Road to Victory

Road to Victory

A star athlete on the verge of turning pro must decide which dream to pursue while he battles his own body.

A star athlete on the verge of turning pro must decide which dream to pursue while he battles his own body. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Spencer S (au) wrote: Relationships degrade and diminish in their returns, over a long period of time. No one knows that better than married couple Meg (Duncan) and Nick (Broadbent). Married for thirty years, in debt, anchored by a druggie son, and about to begin retirement, their marriage needs a bit of work. On vacation in Paris the pair explore the city and learn from one another what it really means to love and be loved. They are both over-the-top in love with one another, and also contemptuous of each other, in a very strange portrayal of a dysfunctional relationship. They are also very adolescent in their escapades, including hitting each other, having petty fights, and running after one another in chase more than once. They become alive in the city of light, and re-learn what it is to care for another person. Bold in its execution as well as its inception, this film is not only important for its truthfulness, but playfulness.

Dave B (us) wrote: it was very good on the unjust conviction and details of their struggle for justive but the upbeat tone at the end after they were released felt uncomfortable and inappropriate seeing as the real killer has still not been convicted!

Mahwash S (gb) wrote: enjoyed the ride thoroughly :))

Neal D (ca) wrote: Fantastic film from start to finish.

Dane S (gb) wrote: Pretty good, original take in the serial killer genre.

Philippe N (gb) wrote: Titre FR : Une famille bresilienneFranchement je me suis super emmerde. Le film est long et n'apporte absolument rien selon moiPour l'instant, 1er dans mon top 10 des films ne pas voir cette annee

nolan h (de) wrote: An underrated film. Great performances, and a good balance of funny and dramatic scenes. This film will keep you entertained until the very end.

Mark K (ru) wrote: harsh and unsettling, also riveting and beautiful. Fat girl is a must see for people with the time, heart, and eyes to watch this disturbing tale of an overweight girl trying to be like her prettier sister.

Tiana J (de) wrote: If I can sit down to watch a musical and just laugh (unintentionally), I think Glitter will be it.The story of a gifted young singer, Billie Frank (Mariah Carey), who overcomes a turbulent childhood and struggles to find her true identity and voice. During her childhood, Billie is abandoned by her drug-addicted mother and is remanded to an orphanage. Years later, Billie is discovered by charismatic, irresistible "bad boy" DJ Julian Dice (Max Beesley) who hears her demo and, floored by her talent, gets her a record deal. She soon falls for him and he becomes her partner, producer and lover. With Dice, she begins an exciting but often volatile and precarious journey as she struggles through her personal and professional life, riding the roller coaster to superstardom. However, conflicts with Dice hold her back and she ultimately must begin to escape his influence and find her own style.It is so rare that a movie like Glitter fails on every level-- from the acting, to the writing, to the directing, to.... well, you name it. Everything in Glitter is so amateur that makes me think that this should went straight to VH1, MTV, or maybe Lifetime-- expect I think that those channels have better acting, writing, and direction than Glitter. Not only was the movie amateur, it is also cliched. Watching it was thinking "WOW, I have seen this before but in better movies."The romance between Carey and Beesley is so unbelievable that I didn't see them as a couple. Not only is it unbelievable but it is very implausible. I really didn't care nor buy their romance as the movie went on.The acting in Glitter is so bad that it makes the acting in Showgirls look good by comparison. However, Showgirls is so bad it's good. However, Glitter on the other hand is not. But, I will say that to Glitter's credit, you can not watch the film by yourself. However, it does not mean that it's so bad it's good.The best thing about this film called Glitter is obviously when Carey is singing. Everyone is or was dumping on the soundtrack but it wasn't that bad to be honest. However, it was not a perfect or "oh my god, I have to buy this soundtrack and put it on my iTunes." When Carey sings, it is amazing to hear. And the music is decent to hear too.Glitter is so bad that Carey herself had a meltdown. She apparently blamed the 9/11 attacks when the movie came out. Truth be told, the film failed critically and financially, having a 7% on Rotten Tomatoes and earning back about 4 million over its 22 million (I think). Come on, lets be honest here, we all know the truth. The truth is that Glitter sucks on every level-- with the exception of the music and Carey singing. I understand that it wasn't Mariah's fault that the movie failed. However, I think that she should stick to singing or maybe sticking to supporting roles like her role in the movie Precious (which is a better movie or maybe a better step for Ms. Carey).If you want to watch a musical and be entertain, Glitter isn't it. However, if you want to laugh and have a drinking game then you knock yourself out (what I meant about that is you should watch it if you are drunk. Other than that, you should skip this dud and watch some Mariah Carey music videos instead. Oh, did I forget to mention that this film is set in the 80s for no reason. Wow, filmmakers, you really tried it.

Kenneth W (ru) wrote: god i just love art-house movies!

Raya P (br) wrote: good for drinking purposes :)

JamesMasaki R (nl) wrote: It was made in the time of student demonstrations, the time of awakening, and Nicholson's film was of its time. But it ends up being a bit aimless in direction as the 2 main characters we are supposed to be following take very different turns in direction, neither being particularly interesting, sadly. A pretty good film for experimentation by first-time director Jack Nicholson, but it obviously didn't lead to a bigger directing career for him.

Luke H (kr) wrote: Dracula rises from the grave yet again, this time to stalk a small town and terrorise everyone who heads in his castle. The bat's rather funny though.

Susan H (fr) wrote: Terrible acting, major B flick!

Cory A (jp) wrote: Interesting, bizarre, and way too long.

Mr Movie R (it) wrote: I don't know why Alex Kendrick movies get a bad rep from critics.

taquito f (it) wrote: The characters are flat. There's so many plot holes. The story itself was unclimatic. Not sure why in gods name this is rated so highly. Even the director didn't know what the hell he was doing with the story. It's just not satisfying to watch, especially getting to the end and it ultimately being a complete let down by the final scene. I'm not sure what the hype was about. It's not even remotely terrifying, and the fact that it was suggested that there are many different meanings to the story does not apply here. Considering, right from the beginning it was clearly shown that it's all about the personification of a killer STD.

Joey F (ag) wrote: I have a soft spot for this movie because it is so close to being amazing. It's still good, but man, if it was just a liiiiittttle better.