An undercover Army captain (James Millican) links missing gold and murder to a gambler's (Reed Hadley) ghost.

An undercover army officer investigating the theft of army gold shipments takes a job as deputy in a small town that's being terrorized by what they believe is the ghost of a gambler who ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sherry R (ag) wrote: Seeing both sides of the world, a young soldier decides which battle he's really fighting.

Phil M (br) wrote: I remember playing cowboys & indians as a small child. This movie appears to have been written, directed, produced & starred equally child-like individuals. Add to it the camera work & sound editing of a deaf & blind man, and things do not improve. Throw in every stereotype related to native Americans & the wild west, add a cheesy sound track, and you wind up with this complete waste.

Magnus S (gb) wrote: Time to close down this horror franchise?!

Leena L (kr) wrote: Troubling, definitely troubling. A lot of shouting in desperation, violence, cover up, corruption and illegal actions home and away. A Ken Loach-quality flim, despite the grimm reality behind the story. A Espoo Cine harvest.....

Harry W (it) wrote: Sensitive and unflinching, a young Joseph Gordon-Levitt is on early peak-form as a victim of the advances of a paedophile and later on becomes a prostitute. Brady Corbet plays a UFO enthusiast and paranoid youngster, also a former victim to the same sex offender. This indie adaptation of Scott Heim's hard-hitting novel is quite brilliant in its approach to tender issues, however the film does fall short at times as the tone is often inconsistent and the film appears plotless at times.

Jason H (au) wrote: This is the perfect film to watch right now with the World Cup on,plus it's hoot from start to finish:-)

Waleed A (de) wrote: I didn't give it a half star because it had some good directing, style, tone. But in reality I really hated this movie because it makes zero sense and is terrible. "everyone interprets it differently"-kind of BS. based entirely in symbolism and metaphors. (1 viewing)

Bryan P (kr) wrote: Good double date movie, one of J-Lo's first!

Andrew L (ag) wrote: Jason's soul, in the shape of a worm-like creature, is transferred from body to body via mouth-to-mouth to possess other for his killings to find his sister to become a new unstoppable psycho killer. If this sounds stupid and boring, try watch the full 90 minutes of it. Its also filled with uninteresting/hateful characters and plot holes. If this wasn't a "Friday the 13th" movie it might have passed as a so-so horror/sci-fi movies but being constantly reminded of it being "the man behind the mask" is just painful. Pair this up with "Jason X" and you've got two great contenders for the worst "Friday the 13th" sequel(s).

Kirsten W (ru) wrote: Great movie. Great casting. Important, romantic, entertaining, ambitious. I wish I'd seen it when I was younger b/c it is the type of movie that impacts my view of things.

Marco P (fr) wrote: Fun horror movie in the vein of Sam Raimi!

Jenn M (ag) wrote: Although it came across as a big commercial for the American Armed Forces and Navy, I still found it very good. It was apparently as historically accurate as possible which is believable since there were a lot of scenes that were graphc and disturbing for a movie made in the 1940's and I doubt they would have been included unless necessary. Also I was able to get past the John Wayne as a cowboy image which was a big plus

Nicola W (au) wrote: This is much better than the reviews suggests. I thought it was pretty good. Martians kidnap a boys mum and he ends up on Mars trying to save her. good graphics and highlights the importance of family. Not as funny as other Disney animations but still worth watching

Andy C (ru) wrote: I recall originally panning this as a poor Scream knock off - which remains true, however it does have it's own certain self aware charm which plays nicely on the theme of urban legends to provide it's own unique thrills.

Ted C (gb) wrote: If it's supposed to be a morality tale, then that should have been made clear before the final line. I'm not sure it's entirely successful as a coming of age story either. But the tension is well built and the plot reveals itself nicely. The cinematography enhances the natural beauty of the locations and the performances are strong. The third act is a bit of a letdown.

Andy P (jp) wrote: Loach's second film is a very important and strikingly authentic look at the life of a working class boy with a powerful and tragic message. The bird is a clever symbol for the hope that Billy, with no real opportunities or guidance will one day develop and like the kestrel, learn to fly against the wind.