Rise Of The Guardians

Rise Of The Guardians

When an evil spirit known as Pitch lays down the gauntlet to take over the world, the immortal Guardians must join forces for the first time to protect the hopes, beliefs and imagination of children all over the world.

The film revolves around Pitch, a wicked man who has plot to control the world by attacking to children. When legendary guardians know about this plot, the try their best to save the belief, hope and imagination of children's. Let's follow them . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Luke C (ru) wrote: This movie is funny on its own way. It's truly a acquired taste in movie but I found it to be so ridiculous that it was funny.

Matthew J (jp) wrote: It had potential and was definitely disturbing, but poor writing and lazy directing kept this from being anything more than low-budget exploitation. Uwe Boll always finds a way to take mediocrity to the extreme.

dylan f (us) wrote: this is a great movie to watch on Halloween, it isn't that scary but it is perfect for Halloween. i like how all the stories connect to each other at the end and also sam, nuff said

Alexander C (it) wrote: Down in the Valley Synopsis: When Harlan Carruthers, a charismatic cowboy who seems as if he would be much more at home in Monument Valley than in the San Fernando Valley, has a chance encounter with Tobe, a bored and restless suburban teenager, both of their lives are turned up... Starring: Edward Norton, Evan Rachel Wood, David Morse, Rory Culkin, Bruce Dern Directed by: No information available.

Michael G (mx) wrote: I love how cheesy they make the Sci Fi movie out to be. The style of the film is pretty fresh. The struggle of making a film is captured well. They showed me several viewpoints in a short amount of time and I felt I had my fill by the end.

Stephen H (ca) wrote: Pretty charming film, with a heartfelt performance by the great John Candy. His mother can truly induce some cringes.

Py c (au) wrote: its old movie but nice

Jake A (kr) wrote: Really well acted, solid plot, great script (which balances humor and the seriousness of the situation in hand brilliantly), solid score and title track and the prejudices it deals with still resonate today so imagine their impact at the height of the civil rights movement.

Ricky P (gb) wrote: Probably one of the most memorable gangster films ever! maybe even if one of the best. Al Pacino gives one of his greatest performances in Brian De Palma's classic

Justin R (ru) wrote: Might be my favorite Cassavetes movie.

Tom D (kr) wrote: The combination of Jeanne Moreau and Louis Malle make this film, a story of adultery among the bourgeois, but some of the other elements - characters and script - let it down in places.