The beloved actor Risto (Risto Kaskilahti) gets paralyzed - quadriplegiac - in a studio accident. The accident brings him massive financial compensation and a flood of sympathy. Suddenly there is money for everything that Risto's young and beautiful wife (Krista Kosonen) has always wanted. She gives up her boring job and becomes an artist.

Risto is paralyzed in a sudden accident. Each in their own way, people start to conform to the new situation. When Risto notices signs of recovery, things have progressed to a point where sharing the fact is not too easy. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shannon S (it) wrote: I really enjoyed this film, though I admit as a fan of David Tennant and Alice Eve, I may not be completely objective.

Gerch R (ca) wrote: moi aussi je veux me barrer d'ici dans un zoli vaisseau !

Sam B (de) wrote: When the humanoid aliens with ping-pong balls for eyes are more emotive than star Peter Graves, the movie is in trouble.

Dan M (mx) wrote: One of the better B flicks, with Lugosi and a good bit of tension. And reanimation.

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