Captured by smugglers when he was just a hatchling, a macaw named Blu never learned to fly and lives a happily domesticated life in Minnesota with his human friend, Linda. Blu is thought to be the last of his kind, but when word comes that Jewel, a lone female, lives in Rio de Janeiro, Blu and Linda go to meet her. Animal smugglers kidnap Blu and Jewel, but the pair soon escape and begin a perilous adventure back to freedom -- and Linda.

Blu, a domesticated macaw, has a relaxative life with his friend Linda. He and Linda always think that Blu is the last survival individual until Tulio, an ornithologist visits Linda and says that Blu is the last male and he has a female one. While coming to Rio for multiplication, Blu and the female macaw Jewel are abducted. With the intelligence of Jewel, the support from new friends - city birds, Blu escapes and he tries to find a way to rescue Linda and chastise the bad. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stefano L (gb) wrote: Parte con le migliori intenzioni e c' Ennio Fantastichini che ci crede tantissimo, ma poi si rivela una fanfiction scritta da un 14enne dei centri sociali, con un WTF e un facepalm ogni due minuti e un finale ultratelefonato. Roba da rimpiangere Zora la Vampira che almeno era una poverinata simpa, anzich una poverinata megapacco.

Courtney H (es) wrote: Cool Sifi-Action type movie, little to scarry for the young ones though.

Ted W (es) wrote: Ok movie starring Bruce Willis, 3 old famous people and some young girl that Bruce Willis's character loves for some odd reason, he's like 15 years older than her. Another thing is that at the beginning it says that this is a dc comics movie, like what, I was shocked , this doesn't feel or act in any way a superhero movie, and why make this movie in the first place , like who asked for this , nobody, it's just a movie that's going to go for 1 dollar on black Friday, yeah the action is good but that's all this movie has. It's just a generic kill the bad guy get the girl movie, nothing special, well except old guys killing people but besides the old people killing that's all this movie has.

kelly (nl) wrote: Damnit I SWORE I wrote up a thingy on this already. Whatevs. Here's another one.Available for free streaming on Hulu. Of special interest to fans of Behind the Mask:The Rise of Leslie Vernon as its screenwriter is a subject.Follows the stories of three first time screenwriters trying to sell their scripts. Should be viewed by all aspiring film-makers as a reality check on the biz. Decent structure, but I felt the makers did not prod the subjects enough. Cool to see the development of "Leslie Vernon", was surprised the writer only got 20g for it. Was more surprised that the L.A. based former development exec with all her biz friends wasn't able to get her movie made; it seems she had a breakdown and I was annoyed that the film-makers did not follow her more closely. The guy who claims he could be "making millions" day trading but has spent three years on the same unsellable script is pretty laughable; he should obviously go back to trading, pay off his mortgage, then take his profits and fund his movie himself (which it's shown he did before, but he never got distribution - maybe he should also invest in self-distributing digitally). I was very annoyed that this film never showed us any important negotiation deals.

Noname (de) wrote: Two great comedy actors teams up in a very good quality movie i would say. Steve Martin and Eddie Murphy with nice perfomances with a perfect level of humor. The story follows Bobby Bowfinger ( movie producer ) in a desperately attemt to shoot a movie with a huge star only that the he must do it secretly around him.. there were actually plenty of funny scenes in this flick and a well written story. So overall this is a comedy which i enjoyed quite alot and nice to see those actors in a success.

Cassidy K (mx) wrote: Cheesiest, most unrealistic and Mary Sue movie I've ever witnessed.

Elliott M (it) wrote: Woody Allen is hit and miss, but when he hits, he nails it.

Martin M (us) wrote: Without a doubt, one of the great British World War Two films, right up there on par with The Dam Busters and The Cruel Sea.This is a very factual but somewhat grim retelling of the epic sea battle which saw Britain desperately trying to stop the German state-of-the-art battleship Bismarck before she could enter the North Atlantic and begin wreaking havoc on the supply line of convoys which were keeping Britain in the war. Still, it has its emotional moments, and Kenneth More is excellent as always, as is Dana Wynter, as his assistant.Weird watching this film, with its many references to the aircraft carrier Ark Royal, as my own father served on that ship during the war.

Patrick M (it) wrote: Decent, not all that great for Pacino.

Vaughan M (jp) wrote: The cinematography in this film is beautiful, the protagonist is an original and intriguing mess of a man that has nothing to lose, and the acting is uniformly brilliant. Not to mention I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. Hard to find a better indie film than this one.