Ring of Death

Ring of Death

On the inside, there are no rules. See what happens when Prison Officials Profit from Illegal fights.

On the inside, there are no rules. See what happens when Prison Officials Profit from Illegal fights. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dylan W (mx) wrote: 79%The best animated film about Pirates who go an adventure with scientists and a monkey along with their bird (and not to mention a bloodthirsty women who hates pirates) ever!

Oliver E (mx) wrote: Paul Giamatti really became a special actor to me after seeing this film. For me, Paul's performance (post soul-loss) is astonishing in that: how do you act like a human being who doesn't know how they feel? How do you act as someone who's not emotionless but not emotional, not rational but not irrational, not kind but not mean, without making a blank face and never speaking? Paul's performance deserved a lot more recognition in this role for how much life he gave to such a lifeless character.

Doctor S (nl) wrote: "You've got to show them you're in control.""Control? You're a teenager. Look at your face. Look at what you're eating. My god, look at your shirt. You aren't in control of anything."Keenly perceptive one-night adventure riding a high-quality script as an estranged uncle takes his awkward nephew for a night on the town with the goal of getting some action. Campbell Scott is terrific as the glib, obnoxious, manipulative, yet strangely well-meaning Uncle Roger while Jesse Eisenberg is ideally cast as Jesse Eisenberg, only even younger. Women would do well to take cautionary notes of the many predatory tricks outlined here! Natural lighting leads to many dark shots, and I eventually grew tired of peering around shoulders with the handheld camerawork, but those are the only major production knocks against this tiny-budgeted indie. Watch for Kristen Bell in an uncredited role delivering the last 3 lines!

Kellen L (jp) wrote: Beautiful, beautiful scenery. The romance is a little abstract but endearing all the same. I love Erik!

Mike N (us) wrote: a beautiful story and great performances

Cooper H (ca) wrote: Rocky 2 felt like 2 different movies. The first half is a love story between Rocky and his new wife Adrian and their journey to being parents. Once the kid is born, the movie switches focus to Rocky vs Creed round 2. The fight and training is enjoyable even if most of the punches are incredibly fake.

Michael K (us) wrote: Excellent supernatural horror with Chelsea Field, Lane Smith and Viggo Mortensen. Good filmmaking, a fine cast, impressive special effects and an intriguing premise make for a memorable film.

Paul D (de) wrote: Original dog story with a lot of charm, it's a shame that the stage production and loactiona shots of Britain looks very unconvincing.

Directors D (ru) wrote: Great movie, adding Bruce Willis made it more interesting. It is a very action-packed movie and I would watch it again.

Olympus T (nl) wrote: If you wanna see Robert Redford on skis, acting like a prick....then this film is for you.