River Bottom

River Bottom

A homeless ex-jazz musician lives with other desperate people in the riverbeds of Southern California. After a terrible accident, his only hope lies with two orphaned children and a self-absorbed, stranded motorist.

A homeless ex-jazz musician lives with other desperate people in the riverbeds of Southern California. After a terrible accident, his only hope lies with two orphaned children and a self-absorbed, stranded motorist. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sherry R (jp) wrote: sometimes you should just stop. Generally when we see nudity in the first 5 minutes, it's an indicator of how bad it will be, and it was.

Pourya E (de) wrote: Another Indie flick custom-made for me! Absolutely loved every details in its short running time. Stands on my Indie top list, a close second to "Against the Current". Both very strangely featuring Justin Kirk!

Zoe L (mx) wrote: Incredible. Really opened my eyes to the reality of our lives through reincarnation and how we truly all are here working with each other, supporting each other, and how the people in our lives have really been given to use as such gifts and blessings. Loved every part of it.

Aleksandar J (it) wrote: Wow! Das Boot meets SNAKE ISLAND, sa Lukom Perijem i Kristom Alen u glavnim ulogama i svim tim kormilari niko drugi do FRED OLEN REJ - pa to je recept za remek-djelo!Luk Peri je oduvijek bio moj heroj, covjek je ne jednom spasio svijet od unistenja, a evo sad je uspio kao kapetan podmornice da spasi istu ne samo od napadnih Kineza, vec i od izuzetno otrovnih zmijurina koje su se tu nasle. Zavrsni obracun protiv ogromne zmijurine je nesto sto je nemoguce opisati rijecima, to zaista, bez ikakvog pretjerivanja, morate da vidite da biste povjerovali.Mali nedostatak ovog filma je odredjena dramaturska traljavost - naime, kad imate zmije u filmu, logicno je da se tu negdje nalazi i ogromna dzinovska petsto metara duga i deset metara siroka Vrhunska Zmijurina. Ovaj film postuje tu konvenciju, ali pomenuta Queen Snake se pojavljuje vec na pocetku filma i to u samo jednoj vrlo kratkoj sceni. Zbog toga je kraj, u kome se Luk Peri obracunava sa zmijom koja je samo deset metara duga, pomalo antiklimaktican. Otherwise, ovo je odlican film, kao stvoren za double shot sa SNAKE ISLAND.

Kiu S (us) wrote: Very enjoyable movie at a great location (i guess somewhere in the mediterraneum), good acting and interesting story. I loved all the different characters. i wish i lived at somewhere like the people in this movie.

KJ P (de) wrote: Let's face it, horror films are always going to get remakes. There is no way around that statement, because whether it was made in a foreign country and praised, or frankly just made as an American film 10 or 20 years ago, studios will always want to rejuvenate what made them buckets of cash in the past. There are cases like Blair Witch, where it was practically hated by everyone and was completely unnecessary, and then there are instances like Let Me In, where it does nothing to diminish the original, but its sole mission is just to bring its story over to another language and display a great story for a wider audience. That is exactly how I feel The Ring was handled back in the day, and still remains to be one of the better horror remakes.What makes these remakes less special, will always be their need to follow the original beat for beat. Yes, this film was pretty much just a translation from the Japanese version, but when it begins and ends almost in replication, it can be a little predictable for viewers who have seen the original. Once again following a woman who has watched a video tape and receives a phone calling telling her that she will die in seven days, a mystery begins to unfold about whether or not it's true. There are certain additions that I thought added some terrific tension, specifically the fact that the drawings aspect was handled in much more detail here. Sadly, almost every enjoyable aspect of this film has already been done before.While I will defend this film for being extremely effective and will defend anyone who calls this their favourite horror film, the portions that are meant to frighten audiences, are done in a way that is not quite as scary as the Japanese film, Ringu. The close-ups done in that film, relying solely on what could be done to the human body in order to terrify people, was truly scary. This time around, prosthetics are used on everyone and it took away from something that I found to be scarier in the past. Having said all that, the cinematography, along with the prosthetics and top-notch effects for its time, really does make this a worthy remake.When this film was released back in 2002, Naomi Watts barrelled onto the big screen, all guns blazing. Her shrieks and frightening faces truly made you feel as though you were watching someone go through these horrible events. I think they casted the perfect person to portray the leading lady here. I may not be a hug fan of horror films, but I can certainly recognize when they are done with class. The Ring casts the right talent to play off of each other, so that when the terror does happen, it feels genuine. Like Ringu, everyone on-screen seems to be giving their all and truly caring about the characters they are portraying.In the end, all this film really needs to do is tell the story of Ringu in a classy way that would bring in a new audience and please fans of that original film as well. Personally, The Ring does just that and really does make for a creepy film overall. Not comparing this to the film that proceeded it, this film truly is something special for the horror genre. Instead of slashing up people in the woods or playing mind games with someone, The Ring takes its time to build tension so that you feel the payoff works in the final act. I love the original, so due to the fact that it is a little too similar to the original and doesn't try enough new things, I can call this a very solid film. Yes, I feel the same way about films like The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Still a great film on its own, but it wouldn't exist without the original.

Douglas L (br) wrote: This movie has some of the coolest editing, kinda jumps all over the place, but I loved the style. Definitely couldnt have picked two crazier people at the time than Woody Harrelson and Juliette Lewis to play Mickey and Mallory. Definitely not my favourite movie but it lives up to its hype!

Simon D (es) wrote: surely if this film was made in another homophobic country it would get one or two stars at most but the fact that it is Cuban, where it was seen as counter revolutionary got it nominated for an oscar in the best foreign language film category. It's entertaining and interesting for those interested in things that happen in Cuba but the story is a little weak really.

Kjetil H (jp) wrote: Stilig film,blander alle slags stil retninger her,se den og finn ut selv hvilke he he,paranoia,angst og tuberkolose!!!! Nydelig foto og masse gode folk i alle ledd her!!!

Caesar M (nl) wrote: The last time I saw anything with the word "Cannibal" in it I felt asleep around four times before completing the film. As for Cannibal Ferox I will say is not quite as boring as Cannibal (2010), but it's not really all that shocking for something in the Cannibal genre or "video nasties" variety. Cannibal Ferox is about three friends out to disprove cannibalism meet two men on the run who tortured and enslaved a cannibal tribe to find emeralds, and now the tribe is out for revenge. The film is a poor man version of Cannibal Holocaust. The opening theme, I kid you not, is very misleading and lead me to believe that I had accidentally bought a porno. Also, we see a walking from the hospital to his apartment only to be killed within the first four minutes. You know a movie is bad when the opening credit itself is pointless. Another problem with the plot is a lack of characterization and exposition. It switches between characters, locations, and plot lines with no real focus. Why do we need to know a blue butterfly landing on a boat will bring bad luck and then see a man eat a butterfly? The movie does has many ridiculous moment! The dialogue is plain awful, but the delivery of these lines makes them unintentionally hilarious. You will laugh when you hear "They tied him to a stake, and castrated him with a machete. And then they, ate his genitals". The movie fails to send a message since it's essentially tries to be Cannibal Holocaust, but fails at it. With no characters nor interesting plot you will have very little reason to stick around.The acting is really terrible from everyone. The fact that I was able to laugh at a persons dead body is sign of directionless actor. The editing and music in general could use some serious work. How am I suppose to take a cannibal dying seriously when the transition has disco porn music playing. The movies tries to shock you by showing an actual skinning of alligator and killing of hog, but cuts way so we clearly see it and often from far away for these killings. Despite a man getting the top of his head cut off with cannibals presuming to eat his brain and a nude women getting hooked into her breast and hanged there's only one scene that's uncomfortable. The only scene that's cringe worthy is the "castration scene" and this is the third time I saw a castration which does no get easier watch. The special effects are somewhat good, but some of them fall notably flat. One being a scene where a character leg is getting by piranhas, but you can clearly tell the piranhas are swimming around his leg. It tires to shock to you, but the fact that my a friend of mine got a "surprise boner" in a movie about in a movie about cannibalism is a trait of shocking film.Cannibal Ferox could be best classified as a porno gone horribly wrong and turning into a cannibal movie. It falls flat in every area and is a forgotten piece of cinematic history.

Daniel D (it) wrote: Well this is my introduction to Ozu and it's a highly overrated one. I mean to long indulged film offered me nothing. One beautiful camera shot in the rain and all of a sudden this has some of the best cinematography ever. A predictable and overly laid out story. Awful, and I mean dreadful acting. I don't see anything classic about this. I will credit the color usage, but other than that this is really not special.

Brian B (jp) wrote: The sixth, and unforunately, the last in the Thin Man series. As always Loy and Powell were flawless.

Oliver E (ru) wrote: My new favorite Western.

Stephanie M (ca) wrote: this movie is just great i love all the different stories that are in that all come together as one movie