Ring of Darkness

Ring of Darkness

Once a Satanist who surrendered her soul and body to the devil himself, Carlotta Rhodes (Anne Heywood) begins to regret her tryst with Lucifer when her teenage daughter, Daria (Lara Wendel), starts showing the evil influence of dear old Dad. Convinced that she can stop the devil's power on earth, Carlotta calls upon an exorcist for help.

Four women make a pact with the Devil. The 13-year-old daughter of one of them has begun to shown signs of a dark nature which causes preoccupation and somewhat regret on her mother. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nancy S (au) wrote: So many reviews go into the plot and the shortcomings of this movie, so I won't go into this here. I found it a poignant drama where people don't do everything correctly, and make mistakes, a lot of them. I found myself asking a lot of questions about what wasn't talked about in the movie, like practical details, but was distracted by the lush landscape and sisterly drama. I found that the writing really shines there. Also, the reactions to the rape seem very realistic, by both female actors. I am looking forward to reading the book now.

John T (ca) wrote: I'm not sure why everyone hated this one. It had alot of suspense, some crazy horror/gore scenes, and the look of it was so beautiful. I'm not sure what they did but it looked extra crisp (probably shot directly to digital). I have to say for an indie flick this looked way better than it should have. I really can't describe how good it looked.

Paul M (gb) wrote: Not much too it,but it entertaining to say the least.

Roe P (mx) wrote: Loved this movie as a child.

Kyle S (mx) wrote: Awesomely cheesily awesome, but only for zombie-philes. And it was shot in 8mm ... !

Jairo A (es) wrote: Man I really like watching this movie, we are introduced to the goofballs of the police force and they don't disappoint. This is a very similar type comedy to The Naked Gun movies. Good stuff!! "Move it, move it, move it!!!"

Dan B (ca) wrote: Slow burn revenge (meta) thriller with Chabrol~s characteristic emphasis on bourgeois manners and interior design. The story is riddled with implausible coincidences, but the performances, photography and characterisations make it well worth a watch.

Tom M (es) wrote: A "message" movie that is so schematic that nothing seems to happen without a purpose, and nothing surprises. There must have been a time when this looked like high cinema but now it just seems clumsy and forced and un-naturalistic. I know Barton Fink was based on Clifford Odets but watching this movie I had to wonder whether there wasn't also a lot of Dalton Trumbo in the character. Beautifully photographed, at least.

Cole W (au) wrote: Though I don't think it's a masterpiece, I can understand why it won so many awards because this is a very well-made and moving movie with an effective and believable romance and depicts the sinking of the Titanic in a pretty realistic and emotional way and delivers a couple tear jerking scenes (Call me a pansy if you want, I'm not ashamed). Not James Cameron's best, but a pretty big accomplishment.

Sarah H (ca) wrote: Loved it. Wish it was longer? I don't know.

Barry T (es) wrote: Read this book and loved it, saw this play and liked it a lot. The film fairs less well. It seems so retell and tale told before, never the less its well acted and earnest. Interesting