Andrei is now a truck driver. But on one of his travels to Germany, he must become a boxer once again just for one night in the middleweight category.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:96 minutes
  • Release:1985
  • Language:Romanian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Ringul 1985 full movies, Ringul torrents movie

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Ringul torrent reviews

John K (gb) wrote: The true story is incredibly interesting and the characters are well painted with interesting backstories. Moreover, the setting is a love letter to grungy 90's New York City. That said, the characters can be incredibly frustrating and the story drags during the romantic periods.

Alex F (fr) wrote: Not a great execution, but the ending is pretty nice and pretty good for a directorial debut but certainly there's a lot more Levitt could have done.

Khayra B (es) wrote: Enjoyable when you just go with the ride.

Rick V (us) wrote: Based on the comic series

Jeffrey M (nl) wrote: September Dawn takes a horrific true story that could easily make for compelling drama and botches it near completely. The acting is mostly bad and always amateurish (save Terence Stamp), even Jon Voight was over-the-top. The script was terrible, with profoundly silly dialogue and a ridiculous love story. The whole film is filled with forced melodrama edited together in a distractingly choppy manner. Maybe a competent director will see fit to treat the material in a better manner in the future.

Mara A (au) wrote: Actually a really good one. As pissed as I am about the ending of the Anime, it was really good.

Artemis C (jp) wrote: a classic Chinese movie

Domenic V (ca) wrote: when i saw this as a kid it was a great movie

Jeremy S (ru) wrote: a rag tag group comes together and wins a big game? WOW didn't see that before

Brian S (ru) wrote: The sequel to the famous "Creepshow" (1982) ain't as good as the first film, but still is worth a small while because Romero, King and Savini are still in this one. It has the same cartoon animation, like the first one, but this time only comprises of three tales of terror. And there's more realistic gore then the previous one. My favorite of all is the first short story, it's good, but the two other ones are just mediocre and are why this movie didn't live up to the expectations of the first movie. See it if you liked the first movie !!

Charles P (br) wrote: Basket Case's low-budget effects certainly look artlessly substandard even for 1982, but there is a fond B-movie approach and a real sense of characterization to the creature.

Russ B (ag) wrote: A real "sleeper" comedy hit of 1980! Walter Matthau is never better and funnier! This movie will grow on you quickly about a CIA Agent who refuses to be retired by a moron boss, excellent played by Ned Beatty! Great locations, great music and Glenda Jackson. GREAT MOVIE!

Amy H (ca) wrote: Plot: Tara Reid bad actress leading a whole bunch of no brain students to their death! Crap movie! So not scary....so boring! Watching Tara act is more painful! The only thing I noticed are her boobs going up and down!

Lone W (gb) wrote: was first abbott and costello film ive ever seen and i loved it was pretty much laughing from start to finish and the chemistry between abbott and costello is flawless cant say a bad word about themand i love the little mind boggling scetches they do where leaves me sat totally confused but yet amused at the same timereally cant wait to see more of their work

Camille L (br) wrote: Mme si les intentions sont louables, surtout quand Steven Spielberg et ses scnaristes tentent de montrer assez maladroitement que le monde n'est pas noir et blanc, Munich reste un film absurdement long, qui finit par se complaire dans une avalanche de violence froide qu'il prtend dnoncer, avec des personnages assez peu intressants et jous par des acteurs qu'on a vu bien meilleurs ailleurs (Mathieu Amalric, Eric Bana ou mme Ciaran Hinds, par exemple). Certaines squences sont vraiment russies mais coinces dans un film trop gros pour elles. On se prend vite numrer les acteurs connus passer jouer leur scne et se tirer. Dommage.