Road Dogz

Road Dogz

Some friends are closer than brothers, for Raymo, Alfonso and Danny that's all they know. Growing up in an L.A. barrio (neighborhood) is a daily struggle for survival all on its own. But ...

Some friends are closer than brothers, for Raymo, Alfonso and Danny that's all they know. Growing up in an L.A. barrio (neighborhood) is a daily struggle for survival all on its own. But ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James D (au) wrote: Not a bad little film...big fan of Quaid

Kenny N (gb) wrote: Unsympathetic characters are ultimately this film's undoing. Of course, you can't expect the evil child character to be likable, and he's not, and I will admit the actor portraying him does a pretty good job. But his Father is self-absorbed and shallow, and his Mother is either suffering some severe postpartum depression and is taking it out on everyone or is just a vindictive bitch. There's no one to root for, and without that necessary anchor, you find yourself bored and detached. Two stars for the actor in the title role, but I'd say give this "evil kid" movie a pass. (Fun fact: Vera Farmiga, who plays the Mother, has made a career out of playing the mother to evil children. Two years later, she adopted pure terror in "Orphan," one of my favorite horror films of the past decade, and is currently the infamous Mrs. Bates, mother of Norman on "Bates Motel." She's really got a knack for this kind of subgenre.)

Althea W (us) wrote: The narration is another example of how depressingly fucked up the Chinese youth generation/culture has become.

Suvi L (mx) wrote: Nice music and great story. Turn off the lights and enjoy the atmosphere.

WS W (es) wrote: Krzysztof Kieslowski's regular socially-committed theme, adding with more obvious fictional & dramatic elements. There are inspiring moments still, the brief but very reflective court scene for example.

David S (fr) wrote: Some striking images (what one would expect from Eisenstein) in this mix of documentary and drama. The "everyday" stories escape the elevation the film wants to give them, and the story about the conflict between landowners and the peasants they abuse bogs the film down.

Lilian W (jp) wrote: The editing pace changes as the gang grow up. instead of a fast-paced rhythm and quick shots, the pace is now slower, allowing each character to unfold and give us a real glimpse of who they really are. I also thought that the slower pace was perfect for the overall bleak atmosphere surrounding the adult gang. I was so surprised by how Neil's life turned out and really affected by his story but Nicholas remains my favorite and he is a man I would fall head over heals in love with.

Stefan P (es) wrote: Pretty interesting but nothing special.

Jeb N (fr) wrote: Not even the combined powers of Vincent Price and Christopher Lee can save this turkey. It's like they took three movies, put them in a blender, pieced it back together and unleashed it onto the public. Absolute gibberish.

Roy C (au) wrote: Radioactive hangover. I'll give the filmmakers this: they know how not to take their title literally.

Keith C (br) wrote: Cute little musical.

Michael W (mx) wrote: Chuck Norris' near decade-long run at the top came to a screeching halt with this one and ushered in the Seagal/Van Damme era. A pairing of Norris and Gossett Jr should be a slam-dunk but Norris simply has no comedic timing or delivery and the lead actress is weak.

Richard B (ag) wrote: It might be a paper-thin story but this is a highly polished showcase of British action talent doing what they do best.

Luciele V (jp) wrote: Awesome slaughter movie. Alyce character feels real in a real world. Loved to watch how Alyce slowly develops into a psychopath.