Rio Conchos

Rio Conchos

Two Army officers, an alcoholic ex-Confederate soldier and a womanizing Mexican travel to Mexico on a secret mission to prevent a megalomaniacal ex-Confederate colonel from selling a cache of stolen rifles to a band of murderous Apaches.

Many stolen rifles are going to Apaches who wants to use rifles to complete Rebel officer's conspiracy which is to resurrect the war. Richard Boone is responsible for investigating the trace of stolen rifles and thieves. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ioana (gb) wrote: I think it's fascinating to see the beginnings of every amazing story.

Asa B (fr) wrote: Utterly bonkers! Utterly brilliant! How can you not love each and every one of these surreal characters!

Patrick G (au) wrote: The daylight theft of 13 works of art from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston and the search for these pieces is the subject of this fascinating documentary. The film follows the investigation of the eye patch wearing stolen art detective Harold Smith. Anonymous voicemail recordings of possible leads support a colorful cast of characters including a Boston newspaper reporter, a series of conmen and art thieves, the shadow of Boston thug Whitey Bulger, an informant with a bad smoking habit and the name Turbocharger, and the long arm of the Irish Republican Army. The best performance comes, unexpectedly, from an employee of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum when he utters the unforgettable line, "You're mine, and you'll know me all of your life." A must see if for no reason other than to see the context of that statement.

Christopher B (ca) wrote: Spaghetti western made with all the new tricks of CGI. Kill Bill meets Oldboy in the the Nippon mountains. Sounds like a really bad story pitch; but it's great fun - really!

Carlos G (nl) wrote: Interesante aunque tarda un poco en agarrar envin, una vez ms los coreanos mostrando que saben de qu (C) se tratan verdaderamente las historias de fantasmas. Aprendan, salames de Hollywood.

Kevin S (ru) wrote: No Len, you're not the British Eddie Murphy. In fact you're not even the British Martin Lawrence.

Private U (ag) wrote: Supposed to be a Bruce Lee parody, and in this regard the movie stinks. But for the action alone, I give it 5 stars. When you have Hwang Jang Lee as the bad guy, the movie is almost bound to rock and kick ass. Tai Chung Kim in the lead role does some fantastic moves too. To sum it up, story and plot is bad beyond repair, but Lee and Kim make for hell of a good action.

Anders A (es) wrote: A docu following the elites of bodybuilding early on. Giving dead on insight to the scene and how it really is behind the curtain. Thus not putting any critically interference about steoroids and nutrition.

Private U (kr) wrote: Red Skelton was great in this film! Esther Williams is good, but I have a tough time seeing why she is a venerated Hollywood star.

Paul D (mx) wrote: The implausible way the four characters meet at the beginning is rescued somewhat by a fair drama, but the intentional comedy moments are few and far between.

Joanna B (fr) wrote: The exacerbating bane of a film critic's life is the annual American summer movie season lull. Hitting exceptionally hard this year, this week movie goers are subjected to the daft in-crowd boys comedy of The Watch, yet another sequel of escape zoo animals in Madagascar 3 and even a fifth episode of a video-game-adaptation of flesh eating zombies in Resident Evil: retribution. It is weeks like this I wish as a kid I was more interested in books than movies...Exhausted, overdone and over capitalized, the extremely lucrative Resident Evil franchise has simply gone beyond it, and according to RE5's final scene; it's still not over. As indestructible as its badass poster-gal glutton-for-zombie-punishment heroin Alice (Milla Jovovich), Resident Evil always seems to claw its way back (and for some reason squished into a yet another version of its trademark figure-embracing bondage inspired latex suit). The apt tiles of its predecessors always hinted at the individual installments main theme, Apocalypse, Extinction and Afterlife intertwined the films reasoning and premise. Retribution however lacks this anchor and could easily be replaced with repetition, replication, repeat or even redundant and result in the same effect. Even longtime series fans are reaching saturation point. Director Paul W.S Anderson (who wrote all five parts and directed three) does a great job of replicating the games artificially lavish stylized imagery but sadly has become too comfortable, no longer feeling the need to push the visual bounds in any way. Feeling generic and recycled, the hyper-violent slow-motion vaults, sprints, summersaults and bullets hurtle themselves through overly familiar computer-simulated locations at each other and the viewers in 3D. After a unique rewound slow-motion opening, the story is picked up straight after 2010's Afterlife conclusion. An introductory narration by Alice briefly explains that it has been a decade since the evil Umbrella Corporation released the self-evolving T-Virus on humanity, laying the world to waste and transforming its inhabitants into mindless cannibal zombies. Since then the Immune part-human part-virus (and totally airbrushed) Alice has be besieged by a seemingly never-ending series of unnatural beings, waged war against the insidious conglomerates forces and is plagued by nightmares of her own making. The hedonistic action shifts to a serene suburban neighborhood where the now average housewife Alice dotes over her hearing-impaired young daughter (Aryana Engineer) whilst her loving husband (Oded Fehr) makes a fool of himself spilling coffee. Abruptly, the obvious dream sequence ends when legions of the undead swarm the house and the real captured Alice shocks awake naked but for two towel strips (pathetically aimed at horny teenage boys) in the sadistic surroundings of an underwater city-simulation compound.Designed to asses people's resilience and inert abilities, the test facility is comprises of different 'stages' each posing a new vicious threat. Dressing in her usual dominatrix inspired garb and donning an obscenely high amount of military grade artillery, Alice proceeds through the maze at lightning speed (considering her 'superpowers' were repossessed in part 4) to rendezvous with a group of allies, but some unexpected friends provide both help and hindrance to her mission. Employing convenient plot device of cloning, the film is able to not only able to bring back fallen series favorites, but terminate them again and again in all manner of situations in complete disregard to logic. Fehr, Michelle Rodriguez and Sienna Guillory all reprise their roles in one way or another, satisfying series diehard's nostalgic needs whilst newcomer sidekick Li Bingbing adds fresh blood. The Verdict: As illogical as a zombie feeding frenzy on a nuclear submarine in artic waters after the end of the world is the fact that there is an endless abundance of leather, bullets and genetic material to create clones seems to be the hard part so swallow. Gravity, storyline and logic all seem to have left the building, and I hate to admit it but I won't be far behind if this series doesn't find either a way to finish or get infinitely. Published: The Queanbeyan AgeDate of Publication: 20/09/2012

bill s (ag) wrote: I am not the people this movie was shooting for but this movie bored me to tears.