends up getting the whole crew into trouble. Film reaches a crescendo in the middle (that scene) that it never really recovers from,and like a lot of films from this era it overstays it's welcome a little. Nevertheless a must see if you can handle the rough content, but bless the filmmakers to have the guts to take it places mainstream film hadn't gone in 1972.

Kelly D (nl) wrote: Went to the theater last night to see this and left after an hour. Horrible movie, Katherine heigl is just plain annoying and does not have a good jersey accent

Kelly L (au) wrote: We weren't properly prepared for the twist in the script but the movie engaged me and that's all I ask for.

Nick T (fr) wrote: A good attempt of putting the Stonewall riots into an histroical perspective.But it is missing something....Oh yeah- credibility.