Rise Up

Rise Up

One year ago, Rui (Rio Yamashita) lost her eyesight after a hit & run accident. She's still traumatized by the accident and has yet to undergo rehab treatment. She then meets a young man named Wataru (Kento Hayashi) who is fascinated by paragliding. Rui slowly comes out her shell and finds a way to rise up again with the help of Wataru. Unfortunately, reality can sometimes be cruel. Can Rui and Wataru face each other again after facing this cruel truth?

Rise Up is a journey into the heart of Jamaica - the island that gave birth to the worldwide cultural phenomenon of Reggae. In a society where talent abounds and opportunity is scarce, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John A (gb) wrote: Very Good TV-Movie, That Doesn't Offer Any New Answers, But Is Great For Conveying The Drama Of The Assassination. Ginnifer Goodwin (As Jackie Kennedy) & Michelle Trachtenberg (As Oswald's Wife), Give Solid Performances. Sadly Though This Seems Like A Film That Will Be Easily Forgotten, But One That's Worth A Watch.

Robert S (au) wrote: This film is one of my secret pleasures, in that whilst it it is well done, some of the characters are cliche at best

Michael H (gb) wrote: Great film. One of those films I can watch again and again.

David G (nl) wrote: (Contains spoilers)Unusual thriller that deals with the aftermath of a decision made by terminally ill assassin Helen Mirren and her partner/lover Cuba Gooding Jr. to spare the life of target Vanessa Ferlito and her newborn son. Mobster husband Stephen Dorff ordered the deaths but instead the pair are whisked away into hiding where we spend the next several years. It's a surprisingly engaging story with interesting characters but the odd vibe brought about by the bizarre relationships and director Lee Daniels' penchant for cranking up the arthouse dial leaves a sour taste in the mouth. What, you didn't think there existed a film where a cancer-stricken Helen Mirren has sex with Cuba Gooding Jr. in a forest during which he blows her brains out with a handgun? Oh you poor, sad, deluded fool! OK, so the casting may be weird but the performances themselves are solid, especially Cuba Gooding Jr., who reminds us of just how good he can be.

Timothy R (gb) wrote: If a Science Fiction film is to be taken seriously, it must be believable. I'm no scientist but I'm sure there are several inaccuracies here. I found it hard to believe that a team of experts who are sent into space to save the world are mainly in their 20s and they are reckless enough to get into physical fights with each other over small things. It looks like they were just pulled off the street instead of undergoing years of technical, physical, and mental training. And the catalyst for the movie, the deviation of the course of the ship, is done by one guy, on his own, while everyone is asleep and not even the captain is present. And of course, to quote the character in question, it "fucks up". Gimme a break.

Ray H (ru) wrote: It was fun keeping count of the cars that were wrecked on film.

Karsh D (kr) wrote: Fun action adventure with John wayne sent to London to bring home one of Americas most wanted.

Hunter D (kr) wrote: It's a sweet movie with some really good acting, but I'm not sure what this movie is trying to tell me. The welfare system should accept anyone who asks? Really? Maybe I'm just ignorant as to what the filmmakers were trying to tell me, but other than that it's alright.

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Chris H (us) wrote: A Kubrick esc Sci-Fi masterpiece.

Jane M (br) wrote: I enjoyed the film. It was quirky, funny and had heart. I laughed at the dysfunctional family, and glad it had a happy although predictable end.