Rika barn leka bäst

Rika barn leka bäst

Three bank employed women get sacked, while their male boss get a salary raise and a twelve million crowns bonus. The woman are advised to start their own business. They launch "3 girls and a brothel!".

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:97 minutes
  • Release:1997
  • Language:Swedish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on play,   brothel,  

Six women get fired from a bank while the director gets a huge raise. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Caesar M (gb) wrote: A filmmaker can strike gold their first time thus is the case for first time director/writer/producer Jenner Deller. It's hard to imagine a women who never attended a day of film school has such a magnificent understandings with visuals complementing the passionate storytelling. If Deller debut Future Weather proves anything is that she has plenty of potential to thrive in the film medium. Future Weather is a character piece about Lauduree, a young passionate environmentalist, whose single mother runs off to California. Surrounded by people moving in their own directions while trying to cope with the heartbreak of being abandoned by her mother, Lauduree starts to act out, angrily pushing back against those around her. Some might find the whole environmentalist angle a bit annoying since Lauduree does shout out ecological facts out of nowhere. To the film credit it doesn't overplayed that angle of Lauduree where it becomes preachy. If anything the characteristic is a key fundamental in showcasing the evolution of her. It metaphors a deep struggle within Lauduree mind without losing a shed of relatability from the audience. The plot is a relatively simple one to follow being primarily driven by it characters. We get in depth looks not us at our protagonist life, but also those around her. Each major character contribute something important to the protagonist and her progression in the story. Never does one character feel like they go to waste. Heavy on plot around fully fleshed out characters create a strong, simple, and deep dramatic story. Leading actress Perla Haney-Jardine performance is reminiscent to that of Lawrence in Winter's Bone. Being able to convey the hidden pain of her character. Handling the both the heartbreaking and love scenes with ease. Never coming off as too dramatic in a breakdown or too intelligent when shouting ecological facts. Perla Haney-Jardine has potential that can make her a breakout star. The main cast consist of purely females which is a very nice welcome. Each of the actresses get to the root of the character of their characters. Marie Ireland while not appearing a majority of the screen time comes through convincingly as a well meaning, but incapable mother. Amy Madigan is the opposite portraying a grandparent who while taking care of a child at the sacrifice of her own personal life is more too than what is on the surface. Representing a take that gives an understanding for her strict parenting while never coming off as a verbally abusive caretaker. The visuals while simple say highlight the beauty of nature and emotions of the scene. Using lighting wisely present the mood of a scene or a new permanent change. Future Weather is a excellent debut film from first time writer/director/producer Jenny Deller showing a clear understanding of the medium and a profound confidence. It has a great script that simple to follow with depth, a cast of actors who all understands their roles, and rightful use of visuals as a tool benefiting its storytelling.

Scott M (ru) wrote: Could have been great, but lacks many of the things that makes movies great. It lacks scenes that create tension. It also lacks truly good action scenes when they are in the forest. Plus, it made too many mistakes. It needed more editing. What saves it from being terrible is Jennifer Lawrence. She is so adorable.

Sylvester K (de) wrote: Ultra low budget film with horrible actors, I don't know why I watched this piece of crap. The film tried to give it's viewers a realistic view point on the event but failed as it's so not realistic at all! Lots of gore alright but it's nothing new as most horror films do have gore, the score is horrifying, you'd just mute it; I don't know whether I hate the plot more or the score to be honest

Mark N (ag) wrote: Being a huge fan of the comics I was excited to see this movie and then Chaos Comics collapsed and it looked as if this would never see the light... and then a few years later it struggled out to DVD. As an anime flick it's decent enough to the uninitiated but sadly the selling off of Chaos' properties ensured some of the original origin characters, most notable Puragtori, fail to make it to the screen.The voice acting and sound effects leave a lot to be desired and what could have been a brave venture to bring in new readers is unsatisfying all round.. that said.. it very nearly never came to be at all.

Ian F (ca) wrote: I don't have much to say (I love Don McKellar!) but this movie is a lot of fun, really interesting to watch and is just really good filmmaking!Wish there was more, but really, it's just good!

Paul D (ag) wrote: This is a cult film from 1981 that I just fell in love with. It's not particularly great, but I guess I just find it entertaining to see a woman go on a crazy-ass killing spree! Loved the ending, although it isn't without it's annoyances. Worth watching at least once.

David S (au) wrote: Campy Cult Classic....NOT! "Luckily for her captors, they get to slowly undress their blonde hostage from her Catholic school uniform while they wait." ... if this is what got you into this film.... you'll be dissapointed

Anthony L (kr) wrote: "....I told."The movie has an extremely slow start, and the editing makes it seem as if scenes are missing, throwing the viewer into utter confusion "Who is that person?, How much time has passed?" By the time you've figured out who Alice is, however, you're waist deep in a masterpiece. As with all Aldrich movies, you'll be gripping your chair and shouting at the characters, fully invested. Unlike "Baby Jane", the ending is very concrete and with an ~impossibly perfect~ ironic justice.

Jon Mikel B (us) wrote: An interesting proposal with a good and dark performance by Anthony Hopkins.

Stephen H (ca) wrote: A truly epic romance, with glimpses of the past and fears for the future that give the audience much to consider. A beautiful story.

Emma S (es) wrote: Dokataan ratikassa, jee! MUSTAVALKOISENA zomg.

James H (us) wrote: Fun movie. Any film with Monty Wooley, Thelma Ritter and Marilyn Monroe has to be a good one, and it is. Very amusing scenario, great writing and fine direction. Very much a classic.

Nikhil M (mx) wrote: The comic level of Buster Keaton's Our Hospitalty may not reach tto that of Chaplins but it is very solidly directed and some scenes may shock you as it is a ninety year old movie.

Casey M (fr) wrote: Shouldn't have been made.

Sylvester K (kr) wrote: It may be quite terribly scripted and directed, but it did offer some good acting. The tagline was a big lie, but I like the idea of Karma. The film just makes me mad, morally.