Late in the 1500s, an aging tea master teaches the way of tea to a headstrong Shogun. Through force of will and courageous fighting, Hideyoshi becomes Japan's most powerful warlord, unifying the country. Rikyu, through the tea ceremony and floral arrangements, tempers his lord, helping Hideyoshi focus on a single flower or be in a simple room where the shape of a cup is of most importance. But other forces fuel Hideyoshi's ambitions: the Portuguese bring a globe and guns, and he believes he can conquer Korea and China. When Rikyu raises doubts about invading China, Hideyoshi demands an apology, and Rikyu himself must find courage in the way of tea.

Late in the 1500s, an aging tea master teaches the way of tea to a headstrong Shogun. Through force of will and courageous fighting, Hideyoshi becomes Japan's most powerful warlord, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Phil S (it) wrote: A top-notch true-life espionage thriller

Jerico T (fr) wrote: The exposition was very good until the old Shaolin master starts his fake unrealistic Kung Fu moves and effects, then the movie got lost its way.

Brandon H (it) wrote: You don't have to be an ex-inmate to realize this movie is set in an alternate universe. Like a trainwreck, you can't stop watching how bad it is.

David J (ru) wrote: only somewhat interesting vampire flick set in the fetishist world of Parisian night clubs and back alley ways....or something...

Ville H (ag) wrote: vaha tylsanpuoleinen

Gregory W (de) wrote: just ok material here.pre-code tramp!

Daniel V (au) wrote: This is not John Hughes at his best but even then, his movies are still enjoyable. When this was released I was into it because I liked John Hughes and as a 13 year old, Married With Children was the best thing on TV, so anything with Al Bundy and I'm in. The best way to describe this Over the Top meets Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. Of this movie is no where near those two in quality, this is a fun everything goes wrong road trip with a guy trying to bond with his potential stepson. Ed O'neill's Dutch is somewhere near Al Bundy and Jay Pritchett, his Modern Family character.

Faley A (it) wrote: the story line of this movie is just an excuse to show the sensual sex in this movie, Zalman king did that right I think ! It may be one of the worst and lamest movie of all time, but its passionate and rigorous !Carrie Ortis is very beautiful but not a good actress at all. BUt Mickey rorke is at a time so coo and damn hot! Enjoyed this movie in a way ~~!!!

Alejandro O (nl) wrote: Desgastante manera con la que Edel retrata el giro de una vida en 360 grados. Es increble como dos horas parecen no transcurrir, es esto una prueba de entretenimiento con sentido que llega a desplegar cuestionantes ante nuestras decisiones. Una cinematografa triste y hermosa, con planos de la desolacin del Berln de los 80s lo cual deja sin aliento.

James L (it) wrote: Atmospheric and poetic film about lost love. Despite the film's sumptuous photography and strong performances with strong character development the major flaw for me is I didn't feel anything for the main character.


Lingxi K (mx) wrote: I'm always dumbfounded by people considering such a stupid tragedy caused by a frivolous slut as romantic love.... Anyway, apart from the plot, the costume and acting are fantastic!

Casey Z (kr) wrote: I find something about this movie to be absolutely irresistible. It is an odd and quirky movie with a huge amount of heart at its core. I like it more and more every time I watch it.

Robin P (fr) wrote: A charming fun little movie about a man who mistakenly thinks he has won $25,000 from entering a slogan contest and oh the things he buys! Enjoyable '40's fare :-)

Nathan F (au) wrote: This movie is supposed to be tense, but instead it's just boring.

Mike C (mx) wrote: Don't be fooled. This movie says 1990 which much mean it was filmed in the 80s...just as that awful decade of movies was flatlining itself. Regardless of the cast, a great concept is all but ruined by terrible 80s movie-making.The movie screams goth from the start. I get it, it's a movie about death. But really? Those bright med students are operating of a facility that looks like that? It's a very gothic setting obviously meant to mirror the characters toying with death and not reality.Not that the acting is horrible, it's just a bad story once you get by the premise. We've all heard stories from those who come back from the dead...why not do something with that? Instead, the writers chose to give each of our main characters a colored past that comes back to haunt them, usually physically. On top of that, because it's probably such a complicated thing to put into words and on the screen, the flashback scenes just seem kind of random and silly. You throw in your typical bad 80s music and wardrobe and you've got yourself a bad movie.

PJ E (au) wrote: A film that tries to show an underdog rising above all odds by glossing over the odds in favor for a lame relationship drama.