Rimba panas

Rimba panas


An anthropologist hires a down-on-his-luck helicopter pilot to fly her into the jungle, where she is searching for a scientist who is investigating reports of a tribe of reptile-men. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jill K (mx) wrote: Quirky in the cutest possible way! I adore Ashley Rickards and I LOVE Haley Joel Osment in this. As usual, the chick from Breaking Bad plays an unbearable wench but even she couldn't ruin this for me.

Vivian Z (us) wrote: favorite movie ever, have watched it more than 50 times.

intuciic (jp) wrote: nice sweet romantic movie! great for lonely and sad days or eves :)

Mark D (ca) wrote: Great Russell Crow movie one of his best since Gladiator.

Steve D (fr) wrote: Not Truman show, but it does not try to be. Not as good but it is interesting

Andr D (ag) wrote: "Bad LIeutenant", el crudo y explcito relato didctico acerca de un polica malvado en busca de su redencin, incluye la mejor actuacin en la carrera de Harvey Keitel. Este es un cuento moral acerca del perdn que parece sacado del Antiguo Testamento: Inolvidable e inigualable.

Paul M (ca) wrote: One of the best car films ever!

Cronis M (es) wrote: This film made Trans-Am sales go up tenfold (as well as speeding ticket revenues). Lampoonish plot makes for a fun ride and is culturally significant.

Luke H (br) wrote: It was good. It was really long and I thought Eastwood would be more in the Richard Burton role. It is different to see Eastwood in the supporting role.

Yasmin O (kr) wrote: Devastating... Sorry Sophia Loren, Natalie deserved the Oscar

Private U (jp) wrote: If you want to see a film about strong women, then you want to see this film. Westerns usually do not give us films surrounded around women.

Kashan P (br) wrote: Ray holds your attention with some expertly handled pathos, makes you feel like dancing most of the time and boasts exceptional acting from Jaime Foxx, yet it is the life of legendary Ray Charles that makes the film all the more unique and terrific.