Out of prison after a five-year stretch, jewel thief Tony (Jean Servais) turns down a quick job his friend Jo (Carl Mohner) offers him, until he discovers that his old girlfriend Mado (Marie Sabouret) has become the lover of local gangster Pierre Grutter (Marcel Lupovici) during Tony's absence. Expanding a minor smash-and-grab into a full-scale jewel heist, Tony and his crew appear to get away clean, but their actions after the job is completed threaten the lives of everyone involved.

Four men plan a technically perfect crime, but the human element intervenes... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Rififi torrent reviews

(gb) wrote: This is one creepy movie. Very underrated.

Timm S (ru) wrote: If Random Violence, Bad Acting & A Crummy Soundtrack Are Your Thing Then Dig In.. Parts Of This Are Just So Bad It's Funny. Highly Un-Recommended - De Meare.

Jim C (ag) wrote: 'Dog Tags' was a far better movie than it had any right to be. With a cast of relative newcomers and under-appreciated veterans, it has no big names associated with it, and it's a far better film because of it. This is a movie that epitomizes everything that Hollywood mainstream isn't: Raw, real, gritty, occasionally discomfiting, and brilliantly riveting. Paul Preiss and Bart Fletcher put on a show that seems very 'slice of life'; like 2 old friends who happened to have someone follow them around for a few days and film their lives. They are very much THERE, as if no one else was watching them. I give high praise to Damion Dietz's direction and the movie's casting.

Arthur E (us) wrote: Very well done! One reviewer has called this "not so much a movie as a work of art," and I'd agree with that. There's not exactly a plot as such, but a non-linear buildup to a surprising ending. A fair amount of extremely bloody violence, some beautiful camera work, a killer soundtrack: yep, this is one movie I'll gladly watch again! But, it's not one I'd recommend to everyone.

Zahid C (mx) wrote: Day: SundayDate: 30 July 2006Amt: 70RsTime: 10.30pmOver at: 1.10amWith: IsmailTheatre: Central Plaza, MumbaiSeat No: J8, J9Name: OMKARA

Wesley W (gb) wrote: Actually turned out to be a good thriller for me. John Travolta and Vince Vaughn are the highlight of the film and everybody else did solid as well. I think the reviews are a bit harsh. The film is tense at times and does the job well at being a average thriller. Sure it can be predictable, but it doesn't take away the fact that it has good performances and a interesting plot.

erik p (es) wrote: Brilliant performance by Lambert and Mr. -T! Cheeziest, awesomest movie ever!

Eric R (it) wrote: An interesting documentary of a bunch of citizens in the small town of Vernon, Florida. Most of the citizens have very interesting, to say the least, stories and at quick 56 minutes the film never gets too slow. I do wish there was a little more to this documentary but all and all it was fine.

Jaime G (kr) wrote: Andy Warhol's The Chelsea Girls is a long, rambling, self-indulgent exercise. And I loved each and every one of its 190 minutes.

Juyeop S (us) wrote: powerful samurai story