Roaring Years

Roaring Years

The incognito visit of a fascist hierarc in a tiny country town shakes deeply the ruling class and their lack of integrity.

In the thirties, during the Fascist Dictatorship, an insurance broker, Omero Battifiori, reaches a small country town from Rome seeking for new customers. The main authorities, expecting an... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Frankie J (ag) wrote: This film was recommended to me by a friend who managed to see it at the Showroom in Sheffield, so I rented it on iTunes. It(TM)s the best 3.50 I have spent in a while! It was a really intelligent and gritty film. Eddie Marsan as Frank was beautifully acted and the character incredibly sculpted with great depth. Romala Garai also was exceptional, playing Christine, a single, working mother. The film was captivating and heartbreaking, without taking itself too seriously. I just wanted to see what happened to them all afterwards!

Sean D (es) wrote: Not exactly the ending I was looking for. I felt the werewolf hunters, all being seasoned a lot of which went down so quickly. The ending quickly came to a screeching halt of shit. Otherwise, very good film.

Jacob P (de) wrote: SyFy has made another bad one, really bad. Really, don't plan on watching this one, everything about it is BAD.

Lauren H (br) wrote: So many things I didn't know.

Vivien T (it) wrote: Un film intemporel, bien r (C)alis (C), avec une esth (C)tique vieillotte et des personnages justes. Le charme du rle principal ne fait pas oublier sa difficult (C) s'assumer et le comportement stupide cons (C)quent.

Pete H (es) wrote: Not the best Leslie Nielsen movie, but still very funny. Very much enjoyed all the subtle Minnesota references.

Detective D (kr) wrote: This movie was awesome meng! Y'all need to watch on netflix.

Logan M (de) wrote: A "Naked Gun" wannabe, this riffing of James Bond movies is just lame.

Ben R (gb) wrote: One of Michael Keaton's best roles ever! I also think he was the best Batman and one of the best comedic actors ever. I feel like While Keaton did have some big roles...he was sorta shortchanged after the Batman movies. This role really shows the depths of the mania of a drug addict and a compulsive liar. This is seriously worth the 2 hours invested in it.

David L (nl) wrote: Contempt is a rare Godard film that is less pretentious and more truly artistic which is why I liked it quite a bit. The camera movements and the imagery are stunning, Brigitte Bardot and Michel Piccoli are charismatic and memorable leads, the film's parallel is well incorporated and the overall story felt at first simplistic, but is actually poignant and clever. It has a very weak beginning, but it is mostly a wonderfully melancholic, sensual and frequently beautiful film that stays with you long after you've seen it.

Margaret D (gb) wrote: Loved the insecurities we all experience. Great performance by Kerry, Gugu and Minni

Jim H (ru) wrote: A drone pilot struggles with the morality of his job, the urge to fly again, and his marriage.Primarily this film is a debate about the ethics of drone warfare and the "War on Terror." The supporting characters are representatives of political positions, their metonymic function is to parrot the arguments for and against bombing sovereign nations, collateral damage (bombing civilians), and bombing people who might eventually bomb Americans. An overwhelming percentage of the film serves to present this argument, and while the content of their exchanges is largely substantive, it creates an inauthenticity to the film; I doubt that real military personnel engage in this kind of debate in this kind of language. Even January Jones's character becomes a mash of two types: the supportive military wife mixed with the disloyal military wife. Except for the main character, all of the others are cliched types.Ethan Hawke's performance is pretty good. His sensitive eyes and taut jaw convey Tom's conflict, but he's not served by the script, which doesn't give him too far to go in Tom's emotional and ethical development. In one scene, Tom feels guilty about bombing people from thousands of miles away, and in the next scene he feels more guilty about doing the same thing. Hawke does his best, and he's a talented actor, believable in this role, but I wish he had had more to work with.Overall, despite my complaints, Good Kill is not a bad film, but a greater focus on character would've made it better.

Kyle G (kr) wrote: Great work by Alex Winter in the wake of Downloaded. Powerful look at the Silk Road and Ross Ulbricht.

Adam R (fr) wrote: (First and only viewing - 6/15/2012)