Rise of the Zombie

Rise of the Zombie

Neil Parker is a passionate wildlife photographer who pays more attention to his wildlife than his human life. as a result his relationships with the real world suffer. When his girlfriend walks out on him he resigns himself to isolation and nature. But a chance occurrence changes all that. Changes that he can't seem to handle, changes that seem to take his humanity away... changes that seem unable to change back? The story follow his journey into a darkness that has to be seen to be believed. A monster that seems to be rising out of the depths of desolation and agony... soulless, depraved and out of control.

Neil Parker is a passionate wildlife photographer who pays more attention to his wildlife than his human life. as a result his relationships with the real world suffer. When his girlfriend ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joan E (jp) wrote: I think this is cute...

Anthony K (ca) wrote: A disturbing, unsettling, and very gruesome little psycho-chiller.

Serge L (ru) wrote: They call that comedy? Much more drama than comedy in this film. There are funny moments, many. The storyline is sweet and lovely. The whole is very well played, seriously.

Maxwell C (kr) wrote: Interesting war movie on Norway's underground hero, Max Manus. almost sounds like a Science Fiction name, but a real live person. Pretty gutsy guy, who was pretty lucky also. All in all, though an interesting side bar to WWII, pretty standard fair.

Steve S (br) wrote: Cowboy of love? Seriously?

Michael A (kr) wrote: Rose a dying hitwoman and her protg Mikey botch one final job when Rose decides to save the life of the intended target a sadistic mobster's pregnant wife.Lee Daniels first effort as director is dull,boring, and lacks everything that makes a good thriller..plus it didn't need long graphic shots of Cuba's ass.

Nolan M (au) wrote: I love Family Guy!!! This movie was absolutely hilarious. I have never laughed so much for a movie like this. Stewie is awesome!!! If you love Family Guy, this is a must-see movie.

Ernesto C (fr) wrote: El rostro de la actriz se lleva la pelcula, mezcla de sensualidad, nostalgia, ingenuidad y mujer fatal, no pdo decir nada mas, ella llena la pantalla

Ben B (mx) wrote: Ed Harris plays the creepiest role of his career and Sean Connery does his usual job of holding everything together. Might have been a great shock when it came out, but thankfully the twists still come off pretty well today even if they've been done a few more times since, making it fun if not totally surprising. Worth a viewing especially to those that like legal thrillers in the Grisham vein.

marj d (mx) wrote: In the end love is all that matters, a two hanky beautifuly acted by gere and foster, one interesting twist after the other . . .

Rajiv P (de) wrote: the direction is so poor and as well the story line

Blais E (au) wrote: Ghoulishly-great Hammer monster flick with the always-superb double-whammy casting of Christopher Lee & Peter Cushing, here oddly with their usual roles switched--Lee is the hero, Cushing the villain. One of Medusa's equally hideous sisters, the titular Gorgon, has been rampaging throughout a small German town, inconveniently turning the local gentry into stone. Benign and erudite Professor Meister (Lee) tries to solve the mystery, while the village's stuffily-detached Dr. Namaroff (Cushing) seems to be involved in a cover-up. High on creepy atmosphere & eerie happenings, with a palpably-unsettling feel to all the ghastly proceedings. Wonderfully offbeat, with the beautiful Barbara Shelley in the title role.

Jeff B (kr) wrote: Delightful and very charming musical version of Ninotchka starring the always great Fred Astaire and the very sexy Cyd Charisse. Sure, the film was released during the whole Red Scare, so it had some obvious elements of communism bad, freedom good, but it??s not really distracting. There are great musical numbers, including the very fun Stereophonic Sound and the awesome Ritz Roll and Rock showing off Astaire??s always incredible dance moves. Just an overall fun and entertaining film from start to finish that??s easy to watch and flies by.

Jenn G (ca) wrote: "Only a woman can sink that low...Why can't women play the game properly? Everyone knows that i love affairs only the man has the right to lie"

Steve G (nl) wrote: It's not as much the narrative as it is the lovely goodness & the passion for life exhibited in the characters that it portrays. It made me wish to be more like them. That is its greatest strength. On account of that, the film is a success. It's the quiet moments among the characters where it shines most brightly.As for the characters, the older priest offers one of the most wonderful supporting performances I've ever seen. As I was watching, it made me think, "This level of habitation within a character is what makes drama compelling...not CGI."Is there anything Bing Crosby can't do? At first, I thought his performance was adequate. But as the film went on, I didn't realize how subtle it was. He was so making O'Mally his own, that I hadn't a clue that I was watching the most successful entertainer in the world. I thought, "He couldn't be a famous singer...he's a priest."Sadly, Hollywood no longer promotes the values in films such as these. They should go back & watch it to learn something.ps- I couldn't help but laugh, thinking, "THESE are the people that zealots like Dawkins think are the problem in the world." Tragically, they've convinced too many of the same...like Hollywood producers.

Pavan R (ru) wrote: Beautiful cinematography and a simple story with some superb music. and some really good performances. Makes it an overall great movie for all ages