A young man drops out of college to fix his family when he senses something is terribly wrong at home.

Sensing there is something terribly wrong at home, a young man drops out of college and tries to 'fix' his family. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Darya B (de) wrote: OMG these lead kids can't act! No chemistry at all. It's like they are having a conversation with themselves not each other. Ocean green screen, come on!

Asif K (de) wrote: A couple is tormented by ghosts in their new home.so i forgot to give review or rate it then, i saw this movie when it was released and like the horror in it but the story was pretty bad, i hated how they put it, screenplay was not good too. direction could have been better, acting was bad but the lead guy was good somehow, it stars Adah Sharma, Amin Hajee, Amita Bishnoi, Anjori Alagh, Barkha Bhist , Bob Brahmbhatt , Dilip Thadeshwar , Indraneil Sengupta , Rajendranath Zutshi , Rajneesh Duggal.the horror scenes were okay somehow. its just a one time watch and thats it.

Matt W (de) wrote: 20 minutes too long, but I thought it was acted brilliantly and put together

Dan P (ca) wrote: The preview for "Armored" looked good at the theater and I finally got to watch it today. Well worth the watch.

Ed R (us) wrote: Not the right cast to get an Oscar, But deserving in all categories. Wonderful story and very well done.

Lewis E (br) wrote: A low budget film that had a promising start but a dud ending left me feelin unsatisfied. It was hard to differ from fake to reality which might have worked well if this was the main premise but it was about some deeper meaning to life or people or something of that nature.

Amanda D (ru) wrote: So romantic yet so sad. Jane Austen and Cassandra never married.

Constance W (kr) wrote: well she makes a good italian(Mariah Carey)

Cheri H (ca) wrote: had to see it because of hugh laurie. decent story, good acting, mr. bean was silly.

Asif K (gb) wrote: just for this big cast ....

Nick E (gb) wrote: The movie has some absurd scenes as well as dialogue that defeats the dramatic and underdog nature its striving to achieve.

Justin W (us) wrote: while i was disappointed that this movie is absolutely nothing like how the dvd backing suggests, it's still a decent b-movie gore-fest. it involves an old lady, who seems to have been working out in the gym due to her strength, who basically waddles around the house killing people and turning them into zombies. it's kinda got an 'evil dead' feel to it since the zombies all have personalities. it's a pretty good movie, even if it isn't about a bunch of vanilla ice wannabes like the dvd backing implies.

Dean K (gb) wrote: A decent TV movie but not as good as Bram Stokers Dracula.

Paul D (ru) wrote: Maybe this was good when it was new, but by today's standards, it is an absolute snore-fest! Clint Eastwood is great, but the story moves at such a slow pace that I stopped caring long before the movie ended.

Jakki J (ag) wrote: I saw this original version of this film after seeing the remake, "Move Over Darling". There were a few things about the remake I preferred, but both are great fun. Cary Grant is always a delight and the plot is hilarious to begin with. I would say that the chemistry wasn't quite as strong here as it was with Doris Day and James Garner, which is funny considering that the remake was originally supposed to star Dean Martin and Marilyn Monroe. Anyway, I recommend either if you want a zany, lighthearted film to cozy up to some night!

Simon E (fr) wrote: Absolutely astonishing blend of cgi and motion capture work combine with a intriguing story to deliver an exciting cinematic experience

Alexandria M (ag) wrote: Cheating, murder, deceit, a blind woman in jeopardy, a creepy blackmailer, floating heads, beatnik slang, and lots of bland white ultra-conservatism: All the ingredients for a great thriller, right? WRONG! Thank goodness for MST.