Ripa Hits the Skids

Ripa Hits the Skids

A film by Christian Linblad.

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Stephanie M (br) wrote: Excellent. Some reviewers have criticized the documentary because it doesn't give a more broad approach to the issues of animal cruelty and exploitation, but that's clearly not the intent or point of this film. It's a glimpse of an artist who devotes her life to the invisible suffering of countless animals along with footage of a sanctuary where animals live in peace, dignity and kindness. The debate exists within the visuals. As with all art or any great debate, show me don't tell me. We don't need a voice over or a debate on whether the cruelty is acceptable, for medical research or any reason. That debate exists already in many films & videos and countless books. The power here is in the images and the story of one person who chooses not to ignore animal cruelty in her life and in her art.

Jesse O (br) wrote: This is a very good and intelligent film dealing with a very intelligent little girl who chooses to end her life on her 12th birthday rather than grow up to be mediocre like her parents and the people around her. The movie looks at how this little girl looks at life and death as, practically, meaningless and how the events during the film help change her viewpoint on these issues. It also looks at this woman, Renee, who hides herself and her incredible intelligence and sensitivity away from the world and seeing how she comes out of her shell when she meets a very wise and intelligent Japanese man. It's actually really lovely to see this romance between these two people and seeing Renee become the woman she could have always been. The film is also funny and insightful and the ending, while certainly unexpected, was very touching and poignant. Of course the film is topped off by excellent performances from Josiane Balasko and Garance LeGuillermic as Renee and Paloma respectively. The strength in Garance's performance come from her confidence in the role. Usually these types of roles, with a very intelligent kid, can come across as annoying or unlikable but Garance does a great job at avoiding that. She plays the role as a girl who's incredibly smart who's just wondering about life and what it all really means. Never does she come across as unlikable or annoying, just as a curious girl who's simply trying to figure out her place in the world. So yea this is a pretty great film, it has some pacing problems but that is a relatively minor complaint. I'd definitely recommend this film.

Bryan F (jp) wrote: Loved the movie, hated the ending -- one of those "Oops, we ran out of film money, let's just wrap this up and leave" endings.

Matt B (it) wrote: Yes, the only MASSIVE flaw in Signs is that the (SPOILER ALERT) aliens end up being afraid of water. So why would they come to a planet that's 75% water? Are they that stupid?Besides that, I LOVED Signs. Like The Sixth Sense, M. Night Shyamalan has made a scary but intensely moving horror movie. Take out the aliens and this is still a poignant tale of a man regaining his faith. Very well-done. Plus it's C.R.E.E.P.Y.

Michael L (ca) wrote: Not a bad movie. I really enjoyed the camera work for the intro. Afleck tries so hard to put everything into his character which is commendable. A passion project for sure for Kevin Smith. Always love to see Liv Tyler on screen and of course George Carlin adds a great Comedic edge. The little girl is fun to watch as well. Not a bad young actress at the time.

Tracy F (ag) wrote: One of my favorite action/drama movies ever. "You go, we go,"

Heather R (nl) wrote: Simply put it's a dramatic view on a real life story

Orlok W (mx) wrote: 'Now it turns. Now it is looking at her. The Apaches had a name for it. White of the Eye'... Stunning thriller by Cammell, a visual and surreal mind trip--A must-see for fans of cult oddities. The sound track is pure Floyd... Desert Madness!!

Sophia Q (mx) wrote: I've said it once and I'll say it again: While the production quality and over-the-top nature of Bollywood movies may be a drawback, one thing Bollywood had in the early 90s that it does NOT have now are GREAT STORYLINES.I've been going through a serious strictly-90s movie-watching phase and this is yet another underrated movie I stumbled across. Alright, GIVEN, Shakti Kapoor as the villain is horribly annoying and one wonders why he couldn't give a believable performance. That aside, the story is pretty decent: Neha (Divya Bharti) is a popular singer with many admirers, which includes Raja (Avinash). However, due to a plot by her enemies, she loses her singing voice and is told by doctors that she will never be able to sing again. Disheartened, she leaves for her village, where she meets Avinash. I guess that's as much of the story as I could give away without just GIVING IT AWAY. Haha. The storyline isn't complex, but it's enough to keep the viewer hooked. Divya Bharti proves, yet AGAIN, why she was in demand before her death. She was not only gorgeous, but a natural actress. Her pairing with Avinash is adorable and you want more of their scenes together throughout the movie. Avinash was also a natural and it's unfortunate that his career didn't take off the way it should have.Great movie to watch on a rainy day. Sweet and simple.

Jon P (gb) wrote: Enduringly funny and endlessly entertaining, Pillow Talk is the quintessential Rock Hudson and Doris Day romcom. But this admittedly very silly film is also much smarter than you might think.Michael Gordon's girl-next-door comedy set the cinematic standard for three-way telephone conversations in 1959, not to mention deadpan misunderstandings, questionable hats, and cutesy-with-a-side-of-cheese.But the film is not just a staple of romcom cinema, it's genuinely one of Hollywood's true greats - with game-changing visuals, star-making scenes and ingenious sexual undertones. Pillow Talk's trend-setting tendencies still have a ripple effect today - but fingers crossed we won't get an awful remake any time soon.

Sam M (de) wrote: Very much stood the test of time. Eli and Carroll keep you glued to your seat.

Tanner B (nl) wrote: Rope (1948) ??Intriguing but ineffectual film which was entirely done in one shot, as camera constantly follows two college grads who murder someone, hide his body, and invite people over all in the same apartment just for the thrill of it. An irresistibly clever idea never quite takes flight and suffers from neurotic acting. Alfred Hitchcock zoomed into the back of someone's clothes to provide basis for easy editing.