A mysterious video has been linked to a number of deaths, and when an inquisitive journalist finds the tape and views it herself, she sets in motion a chain of events that puts her own life in danger.

A mysterious video kills whoever views it, unless that viewer can solve its mystery. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paget A (au) wrote: 1944 the 517th Parachute Regimental Combat Team (PRCT) jumped over the south of France. Their mission was to support and protect the Allied Troops marching to Berlin. Three isolated paratroopers come across a group of French resistants in desperate need. They decide to help liberate some of the captive Partisans. Doing so they risk their lives.

Ted N (es) wrote: Well one had to do something while the World Cup final was on, but was this it? No. This much-acclaimed silent movie, much compared to 'The Artist', is a fairytale retold in the 1920s which descends into burlesque and at no times attains the menace of Grimm original, as many commentators would have you believe. All the hard work by composer Alfonso de Vilallonga, who alone deserves the plaudits this film has received, fails to save a poor and rather tedious farce.

Amar M (fr) wrote: What a piece of shit! I never watch this movie without press the right or left button on my PC keyboard. generation Um... like shot in very low-budget and directed by a amateur filmmaker. this movie like doesn't have a fucking plot!. the movie moving slow and features very 'confusing' acting, dialogue and scene. POINTLESS! What happened to Keanu Reeves? a first class Hollywood actor?

Ankur M (us) wrote: An amazing super tech movie.Unfolding a mystery of human brains experimenting with computers.

Cameron M (de) wrote: Though the cast is obviously hand-picked for star power they prove dynamic in their roles headed by an accomplished Forest Whitaker, but Lee Daniels's heavy-handed direction has it's message become too obvious at the risk of accuracy and overall impact.

Ingela Z (br) wrote: The film doesn't use statistics or predictions to show the affects and causes of climate change, we're at the stage where it can just honestly show peoples' stories and the increasingly facile dilemmas of modern life to convey how we're walking into serious problems. It is really powerful, it's one of those rare moments where after the film ends you just stay silently frozen to your seat in awe. The lush graphics, the excellent acting by Pete and the reality of the stories makes this film, as clich as it is, totally unmissable. Those who don't like this film I can only conclude are just scared, scared that if they're wrong they will be catastrophically wrong and live in such a way selfish way in which they can only feel threatened by the change needed to be more climate considerate in their lives

David S (au) wrote: Even though I am only giving this movie 2 stars (and some of you may think I am mad for even giving it that much) I do recommend watching this movie. It was plagued by bad writing and directing. The concept was good and the acting made it what it is. Now I do not mean to sound like I praised the acting in this movie. It wasn't great. When the group was split it was awful; however, when all four are together you see a tight group of people who honestly seem like they know each other and where they stand with each other. This film is a classic example of writers and director either not being on the same page with each other, or having no page at all. It really felt as if there was no writing; as if they showed up for the shoot saying "let's try this today." There's nothing wrong with improv if you have people who know how to do it (the actors didn't really seem to), and people to direct it (obviously not the case here).The reason why I want people to watch this movie though, is to see who agrees with me when I say this; "you keep the actors, tighten up the script, give it to Guy Ritchie, Quentin Tarrentino or some established director that understands action, time constraint and what it means to not dick around, and you would have a pretty solid movie here." I'd like to see these guys back together with a director and a script that makes sense. This movie is garbage, but it had the potential. Maybe someone reading this would agree with me and try remaking it into the cult classic I think it could become. Right now, this movie is just a cult mistake.

ToniMarie N (es) wrote: good solid movie with very believable performances especially from Famke Janssen.

Vadim S (au) wrote: pretty horrifying at times.

Stephen D (it) wrote: Brilliant music composition. Typical Disney story. Loved it. Definitely not mad.

James S (ca) wrote: Watchable, but easy to drift away from. Some good acting from Keaton doesn't save it from some odd writing choices. 2.5 stars

Alexey N (br) wrote: Simple, childish, unambitious, good!