Rita, Sue and Bob Too!

Rita, Sue and Bob Too!

Realistic story of working class Yorkshire life. Two schoolgirls have a sexual fling with a married man. Serious and light-hearted by turns.

In a poor area in the north of England, impoverished teen baby sitters Rita and Sue have a sexual fling with their married employer. Serious and light-hearted by turns. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Melanie W (ca) wrote: dos and cats i loveg

Xava A (ca) wrote: Lentona, pero es entretenido el drama.

jason a (ag) wrote: This is horrible compared to Garfield

Dougal S (ru) wrote: After years away from the genre Argento returned to make a suitably bloody and in places inspired modern take on the giallo.Seventeen years ago a sadistic dwarf tortured and killed three women in Torino but died escaping the police. Now the murders have started again but who is responsible? And aged detective struggling with memory loss and the son of one of the original victims try and find the truth.Despite it's modern setting this film could almost have been shot in the glory days of Italian cinema with only the sight of mobile phones and a computer pointing to it's modern routes. Argento is back to his artistic best during the murder scenes with arterial sprays aplenty during a string of bloody and highly brutal slayings.The story itself is slightly lightweight and if you stare too hard at the plot you'll soon spot some major holes but that's incidental - what we get here is style.The opening sequence of a young woman fleeing from an unseen attacker on an empty train hurtling through the Italian countryside is Argento at his best and makes you wonder why he lost his way during the 1990's.Enjoyable for fans of Giallo and anyone wanting some exploitative fun with a helping of gore. The UK Arrow Video release has an excellent print and a bunch of short extras to pad it out (including an original Italian language trailer and is well worth paying out for.

Daniel M (us) wrote: Why was this film made? That is probably the most asked question concerning this trashy sequal, of a good movie. You've got new characters, and new actors. But hardly any of the acting was good. Rickles annoys me anyway, so he was not a favorite. And Who's idea was it to cast the kid from Liar, Liar to play dennis the menace? Avoid!

Steve B (ca) wrote: not easy to watch - but untimately very rewarding

Brett C (es) wrote: Review In A Nutshell:Family is one of the most important aspects of my life. It is tradition for my family to be together during Sundays, attend church at 10:30 am and have a lunch together at the local mall. Even when the relationships between particular members of the family are strained, we still come together and continue our tradition. There is nothing like the support and love a family member, who will be there for you unconditionally and see through the facade that one creates for the outside world in order to shadow the sadness and pain that fills inside them. Life will eventually change this relationship, with me probably having to leave the nest to pursue and start a family of my own; it is a future that I both want and reluctant to pursue. This is why I make the most out of my day, ensuring that I am there with my family every night before they sleep; showing them in my own way that I love them so dearly.Ang Lee, a director who has proven himself worthy of hard-hitting dramas like Brokeback Mountain and visual beauty in his existential film Life of Pi. The theme of familial relationships have been explored in his 1997 film, The Ice Storm, that also focuses on a youth's road and transition to adulthood; exploring their desires to experiment and find themselves in order to create direction of what and who they want to be. Eat Drink Man Woman, the last film before he transitions to English-language films, covers the same ground as The Ice Storm but does so with much better writing and direction. It tells the story of an aging father, who is a chef but is slowly losing his sense of taste, and his three daughters. The film explore ideas similar to Yasujiro Ozu's An Autumn Afternoon, about daughters living with their father but life introduces them to opportunities that naturally pushes them away from their home. The feeling of guilt is found in each of the daughters with one leaving, as they feel someone should be present at home to take care of their father; I found it to be heart-aching as it resonates so much of my own culture, seeing so many families having to postpone their life in order to take care of the one that has cared for them for all those years. Lee has given us a story that demonstrates the balance in our lives, that nothing is ever as good as it seems, as to take an opportunity is to give up something in order to make room, and it is through this that shows the brilliance of Ang Lee's writing and direction; treating the genre of drama and his material with realism and respect.Though the film is a dramatic piece, it also manages to become a feast for the eyes, and mouth, with constant images of deliciously crafted cuisines that would leave one in a state of such hunger that salivation is imminent. The film gives us a wonderful introduction to the nature of Asian food and culture, with such beauty and grace; which then becomes ironic later due to the fact that the father's cooking ability and taste has been deteriorating. Sometimes it is the preparation of the meal that is much more fascinating and more stimulating than the actual dishes themselves; I could spend hours watching this man fry, steam, dice, mix, and boil, like painter using his brush with elegant strokes. Eat Drink Man Woman's introduction is right up there tied with Babette's Feast climax, exposing the artistic craft behind cooking.The acting performances in this film were outstanding, creating wonderful and natural chemistry, particularly during scenes at the dinner table. The film spends enough time to give each of its central characters to be fleshed out, showcasing not only the complexities in their character but also witnessing the scope and brilliance of their performances; the drama that happens outside of the family were able to become just as interesting as when they are together, and the credit goes both the cast members and Ang Lee's amazing direction.Eat Drink Man Woman is a perfect example of a film that manages to be both thematically accessible and dramatically stimulating, without resorting to over-acted scenes and a heavy tone that tries to make its material feel over-important and self-indulgent. Eat Drink Man Woman is a perfect dish crafted by an intelligent and tender artist.

Nicki M (jp) wrote: Good, but slightly unengaging film about a violin player (Emmanuel Beart) who becomes romantically involved with a man and then realizes she is falling for his emotionally distant business partner. I would assume the disengagement is intentional, as it does fit with the general theme of the movie. Not a terrible lot happens, the actual story is slight. It is, however, beautifully filmed and well cast with a lot of violin music thrown into it. (Not personally a fan, but even to me it sounded pretty good). There is also no nudity in this, so those looking for a French film of a particular type probably need to look elsewhere! This is a decent story dealing with emotional coldness, but it will definitely not appeal to all, so I would recommend, but with caution.

Scott C (nl) wrote: An interesting murder mystery set behind the iron curtain.

Carlos I (nl) wrote: Interesting murder mystery. Not Argento's best, but it being early in his career, you can see him developing his style.

Phil H (ru) wrote: I remember this coming out in 1996 and thinking they had just ripped off the film title from 'Braveheart' which came out the year before or 'Thunderheart'...just saying.So an evil King gets killed by a small bunch of rebellious peasants. His ugly ginger son takes his place but also gets wounded so he's taken by good knight Quaid to a Scottish dragon which can heal humans apparently. He is healed and made to promise he will be good unlike his father, well he lies and turns out even worse, didn't see that coming huh. This angers Quaid as he feels the dragon twisted the young Kings heart so he vows revenge on all dragons.The catch is that further down the line Quaid's knight realises that a worth while deal can be struck with the dragon for monetary gain. So they begin a partnership where the dragon scares the poor dumb peasants and Quaid rides in and saves them...for a few pieces of gold.So the film is set in olde England and does have a reasonable realistic approach in that sense, or at least they try. Problem being the film doesn't look anything like England but in fact looks exactly like where they shot it, eastern Europe. I did get the feeling that most of the budget for this film was used on creating the CGI dragon as everything else looks pretty poor really. This King only seems to be King of a small valley, there is no other mention of the rest of England or any other people outside this valley. His castle is pokey, he doesn't seem to have many troops, there seems to be more peasants than troops or even buildings to house them, everyone wears the same outfits all the time, the wigs are all obvious and hilariously bad and the film keeps circling around the same grassy/rocky areas over and over.The effects at the time were big, they were big time effects believe me, this film garnered much attention because of its CGI dragon. Looking back now its nicely done on the whole but obviously with time the cracks are now evident and the CGI shines through. There are some nice shots when 'Draco' is wet and when he breathes fire, plus the flying sequences are quite good but when he chats with humans it becomes a bit iffy. And yes Draco is his name, draco the dragon, surely they could come up with something a bit more original?.The idea of a knight and a dragon teaming up for a living during the medieval period is a good one but it doesn't quite feel fully serviced here. We only get a very very bare bones look at other peasants, other villages and how they go about this agreement. No sooner have we seen one badly interpreted village scam the plot goes off down this rebellion route against the evil young King. We then get a very very very average looking final battle sequence against...I dunno, about 50 horseback troops and about 100 peasants who were conveniently trained up in the art of war not more than a few hours before.There isn't really any decent lore in this film either, nothing on dragons much. The fact Draco can speak is hugely important I would of thought, it shows he is an intelligent beast, not just a dumb killing machine, surely humans could learn a great deal from this creature. I also want to know if all dragons can speak in this universe, they clearly have magic powers and possible immortality with a human, sheesh there is loads to discover here but we get nothing!. Why on earth would people wanna kill all these super intelligent sentient beings off?!!.It really does all feel a bit low rent...accept for the dragon. In fact the dragon is the best thing in the film really, Quaid looks bad in his blonde wig, Dina Meyer looks ridiculous in her peasant garb, Isaacs is wasted, Postlethwaite is also wasted but Thewlis is actually a decent slimy King...in a bad ginger wig. The choice of Connery as Draco is a good one, no complaints there, in fact its perfect.A fun cheerful fantasy with a surprisingly stirring orchestral score no doubt, but looking back its all very hokey and quite poorly made if you look closer. The selling point is Draco obviously and without him I think this would have been a disaster. Its a B-movie with an A grade effect in it basically.

Blake P (br) wrote: This movie blew me away! Bonnie Lee (Arthur) is a showgirl who is stranded in South America. Upon her arrival, she finds that where she stopped is a big pilot training base, and meets the stubborn Geoff (Grant) who she falls in love with. All is great, but when the mix of the sexy Judy (Hayworth) and the danger of flying hits her, Lee begins to doubt that this was such a good idea. "Only Angels Have Wings" is an adventure film made in 1939 by movie pioneer Howard Hawks. Today, this is considered one of his best movies, and I couldn't agree more. The special effects are surprisingly real and the actors are perfect! You get Cary Grant who was fresh from the failure of "Bringing Up Baby". Then you get the awesome Jean Arthur. Both have them had proved themselves in comedy but never drama, but their big step made this movie probably go into their list of their top five best movies. What I was hoping for was to have Rita Hayworth in a bigger role. Technically speaking, this was her first movie, and I for sure though Columbia would give her a bigger role. Unfortunately they didn't, so don't expect a lot of her. Howard Hawks grabbed the essential elements of what you'd expect of pilots. It just seems to real, and that's probably why this is considered such a classic today. "Only Angels Have Wings" is a great movie, and any fan of this star-studded four-some will surely think of it as a treat.

Korinn G (ca) wrote: books better.. it makes no sense if you dont read the play n try n watch this movie

Stephanie C (de) wrote: 14 years later and this is still hard to watch. This was a good story with good actors.